Unique, Positive And Best Love Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Best love quotes                                                                                                                             

"Let that love warm you, keep the spark within you until you are alive".

When you love someone, it may be hard to express those emotions through words. In fact, True loves may make you feel weak and unable to voice out.

Love is not compromising or sacrifice. Usually, when we begin to hear the best love story our heart will turn into cold.

“Every love story is beautiful, but their own love story will be the most favorite for everyone”. 

The first culprit in love life is expectation. Expectation always hurts. More we walk along in the journey of love and more we start expecting from our partner.

That expectation is not for gifts and luxurious life. Best love expects love, care, some quality time for them and more affection.

What is Best love?

All type of love that usually brings some conditions. Like within time, more expectation and extra from each other. That sucked their life and killed their relationship. Best love that never expect anything in return. They cherish their love without any terms and conditions. 

Some characteristics of Best love. Honesty, independence, companionship, equanimity, respect, communication, loyalty, compromise, happiness and safety

Love completes a man and a woman. A woman is incomplete without a loving and caring husband. Every woman expects.

A humble, unique, soul, beloved, amiable, noble, discerning man as their husband.

Likewise “A king is not complete without his queen”; a man with dreams needs a woman with vision.

To maintain healthier relationship, both need a tendency to forgive each other. "A relationship is not holding hands while they understand each other.

It's about having lots of misunderstanding and still not leaving each other's hands!”

Ways to express love

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”. As well as love without expressing in words and actions is like a body without a soul and life.

To maintain a perfect relationship it is much more important to express your love to your loved one. 

Verbalize your feelings – “words have more power than swords”. So writing a letter to your loved one will be more powerful than words spoken.

Letters can make your bonding strong. A letter has the power to make ordinary things much more important. State the joyful moments as you both have in your life.

Tell them how much you are fond of them and their importance in your life. Recollect and cherish your important days in your life.

Give some attention to your partner. Tell them some positive statements like how beautiful souls they are to you.

Applause them on their work it might be household or their profession.

Tell them about their tidiness and perfection. Giving attention to these small things can definitely make your loved one feel good. 

Love is a combination of respect, friendship, understanding, communication, and companionship. So keep your loved one with more gratitude and make them feel more special. Share your joy, spend some quality time, and express more love, care & affection.

Best Love Quotes

Love is the best medicine.
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Love is the foundation of good relationships.
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Only love can get things done, which is impossible by force.
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Love teaches us to give rather than take.
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Love is a spark which starts from within and has no identified reason.
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Love can either make or break people.
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Love has the power to melt the toughest heart.
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Love is a bond which tightens the more we try to break.
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Love has no boundary, whether physical or mental.
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"At the office, they stalked each other during the break, Still, they are stalking, at their wedding reception."
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The best pair always tend so kindly to each other.
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Love attracts to a kind heart.
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Love is like a air, You cannot see it. just you feel it.
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Love someone and see the difference it is very good and important to love someone and express it. It is a feeling that you are having for someone.
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"In the era of live-in-relationship; Two souls lived in their hearts forever."
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We need to engage in silence to get connected in our souls.
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The relationship which came from the absence of social media - Remains special and constant.
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Both initially noticed the feeling. They shared with affection, warmth and a great deal of adoration and is still being widely shared.
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They felt like quitting except loving each other.
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