Best, Unique, And Romantic Boyfriend Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best boyfriend quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Boyfriend Quotes

"A girl can trust blindly a boy after her father is her boyfriend".

Importance of boyfriend to a girl

Having a boyfriend is important to me because this world is full of monsters. Monsters are around us so a boyfriend can save you from those monsters. That's why a boyfriend is important.

A boyfriend is the one who takes care of his girl in a good way. If your boyfriend has a sister you're the luckiest girl in the world because he took care of you. If he didn't care about you he may feel bad because he knows how a girl feels when she wasn't cared much.

So having a boyfriend is always good and in other words. God sent us a guardian angel to us, where that this angel will be with us. And this angel will protect us and take care of us. That's why his boyfriend is also considered as a second father.

How to choose a good boyfriend?

It always differs from one person to another person. Good looking doesn't mean that he is a good boyfriend. It always comes from the way he speaks to you. The way he loves you and makes you feel will make you trust him.

Love, at first sight, is not possible at all because no one is good by both from the heart and appearance. To choose him you should be a clever person and to be strong because the situation changes.

"My days are just but you are the one who makes my day into the best one, that's why I need you, my dear boyfriend".

Importance of boyfriend to a girl

A boyfriend plays a big role in every girl's life because he is the one who should take care of her after her family. It is necessary to have a boyfriend because no one can be with you every time.

But a boyfriend can try his best to stay with you for all time. As long as he is with you you won't feel anything unusual because he makes everything good to you. Boyfriend is considered as a soulmate for you no matter what happens he will be with you. 

A boyfriend can make you feel better when the situation is very bad. No one can give you that much relaxation after your boyfriend.

"Love and life always have a connection between them my love is compared with you and life are me, without you my love life will become the worst".

Boyfriend Quotes

Your smile is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world to me.
Boyfriend Quotes 32
Your love is the sun that shines in my life and makes everything bright.
Boyfriend Quotes 31
There is no drug to cure your love upon me.
Boyfriend Quotes 30
When two hearts are one, then they hear each other without even talking.
Boyfriend Quotes 29
Your smile is most precious and it brightens my day.
Boyfriend Quotes 28
From the first day I saw you, I gave my heart and everything to you.
Boyfriend Quotes 27
You are everything in this world to me. I love you today and always.
Boyfriend Quotes 26
You makes me happy, enjoyable and valuable, you’re awesome
boyfriend quotes 25
Love you my boy, your love is forever & worth as pearls
boyfriend quotes 24
Dear boyfriend you cares me like a Mom, pamper me like a dad blessed to have you
boyfriend quotes 23
My heart is perfect because you are inside
boyfriend quotes 22
your love is pure and true, from you I learned to love myself
boyfriend quotes 21
My dear boyfriend I just want to tell you that you’re my heart beat my love my sweetheart, love you
boyfriend quotes 20
You hold my heart and thought forever, Miss you my love
boyfriend quotes 19
Love you to the moon and back, Thank you for being mine
boyfriend quotes 18
You are my lifeline my boy, as a boyfriend you are genuine and best friend ever
boyfriend quotes 17
You are my best friend ever without you my day is waste
boyfriend quotes 16
You are my best friend but you are not paying attention on me so I am very disturb and can't say anyone about this. It is very important for you too if you want good relationship with me. Show your original identity.
boyfriend quotes 15
You are a great boyfriend and always pleasing me any day anytime. It is my good luck that I am having such a nice boyfriend and who always take care of mine.
boyfriend quotes 14
I was in deep love with you and still, I love you too much because you are having a good smart personality and I like your way of talking, walking and behaving very nicely with me.
boyfriend quotes 13
You are very naughty and not listening anyone it is a had to digest about your rumors about having girlfriends. Tell me the fact what is going on.
boyfriend quotes 12
You are very naughty and all the time wondering here and there. I am always waiting for you and you are doing all your all the time this is not fair.
boyfriend quotes 11
You are my only one boyfriend and I have not selected anyone and it is very important for me to have confidence for your so I can change my way of thinking and wish you happy days.
boyfriend quotes 10
You have cheated me a lot and still, you are coming as per the time is given to you that is not good. So do whatever suits you I am going to love you.
boyfriend quotes 9
You are very cunning and not at all paying attention on me. I am always after you but you are not showing any good positive attitude towards me.
boyfriend quotes 8
You are so perfect and my best friend but you have to prove that you love me a lot otherwise I will die and even today I am thinking that I am wasting my time and energy.
boyfriend quotes 7
We are in relationship from so many years now it is time to decide to give some name of our relationship. I am crazy after you, are you? If yes than it is high time of our relationship we should give some name.
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