Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Break Up Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - break up quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Break up quotes

What makes us to break up in a relationship?

Break up occurs when you feel insecure about yourself and the other. Chaos in mind which it confuses you to choose your inferiority complex to win over you and your love.

At some point, we used to compare our life partner with our friend's life partner. There itself everything is started, you used to behave weird with them. That weirdness makes you make a wrong decision and it ends in break up.

Is break up is a solution to any problem?

There are two answers one is yes and another one is no.

If yes, comes first sometimes we fed up with the person whom we love the most. And this leads to a hectic period of time to decide whether I have to stay with that person or to leave that person.

So the decision clears us every good deeds of that person into bad so that we can have an idea of leaving him/her. If I decided to leave him my mind and heart will begin to criticize that person into the third level. By that time break up is a solution to that problem.

If the answer is No again there is a hectic period of time to compromise my heart and mind to forgive that person. All those uncultivated words seem to

be cultivated. And my mind will never listen to my pain which was conveyed by my heart. Simply I just got attached to that same person. 

Part of ego in break up of a relationship

Ego plays a vital part in between two lovers where they got attached to one person in a short span of time and later all those sacrifices are started to hate each other because of that ego wins.

Because of ego, all those sweet memories would change into a bad nightmare of them. That's why ego plays a role in separating those who love each other. This ego destroys every single dream and memories which changes as an unpleasantly moist.

Break Up Quotes

You left that void in my heart, the only thing I was ever afraid of.
Breakup quotes 108
I think I am lost now that we’re not together.
Breakup quotes 107
We spend nights looking at stars, now these stars remind me how lonely they are
Breakup quotes 106
My heart started aching as soon as you returned it.
Breakup quotes 105
When you lose someone it feels like the whole world just stopped functioning
Breakup quotes 104
I look like I don’t care but deep down it is killing me.
Breakup quotes 103
You made me question my own existence.
Breakup quotes 102
There are times when I am convinced I am unfit for human relationships.
Breakup quotes 101
Our breakup was the toughest thing I had to move on from.
Breakup quotes 100
It was never easy for me to let you go but I had to do it. For me. For us
Breakup quotes 99
There are still nights where I think ‘what if I never let you go?’
Breakup quotes 98
One thing they don’t teach you about love is how to forget it.
Breakup quotes 97
We were supposed to be the end game but you left me in the middle
Breakup quotes 96
I just wish you never would have left me
Breakup quotes 95
When you don’t want to love someone anymore because it hurts too much, how do you stop?
Breakup quotes 94
Does it get better or do we get used to it?
Breakup quotes 93
People look so different once you stop caring about them
Breakup quotes 92
I wonder if it was ever real.
Breakup quotes 91
You were my Yes but I was only your Maybe.
Breakup quotes 90
This world is strange, teaches you how to love but what about the later part.
Breakup quotes 89
It is not love, it is the habit that never leaves.
Breakup quotes 88
It was so easy for you to move on while I am still processing it
Breakup quotes 87
They say I was a fool falling for you, maybe I was
Breakup quotes 86
You left me knowing living without you was impossible
Breakup quotes 85
I'm sorry, I think I lost my phone number. Can you also do that?
Break up quotes 84
Heartache is a gift from God. It's simply His method of showing you who He actually protected you from
Break up quotes 83
I'm not just searching for words. You'd better leave if that's all you have to offer me.
Break up quotes 82