Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Break Up Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - break up quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Break up quotes

What makes us to break up in a relationship?

Break up occurs when you feel insecure about yourself and the other. Chaos in mind which it confuses you to choose your inferiority complex to win over you and your love.

At some point, we used to compare our life partner with our friend's life partner. There itself everything is started, you used to behave weird with them. That weirdness makes you make a wrong decision and it ends in break up.

Is break up is a solution to any problem?

There are two answers one is yes and another one is no.

If yes, comes first sometimes we fed up with the person whom we love the most. And this leads to a hectic period of time to decide whether I have to stay with that person or to leave that person.

So the decision clears us every good deeds of that person into bad so that we can have an idea of leaving him/her. If I decided to leave him my mind and heart will begin to criticize that person into the third level. By that time break up is a solution to that problem.

If the answer is No again there is a hectic period of time to compromise my heart and mind to forgive that person. All those uncultivated words seem to

be cultivated. And my mind will never listen to my pain which was conveyed by my heart. Simply I just got attached to that same person. 

Part of ego in break up of a relationship

Ego plays a vital part in between two lovers where they got attached to one person in a short span of time and later all those sacrifices are started to hate each other because of that ego wins.

Because of ego, all those sweet memories would change into a bad nightmare of them. That's why ego plays a role in separating those who love each other. This ego destroys every single dream and memories which changes as an unpleasantly moist.

Break Up Quotes

Those who do not care if I cry, what will they feel even if I die.
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They leave with an excuse of a small mistake, nowadays people know better how to create a heartbreak.
break up quotes 24
The problem is not that he is gone, the problem is that even after he is gone, he is with me in my heart's lawn.
break up quotes 23
You are alive and I'm also alive, just the vows taken in love got buried.
break up quotes 22
Your every memory has now become blurred, but I haven't forgotten your each and every word.
break up quotes 21
Bring me that stone my friend, which people keep in their heart and forget their sweetheart.
break up quotes 20
He had already intended to be apart, he's just waiting for an excuse on my part.
break up quotes 19
Now when you have decided to go rather than leave, do not make this heart of mine become weak.
break up quotes 18
You stopped speaking to me like I was a burden on your life.
break up quotes 17
I'm so sure of my love that once someone has become mine, can never be happy in anyone else's life.
break up quotes 16
It is very sure that we have already broken our relationship and now no fun in meeting and enjoy life with your ideas and setting I am on my way in life.
breakup quotes 15
You are very sensitive so you are taking matter seriously forget it you will get better one and never ever feel bad about such relationship and start new life with new relationship.
breakup quotes 14
It is all over come on forget everything and start new life never think about it, it was not your cup of tea so have fun and enjoy life.
breakup quotes 13
It is now everything is over and I can't forget the time I spend with you. It is my pleasure that I realized early about your reality and now just trying to forget you.
breakup quotes 12
So what that we are not with each other's company we are having a different approach in life so better we live apart and according to our thinking our views are totally different.
breakup quotes 11
You might have many reasons to hate me but still, I love you for no reason
breakup quotes 10
Every day your memories kill me which is far worse than death.
breakup quotes 9
You are the only reason I laughed also you are the reason I'm crying now.
breakup quotes 8
I’m just a piece of flesh with no soul and a future without you.
breakup quotes 7
I'm broken because of you, and no one can fix it except you.
breakup quotes 6
I lost my Happiness because you took it along with you when you left.
breakup quotes 5
I never thought there would be a day You would leave me and break my heart into pieces.
breakup quotes 4
I hate myself the most for falling in love with you again and again even though You left me.
breakup quotes 3
When my life was a total mess, you entered, changed my life, made me happy, and now you left me for no reason.
breakup quotes 2
My world was colorful with you, but now it is completely dark without you
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