Best, Unique, And Romantic Couple Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best couple quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Couple quotes

"The day I met you became the day where you and me changed into us".

Couple goals

Couple means a pair of star-crossed lovers whom they have their own feelings for the opposite gender.  

"Dreams are just dreams without goals".

So goals are common we too have our goals in life . Here it is not a wonder because everyone has their own goals likewise lovers has their own goals.

When a single person has his own goals is not a thing but two persons has one dream and goal is called as couple goals.

Couple's always used to think extraordinarily because they gotta person whom they gonna spend their entire life. 

Compact house
Traveling all over the world
Twining in everything.

Each and every couple used to have a mind set of having an own house. It should be perfect for those two.

No more costly living after becoming couple they used to have a mind set that they need only the person whom he/she likes to hold that person's hand. This is the ultimate goal of being a success in their relationship. 

Traveling all over the world.

Second thing people used to have a curiosity of discovering new places and adventuring. Some people wait for a while to get into a relationship because everyone has their own goals like visiting new countries and places.

Couple's used to have a mind of traveling where they can spend each and every second with that person.

Twining in everything

This one is always cute and funny because they have a habit, that both man and woman are the same .

So they buy used to couple's clothes, wearing the same t-shirt and revolving here and there. Buying watches which in it's dial has king and queen, etc… 

having the same brand Mobile phones and all the other stuff. They think they both are equal and they don't want anyone to give any chance to interfere in their life.

Who is said to be a good couple?

Good couple can be divided into different types, some people say that twinning in everything makes them to be a good couple.

Others say having the same mind set and problem solving is important. S

ometimes people who are always busy in twinning is also considered as good couples because one doesn't leave the other so this is one quality which shows the generosity of them.

Not only in dressing twinning in mindset also a sign of good couple. When they twinning in dressing sense, they used to have a mindset to tackle the problem considering the other person's problem as the other one is considered as a good couple.

Good couple always help the other to overcome one problem. Helping the other is not only in friendship it is also in relationship.

A pair of lovers who they are ready to sacrifice their own commitments and everything for their own relationship is a sign of good couple.

Usually people don't sacrifice things but when someone is ready to sacrifice for the other is also a sign of good couple.

Not only loving the other person but also showing kindness towards them is a good sign of good couple.

How to choose a life partner?

Choosing a life partner is more important than choosing a course to study. Because in course study we can quit at any time but it is not the same in choosing a life partner .

By quitting in course we can get back those stuffs but once you choose your life partner, it is hard to leave because of the society.

First we need to see the kindness and punctuality of the person. Because kindness can't be bought in stores. If a person is punctual in everything he/she is to be a good person because everything comes under punctual.

The one who is punctual is also a person of respectable one.

Second thing fondness towards the family a person who is not ready to spend his time with family is mostly unlikely person. So we need to check that before selecting someone as a life partner.

Third thing is that behavior when the person seems to be punctual, kindness and love towards family is not at all matters. Behavior plays a vital role in life because the one who behave properly is likely to be a person who is hard to find. 

Choosing life partner based behaviors and kindness is important but without any job is literally waste . So the one who has some money and some good qualities will be a good life partner.

"Loving someone is easiest thing but staying with that same someone matters a lot" 

Togetherness plays a vital role in life of many people.

Couple Quotes

I am your Love, you are my life, Let's ready for journey of miles.
Couple Quotes 35
you are my length, I am your width, You are my oxygen whom I need to breathe.
Couple Quotes 34
We are together coz we find always a reason to be together.
Couple Quotes 33
Perfect couple pull their relationship together as it can't push forward by one' effort.
Couple Quotes 32
you make me cured, you make me cheered, Come closer to me almost near, look here is your given smile that I wear.
Couple Quotes 31
it's you whom I don't want to share, It's you for whom I really care, It's you whose specie is rare, It's only you who's my pair.
Couple Quotes 30
You are my pair ,we together called couple, You are my that pillow to whom I love to cuddle.
Couple Quotes 29
May be it's my mistake and that's yours, let the argument end here, coz the relationship is our.
Couple Quotes 28
'COUPLE' sounds better with the word 'US', rather than you & me.
Couple Quotes 27
The word 'COUPLE' comprising two bodies possess one soul and chase sole life's goal.
Couple Quotes 26
Not any of the books are having a definition to define That how much I love you every second
couple quotes 25
I don’t want anybody to remember about me When you have me in your mind
couple quotes 24
You know my love, you are the beginning Of my love and as well, you are the end for my life
couple quotes 23
I have lots of love for you But the possessiveness I have On you is more than my love
couple quotes 22
I realized a new start when You come into my life with trust Yeah the start I felt by you Is to be in need for my whole life
couple quotes 21
The world may treat you as a person But in my life, I treat you as my world
couple quotes 20
Your love is the strength for me To let my confidence out And you are the trust in my life
couple quotes 19
I want a person in my life To make an adventure and to enjoy And to entertain that is you my love
couple quotes 18
The best thing that happened in my life is you It is the only thing that happened better and Make me be better in life
couple quotes 17
A Part we have in life is love Because love is the key for Every successful life, and is The best teacher to live in order
couple quotes 16
the couple is the pair of socks which u don't wear on the same foot
couple quotes 15
Couples are the best gift made by God but it is upto us that how we can manage our life with love respect and responsibilities. Have a beautiful couple in the world
couple quotes 14
When you are married and having your partner with you it is your responsibility to take care of him or her. It is a very common.
couple quotes 13
Couple are a very lovely and they are together like one get jealous of them. They stay together all the time they share food from one plate only and love each other too much.
couple quotes 12
Enjoy life together and spend quality time with each other's company and have fun. It is very good for both of your to have such a wonderful time together stay tuned like this.
couple quotes 11
Not any of the books are having a definition to define That how much I love you every second
couple quotes 10
I don’t want anybody to remember about me When you have me in your mind
couple quotes 9