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Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best crush quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Crush Quotes

"One of my best hours are staring at you simply and it becomes memorable one because you never noticed my dear".

Who is a crush?

Crush is the one who is the main reason for our existing. Crush is like something which it won't ask for anything in return just it needs to see the other person.

A person who fulfills the desire of our eyes and heart is known as crush. Crush is the one who never hurt us directly, crush plays an important role in our life because of him/her we used to be punctual.

In college we used to be regular to the classes because of crush, like a child we used to pray to God that our crush should wear the same color. The person who can change our life into up and down just by their looks and smile.

The person whom we can't control our heart desire to look at him/her or longing to be at their sight for few minutes. Crush makes us to realize that we also a sort of human that whom we can fall for them.

Crush is not a word but it carries everything in it like sight, staring and dressing to impress likewise.

Crush is decisive in our life by staring at them without our knowledge we used to smile at them. Crush is a person who changes us into a different human being like smiling without any reason, thinking about something and absent minded.

"I pray to God 

That we should

Wear the same color

And same smile

One day".

Difference between love and crush

There are so many differences between love and crush. Love is like we should be with him/her for the rest of our life.

Love always needs physical and emotional feelings to be attained but crush never needs that, always wants to see his/her own crush. Crush needs only to see him/her for a period of time but love is like that they should get in relationship and all.

Lots of differences between love and crush love was the reaction of changes of hormones like dopamine and other hormones. But crush is just a feeling for someone whom we couldn't get close to him/ her.

Having a crush is good because we get two things spontaneously one is peeping for them and another one is regular to our work /college. By seeing our crush we run our life because of them we used to be punctual but we should understand one thing that crush has there own life .

Understanding this we used to think of our life. But love is not like that it needs everything immediately . Loving someone is good that we love ourselves first then we learnt to love the other. 

How it feels when we have a crush on someone?

It is the best feeling, we become fond of that person. We used to wait for our crush and we collect every single detail of our crush.

It feels like everyone is noticing but no one cares about what you do. By waiting for a long time and having three seconds of eye contact will be the best thing on that day.

Even though our crush knows that we have feelings for he/she. Our crush won't mind it by stimulating our feelings they used to have a conversation with everyone other than us.

They used to check our patience and they check whether they have feelings for us. But they never show off their feelings, they used to notice you but they pretend that they didn't notice you.

All these things will make you to feel for them more and more. Our crush pretend to be that, they don't know our name and act like they were guessing our name. Asking about us to the others but no showing off that they miss us. 

"I know you know me

But you treat me like that you don't know me

That's why I became unknown to you my crush".


Andrea neha A

2020-12-08 14:14:18

I don't care about the things they do but its only about the I love you



2021-01-07 16:50:00

The beauty of your smile makes the nature look so dull.



2021-01-11 16:46:59

"I think the street lights are useless; because whenever you go through the streets it makes the whole area look so beautiful."



2021-02-11 21:56:31

Come and join me until death approaches me.


Kedarnath k

2021-02-12 17:37:22

Don't know what exactly happening to me. When I see you I feel my self lost into some dessert of love.. I feel lucky that I have crush on you.



2021-02-13 21:43:33

What magic you do makes me think of you all the time. What magic you do fills my speech and breath.


Om Upadhye

2021-02-13 22:17:54

The brown eyes of yours had more addiction than the heroin.


Om Upadhye

2021-02-13 22:26:30

When the ventilators failed, your name made my heartbeat again.


Om Upadhye

2021-02-13 22:33:08

Every time i try to unlove you i fall even harder for you.


Om Upadhye

2021-02-13 22:34:31

I dont know whether itts love or something else, but whats with you is not with anyone else.



2021-02-18 15:42:02

You make me ecstatic at the sight of you beating me by doing poses. Give me a place in your heart and keep me clear until you go crazy and go crazy.



2021-02-18 21:00:05

I close my eyes and wait for you to come in my dream to tell stories.



2021-02-22 11:01:56

You do not need alcohol to get addicted. Your eyesight is enough.


Sonit Harish Shetty

2021-03-09 09:10:13

I'm sorry if I get nervous around you, I just never thought I'd ever get this close.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-22 08:20:38

Motivation to go to college is Crush, Inspiration to sit in class is Crush. Passing time in class by seeing Crush. Crush is always good to make man perfect.



2021-03-29 21:14:16

Since you've been around I smile and forget about myself.


Deekshitha Reddy

2021-05-08 15:22:55

I know that you will never look at me for a second even though I stare at you for years.


Vajrapu Ullas

2021-05-13 09:26:22

You wrote your name in permanent marker on my paper heart and now you have left and I can't erase the damn ink stain.


Deekshitha Reddy

2021-05-13 11:21:09

Dear crush, I know you won't be mine for this life, Even though I care for you, I pray for you, I need you for life as you are. You are my constant.


Abhay Budhabaware

2021-05-17 23:52:53

Of course, I know I am a foolish idiot not to tell you the truth... Truth that I really love you by heart and soul... Yahhh... It's weird...But it is..... My Confession....


Om Patel

2021-05-21 12:15:54

If you have crush on her-tell her, if you want to call her-call her, if you never say her she will never know, she can't read minds.


Londhe swati

2021-05-22 06:27:07

Motivation to go to college is Crush, Inspiration to sit in class is Crush. Passing time in class by seeing Crush. Crush is always good to make man perfect.


Sonia Joshi

2021-05-24 12:33:21

The things we love the most, hurts us the most. My mistake was making you a priority, when I was your second choice.


Sayyad khasim

2021-05-24 13:21:26

Today is very special day in my life I wish you happiness and bless on you you are my special person l love you


Nikhita kumari

2021-05-27 17:31:15

Do not look at the sight of the eye, do not look at the sight of the eye, the eye will see the eye, the whole night will be out in the smile



2021-05-28 15:47:01

where should i find your shadow please tell me where you resides please give the address of that place if i ever meet you once then my world will be completed


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-30 23:11:24

"LOVE is my first crush of my life and it is kicking me at every time."