Unique, Positive And Best Emotional Love Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best emotional love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Emotional love quotes

"Being emotional never goes out of my character".

What is emotion in love?

Emotions are known as a mixed feeling, for a person whom we love. Emotions include Happy, angry, sad and so many. Expressing your love towards the other person creates love emotions.

Loving someone is always emotionally attached to that person. Showing our towards the other person also known as that person is emotionally attached. When you utter a word that contains the deepest love is also known as emotions.

Love always carries everything in heart for that person. When you overflow with love you express it with emotions.

"I feel very bad when you left me that's why I couldn't control my emotions for you, my dear boyfriend".

How to handle emotions in love?

Handling emotions in love is not that easy because one of the uncontrollable emotions includes. One simple way is to be silent when whatever happens in your love.

Because nothing is permanent in this life likewise emotions also like that. But stop expecting will help you to handle your emotions. Loving someone with the fullest love will help you to handle your emotions. By stop expecting from that person whom you love will help you to be better. That's the way to control your emotions in love.

Express more love the person, but at the same time, you have to know how to control.

"When everything seems to be you why you failed to be mine, lost girlfriend".

Different emotions in love

Love has different emotions like surprise, anxiety, despair, anger, jealousy and so on. These are some different emotions in love, at first, you used to be so cheesy and surprising to that person.

Later it becomes so anxious about expressing your emotions to the other person. That anxiety leads you to think about despair where you feel that everything is lost.

That feeling of loss will surely make you feel so much anger on that person. It is how emotions evolve in your emotions. Without your knowledge, you will become so jealousy of the other person whom you love. Everything starts from expecting, this expecting makes everything worse and it makes people hate you.

"We spend hours together, months together, years together but when it becomes a decade of love we failed to accept our mistakes". 

When you never turn back while going from hostel time your place I was very disturb and was nit not able to sleep and still thinking about you.


One get emotional when they lost their love and only that person can realize how sad he or she is. It is very worst feeling of to leave someone or someone left you.


If you love someone and if he avoids you then you emotionally drained and getting disturb and not finding ways so not to become emotional in such situations.


Love is very good to have for someone. If you love than love in real sense it is a very emotional matter and enjoys life loving someone. It has an emotional connection.


Emotional attachment is too much for anyone to feel. If you are emotionally attached to someone than it is very painful to bear when he or she is not in touch with you.


I am very emotional so far as I am concerned about you. I am emotionally drained and can't wait for you. When you are coming to meet me. It is very difficult for me to manage such situation.


I am in deep love with you and if you will say to forget me than how can I leave you. I am very emotional so it is very difficult for me to do this.


It is very important for you to live life with good emotions and have a great feelings it is a human nature that you should not be emotional and live normal life.