Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Fake Love Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best fake love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Fake love quotes

"I loved you very much but I don't that your love is fake".

When a love is said to be fake?

Love is said to be fake when you pour the fullest amount of love on them. If they don't respond to your feelings it is known as fake love.

When you are ready to do everything for that person. But they don't even care about it, you came to know them while you see them.

When you sacrifice everything for them but they don't even notice that you are doing for them. Love always stays true but the person whom we love will become fake. 

"I don't even care about my pain, but I cared about you because my love isn't fake".

Why one should not be fake in love?

One should not be fake because the fake one will be happy, but the other person is in trouble. Because everything can be bought again but one's true owner is unable to buy.

That's why one should not be fake in love, feelings are always in true love.

When you failed to be true to your loved ones. Never ever you will stay true to others. That's why one should not be fake in love. Because when an unknown person loves you blindly you won't know the true love of them.

But when you keep on acts as a good person and later he/she knows the truth. You will be in trouble after that person leaves you. You may feel very bad to miss such a person, that's why one should not be fake in love.

"I gave you all my love and prayers to you but what I received is fake".

How to handle fake love?

To handle fake love, you should know the difference between true and fake. You know how to love someone deeply but you should know how to handle that person if he/she is fake.

Once you know that the person is fake don't waste your time on them. You should be ready to face that person's fake. 

It is not a rule that one's love should be true always but sometimes a person is fake. You have to handle your feelings because not everyone deserves your love. So don't trust anyone and love them without knowing them.

"When you are Fake in love, life will be fake in your life".

Fake Love Quotes

Never be too fast to give someone your heart, fake love can break you apart.
Fake love quotes 46
Take lots of time to trust, fake love is only and only lust.
Fake love quotes 45
Fake love can make you blind, so it’s too soon to be so kind.
Fake love quotes 44
Never forgive someone who faked love once, because giving the wrong person another chance later hunts.
Fake love quotes 43
Getting over fake love can make you take wrong decisions, their results can be bad conditions.
Fake love quotes 42
Never play with someone’s emotions, never give fake hopes to sail together in the oceans.
Fake love quotes 41
For some people faking their love is so easy, they are emotionless and their hearts are greasy.
Fake love quotes 40
True love is hard to find, and fake love play with your mind and leaves you behind.
Fake love quotes 39
Sometimes the one you thought would be a right person may hurt, and all of the sudden you lose all your comfort.
Fake love quotes 38
Sometimes the one you thought would be a right person may hurt, and all of the sudden you lose all your comfort.
Fake love quotes 38
In this world many fake lovers exist, and they leave you pissed.
Fake love quotes 37
Fake love is generally outer or physical love rather than hearty love.
fake love quotes 36
Fake love can be converted to true love with proper love.
fake love quotes 35
Those people who believe they are cheated in love matters are future Fake love.
fake love quotes 34
Fake love acts are done by peoples, who are deprived of proper parental love.
fake love quotes 33
A Fake lover tries to repeat the same mistake after he feels it as an achievement.
fake love quotes 32
Fake love is generally witnessed by young or frustrated people.
fake love quotes 31
Fake lover’s words and facial expressions never match.
fake love quotes 30
Fake love does more damage to the cheater rather than the cheater.
fake love quotes 29
Identification of fake love can only be done by listening to your heart.
fake love quotes 28
Fake love is witnessed by fake people.
fake love quotes 27
People who are beautiful from face mostly turns out to be fake lovers
fake love quotes 26
Fake love destroys human world in a second.
fake love quotes 25
Erase my name from the book of your life. But every moment you will cry remembering your fake love and my true love.
fake love quotes 24
He was desperate to make love. When I did too, he changed his hobby saying love is a hoax.
fake love quotes 23
Whenever people ask me about my love story, I just say it was a fairy tale that had to end.
fake love quotes 22
His fake love left me like a wet paper in which nothing can be written not it can be burnt.
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