Best, Unique, And Romantic Girlfriend Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - girlfriend quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend


Being a good girlfriend is not always cooking a favorite food and knowing all household chores.  You have to understand how men think and what they need a relationship with a better girlfriend.  Respect him as a man.

Give him the freedom and let him be without always trying to change him. Respect his time with his friends.

I appreciate his little effort.  Accept his flaws. Help him break his limits.  Don’t flirt with other men. Support his passion.  A good girlfriend knows how to carry herself and behave like a real lady.  Trust is one of the keystones in any relationship.

Who is a good girlfriend?

This is an important requirement for every relationship.  A girl must be loyal to her boyfriend. This does not only mean not having other men around you are not filtering with other men, but also means supporting your man in all of the aspirations and dreams. 

It also means defending him when other people are not nice to him. An open relationship is not recommended because this kind of relationship does not require loyalty and it only means that your partner is not really into you.  She makes her boyfriend is a part of her world.

Why girlfriend makes a life a beautiful?

Some people are saying that you do not need another person to make you happy, as you are responsible for all your happiness. 

Will, we would like to disagree with her a bit. Even though your happiness does not completely depend on you having a life partner, a boyfriend or a spouse, your world much becomes a happier place to live in with the presence of a loved one.

Your days seem brighter, you feel love and wanted and there is a sense of positivity in everything to do.

How to find a perfect girlfriend? 

Finding a perfect girlfriend is a great relationship that isn’t easy.  How do you discover the one for you?  Knowing who you are, understanding what do you want and searching in the right places are all key factors in finding your Ms. Right.

Leading an interesting and fulfilling life will make you more attractive to potential mates. Determine the quality you seek.  Demonstrate tenacity If first, you don’t succeed try, try again. Learn about each other to small talk. Look for common goals.

Girlfriend Quotes

The gravitational force of moon that pulls the ocean waves reminds me of the love of my girl towards me
Girlfriend quotes 105
When love happen, you never know when it strikes of which you are an example
Girlfriend quotes 104
My name heard from your melodious voice make me fall for myself
Girlfriend quotes 103
As like the ocean is the final destination of every river so as my love for you is
Girlfriend quotes 102
My love for you is like the ocean waves, which can’t be stopped
Girlfriend quotes 101
The incompleteness of my life without you is just like presence of clouds that surrounds the moon on a full moon night
Girlfriend quotes 100
It doesn't matter to me if you love me or not, I love you it's my joy.
Girlfriend quotes 99
The definition of beauty lies in the image of the mirror where my girl stands
Girlfriend quotes 98
To me, you are like the rain drops to a barren land that brings a smile of hope
Girlfriend quotes 97
I am not found of expensive perfumes, because the smell when I huge you is precious
Girlfriend quotes 96
Your love gives me wings to fly in the paradise
Girlfriend quotes 95
The most expensive thing is ‘Trust’, and I am really honored that you have gifted it to me
Girlfriend quotes 94
You definitely have the right to fight with me but not the right to leave
Girlfriend quotes 93
The beauty of moon is incomplete without the light of the sun, same as like my life without you
Girlfriend quotes 92
Even the full moon beauty fades away before you
Girlfriend quotes 90
Every time you give me a smile, my miseries fades away for miles
Girlfriend quotes 91
Why should I dream for an Angel? When I already have you by my side
Girlfriend quotes 89
A tight hug from you makes me feel my presence in a heaven
Girlfriend quotes 88
The word jealousy is a precious emotion decorating our relationship making it more beautiful
Girlfriend quotes 87
The word beautiful might come into existence in true sense, on the time of your birth
Girlfriend quotes 86
His love could be expensive but mine is precious for you
Girlfriend Quotes 85
I will not go for a better option as you are the only option of love of my life
Girlfriend Quotes 84
The definition of love starts with your anger and ends with the smile
Girlfriend Quotes 83
Your jealousy makes me feel more confident about our relationship
Girlfriend Quotes 82
The beauty of ocean could be seen in your eyes
Girlfriend Quotes 81
I am blessed by your presence, as like the moon is blessed by the light of the sun
Girlfriend Quotes 80
Though my life is going through ups and downs, but nevertheless your support with the smile makes me strong to shine.
Girlfriend Quotes 79