Best, Unique, And Romantic Girlfriend Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - girlfriend quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend


Being a good girlfriend is not always cooking a favorite food and knowing all household chores.  You have to understand how men think and what they need a relationship with a better girlfriend.  Respect him as a man.

Give him the freedom and let him be without always trying to change him. Respect his time with his friends.

I appreciate his little effort.  Accept his flaws. Help him break his limits.  Don’t flirt with other men. Support his passion.  A good girlfriend knows how to carry herself and behave like a real lady.  Trust is one of the keystones in any relationship.

Who is a good girlfriend?

This is an important requirement for every relationship.  A girl must be loyal to her boyfriend. This does not only mean not having other men around you are not filtering with other men, but also means supporting your man in all of the aspirations and dreams. 

It also means defending him when other people are not nice to him. An open relationship is not recommended because this kind of relationship does not require loyalty and it only means that your partner is not really into you.  She makes her boyfriend is a part of her world.

Why girlfriend makes a life a beautiful?

Some people are saying that you do not need another person to make you happy, as you are responsible for all your happiness. 

Will, we would like to disagree with her a bit. Even though your happiness does not completely depend on you having a life partner, a boyfriend or a spouse, your world much becomes a happier place to live in with the presence of a loved one.

Your days seem brighter, you feel love and wanted and there is a sense of positivity in everything to do.

How to find a perfect girlfriend? 

Finding a perfect girlfriend is a great relationship that isn’t easy.  How do you discover the one for you?  Knowing who you are, understanding what do you want and searching in the right places are all key factors in finding your Ms. Right.

Leading an interesting and fulfilling life will make you more attractive to potential mates. Determine the quality you seek.  Demonstrate tenacity If first, you don’t succeed try, try again. Learn about each other to small talk. Look for common goals.

Oh my dear friend I am waiting for you from last one hour and where you are how long I have to wait for you. It is very bad on your part that comes always late.


Oh you are so cute and made for me only so never think about anyone else and enjoy life with great pleasure. It is my pleasure to have such a nice relationship with you.


Always girlfriends expect something from boyfriends and it is all the time demanding. It is not that easy to maintain such relationship. But boys they manage.


You are my best and continue good relationship with me I am not going to cheat you so be positive and enjoy life.


As my girlfriend what are your expectations. you know you better and never cheat you. But will you cheat me because now we know that so many people break their relationship?


With couple of her fatel eyes throws me a sight; I was shattered and I was attacked with the arrows of love shooted from her eyes. Stop it, else it will break my heart.