Best, Unique, And Romantic Kiss Quotes For My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - kiss quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend


Kiss Quotes

Kiss is one of the best expressions of love and affection when words fail. Love is one of the most complicated and complex subjects mankind has ever faced.

Love links people of different races and connects them in a unified bond of trust and kiss is like a bridge that makes love to travel smoothly through the ups and downs and through the thick and thin.

It enhances life and comforts the soul. There are various kinds of love, like Platonic love, familial love, religious love, and romantic love. The most important aspect of love, however, is kissing.

Kissing is the best way of expressing love, a way of showing how a person feels without words. Short Kiss Quotes

Kiss is Universal

Kiss is not always between lovers, it can also be the mother's first kiss to her baby, father's kiss to his son or daughter, and yeah even the nature kisses and even a dog kisses with its licks expressing its purest form of love it has for us.

It is a kiss when raindrops touches the ground during a cloudburst. Kiss is not always romantic, it at times is way expressing the love we have for others. Kiss quotes for love

What Kiss means in a Relationship?

A kiss can transform all, for better or for worse. A kiss always brings people closer. Kissing has not changed a great deal over the years.

It has constantly been an everlasting dance of love and passion. Lovers kiss a lot and celebrate their love by kissing. Kiss Quotes for her A kiss touches one’s emotions in the gentlest most doable way.

It shows how people can love, be honest and warm. Kiss Quotes for him.  Love without kisses is purely incomprehensible and incomplete. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. 

Benefits of Kissing

1. Kissing boosts your 'happy hormones'. Kissing triggers your brain to release a cocktail of chemicals that leave you feeling 'oh-so-good' by igniting the pleasure centers of the brain.

2. Kissing relieves stress. Speaking of cortisol, kissing lowers cortisol level and stress.

3. Kissing reduces anxiety. There's nothing quite like a kiss and some affection to help calm you.

4. Kissing burns calories. Research says that a smooch can burn 8 to 16 calories

5. Kissing boosts self-esteem. Kissing has so much to do with your self-esteem and feeling loved and connected.

Kiss Quotes

Kiss creates thrill and increase heartbeat, It's a fantastic feeling itself.
kiss quotes 35
When you have no words to explain your love,Then try a KISS, may be it works.
kiss quotes 34
Kiss has such a fragrance of love that can make your heart a garden of flowers.
kiss quotes 33
Everything need something to grow, Your lips need a kiss to glow.
kiss quotes 32
A kiss on forehead can make your lover feel gorgeous and happy.
kiss quotes 31
When you KISS your lover passionately,It's more than thousands of lovely words.
kiss quotes 30
There is no makeup that can make your lips so pretty compared to my "KISS".
kiss quotes 29
May be your lips are feeling lonely.Let's give them company.
kiss quotes 28
Kiss is a natural sweetener of a relationship,The more you kiss the more it will become sweet.
kiss quotes 27
Whenever I see you in aggression,kissing your lips is my passion.
kiss quotes 26
First Kiss is the best feeling to give to a girl friend or boy friend which shows the feeling and emotions that how much they miss each other in life.
kiss quotes 25
Happy kiss day to my lover I know you are missing me this day can bless us to have life both together with the relationship forever. Happy kiss day
kiss quotes 24
Happy kiss day may this day would have every day so that it reminds us both together every day.
kiss quotes 23
To kiss someone is a way of showing love to other person. It is very nice to kiss own kids small babies, and to kiss someone whom you love.
kiss quotes 22
You can kiss your beloved one is your right but you can't kiss anyone. You can kiss your daughter or any kid but you can't kiss any unknown person or kids.
kiss quotes 21
Kiss is a way to express how much you love to your loved one.
kiss quotes 20
When we want to kiss someone for a long time And finally do the same, that's a wonderful moment.
kiss quotes 19
When you feel bored, try to catch your loved one. When you feel love, try to catch your loved one in your arm and kiss on her forehead.
kiss quotes 18
Best way to stop your loved one to speak very much,Lock her lips by your.
kiss quotes 17
There may be many tricks to have lovely moments,But Kiss is a best magic trick to have gorgeous moments.
kiss quotes 16
My Soul wants love, My Mind wants Calm, My heart wants Affection, My lips wants Kiss.
kiss quotes 15
There is a attraction in your lips, the more I see, the more I want to taste.
kiss quotes 14
When you kiss me, you said a lot to me without speaking anything.
kiss quotes 13
Love makes us positive, even a simple kiss on your forehead calms your mind.
kiss quotes 12
Missing someone means you love him. Kissing someone means you madly love him.
kiss quotes 11
Kisses can make relationships stronger, so keep kissing….
kiss quotes 10
A kiss is like a bite of chocolate filling your mouth with sweetness.
kiss quotes 9