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When you feel bored, try to catch your loved one. When you feel love, try to catch your loved one in your arm and kiss on her forehead.
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Best way to stop your loved one to speak very much,Lock her lips by your.
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There may be many tricks to have lovely moments,But Kiss is a best magic trick to have gorgeous moments.
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My Soul wants love, My Mind wants Calm, My heart wants Affection, My lips wants Kiss.
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There is a attraction in your lips, the more I see, the more I want to taste.
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When you kiss me, you said a lot to me without speaking anything.
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Love makes us positive, even a simple kiss on your forehead calms your mind.
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Missing someone means you love him. Kissing someone means you madly love him.
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Kisses can make relationships stronger, so keep kissing….
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A kiss is like a bite of chocolate filling your mouth with sweetness.
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When a child kisses the forehead of his mother lovefully , there is a flow of happy tears rolling all around.
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A kiss with a pure heart can even melt mountains.
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Kisses can create magic when loaded with lots of love…
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Flying kisses are shooted out from the lips to land directly into the heart.
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Catching a flying kiss feels like catching a mischievous Little kitten.
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Flying kisses are just like the wind, you cannot see it but can feel it…
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A little baby’s flying kiss is as innocent as it’s glittering eyes.
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That mumma’s kiss on my forehead whenever I’m short of confidence, makes me bright again.
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