Unique, Positive And Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - long distance relationship quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Long - Distance Relationship Quotes

A long-distance relationship teaches you to live to the fullest when you are alone and love crazily when you are with you. The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is always worth the wait.

Distance means nothing when someone means everything. The main drawback of long-distance relationships is that you will have so much to express but still the feeling of not being able to express hurts us deep down. Long-distance relationship quotes.

Feeling devoid

"Ocean separates lands, not souls."  In Long-distance relationship, even the wait becomes so beautiful. And the pure bliss is meeting her after the wait, everything you see with her will sweep you off your feet the way her eyes twinkle like the stars in the sky, the way her hair brushes her cheek, the way her lips dance while uttering words and everything will make you fall deeper and deeper. Long-distance relationship quotes for him.

He will be waiting with his heart out till he sees her again and that waiting and wanting for love makes them both even more closer. The long-distance relationship really makes people closer and happier as the art of love is largely the art of persistence. Long-distance relationship quotes for her.

Ecstasy in LDR

There is always happiness in a long-distance relationship, as the few hours spent together are worth a million hours spent without being together.

Every moment the thoughts of your better half will beat together with your heartbeats. Distance simply means separation in place, but never in connections. The heart remains inseparable.

Long-distance relationship on missing. You will learn more about your other half in a long-distance relationship. But true love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes. 

Long-distance relationships are hard but they're also incredible. If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from miles apart then you'll be unstoppable once you're physically together. Short quotes on long-distance relationships. 

Famous Long Distance Relationship Quotes

1. I am waiting for the day, to see your face, feel your presence and for your warm hug.

long distance relationship quotes 1

2. Days might roll-on, waiting for the special day of your arrival.

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3. Distance between us might be so far but the love between us is too shorter than the distance.

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4. Wherever you may go, I will be there for you at all times.

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5. I know you alone can complete my role and make my presence in my absence.


6. Better days are coming to fulfil these days without you.

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7. A word love you will not show my love on you. Better I am there for you and I am living with your memories & cherishing our love.

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8. Sunrises and sunsets on every day but I am waiting for the perfect day with you alone & spend with you from dawn to dusk.

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9. I need you, our lovable memories are haunting me, come as soon to rescue me and show me enlighten days.

10. As a couple you are seeing the sunrise somewhere, I am seeing the sunset somewhere. As earliest let us see the sunrise as together.

11. Wherever I go I am seeing you. You are here with me; I will take care of your soul better you take care of your body.

12. I know my absence may hurt you, but I had given my soul to you and taken back your soul. For some days let us take care of our souls.

13. I am waiting for your message or a single call from you. If it takes late to a couple of minutes I am not in the position to withstand.

14. Each day without you is like a body without soul. I need you and I may miss your presence but I will not miss you in any means.

15. I felt sad when I say “I miss you”. I don’t want to miss you rather I am worried about your absence.

16. No one in this world can love more than us. To pause this for a while fate keeps us in a distance.

17. Each day I am seeing whether you are on the doorsteps, later I will have a hope that as soon you are going to open the door and hug

18. Let the days, nights, hours, months run I need the perfect day, perfect moment with you.

19. Summer may fail to rain; winter may fail to show some clouds. But I am waiting for you to cherish our love with more joy and happiness.

20. Whenever I hear your sad voices on phone calls. I may feel helpless and curse on myself because I am not in the position to wipe your
tears and be on your side.

21. A Sorry cannot excuse me for my absence in all your happy and sorrow moments.

22. Days we are together are lesser than the days we are happy.

23. Don’t make me wait for a longer time. The pain kills me and hurts a lot.

24. Counting the days and expecting your arrival at each sunrise.

25. Tears are the best medicine for my loneliness. Give me my happiness back by your presence.

You are very far from me but I still love you like I was in love when you were here so now you are very far and not even talking with me on phone but it's my request to you that talk to me often and your will also feel good.


If you are attach with someone on any social media or any longer distance relationship than be alert and not to commit on any matter.


If you are in love with someone long distance than be alert, it is very unpredictable relationship between two.


If you are in Long distance relationship than if it breaks suddenly you will be totally drained and will not find way about what to do.


Don't worry about being apart, just trust on love and it will do it's part.


Distance in love is important to understand the depth of it.


YES, we are miles away from each other but you are worth every mile between us.


Distance doesn't stop you, if you really love someone, you will make it work, nothing can stop you not even the distance in between you two.


No distance is long enough to really make us distant from one another.


No matter how much distance is between us, it is painful but not having you my life at all would be more painful.


The distance between us is just a test, but what we have is still the best. Off course I miss you everyday and love you.


Love can make the long distance relationship to the small distance and also love becomes a bridge between two loved ones to maintain the distance relationship.


Love is something which is not shown, something not hidden, it is something which only can be felt whether we are together or not.


If the love is true distance can't be separated


I don't know how much I love you but whenever I need someone who is closer to me, I always remember you who is at long distance from me.


Love does not know any boundaries and does not suffocate! Love is all-encompassing!


When in love truly distance doesn't matter and it never stops you from loving the person.


Long Distance Relationship is not possible to go forever, because in this relationship having more patience and understand the partners problem at every moment.


Long Distance Relationship is dependent on Trust. If you don't have trust in your partner, relationship can be break soon.


Even if I'm angry with you, I'll always wait for your text.


When two hearts are closest to each other the bodily distance hardly matters .


You are my moon and I am waiting for you like the sky waiting for a full moon to love you for ever from far away just like love for the moon never ends by the sky.


No matter how far are we, Distance won't affect us, You are mine And I am yours Will be a fact no one can change, And Till the time I know our hearts are together, No matter how hard day gets I'll survive any day with a smile!


Babe in real you are miles far away from me but every time I feel, u beside me and taking care of me.


Do not thick about distance if you have belief in your relationship .No reason can break your relationship. Loving and caring are only importance in love


You are so far away, But i still feel as if you are right next to me.


Long Distance Relationship is not possible to go forever, because in this relationship having more patience and understand the partners problem at every moment.