Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Love Failure Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - love failure quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

love failure quotes

Love is in itself a vague and unrealistic reality of life. It is like a shadow when you follow it, it moves ahead and when you leave it you feel it is following you. It is a feeling where you feel it energize your soul.

You feel on top of the world when you are in love. That time you fail to understand that it is only in your mind which gets affected with the notion that it is love that is pampering your soul.

Once when you feel the person whom you loved ditched you begin to feel emptiness. From the start, it was your mind which was playing a trick on you. Love is like a mirage.

One time you feel there is love the next moment there is emptiness. Try to feel normal at all times that is when you fall in love as well as when you fall out love. Love failure quotes will show you the reality of the situation, you begin to accept and move on.

Quotes express your feelings and emotions. If you recently experienced a breakup then this page is perfect for you. 

What is failed, love?

When the love you show for a person is not reciprocated you call it a failed love or love failure. Don’t worry if you failed in love because failure molds you into a better version of yourself.

Does true love exist?

Just because you had a recent breakup or a bad relationship doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t exist. True love does exist, a few people find true love early but some find it later in their life. Don’t give up your search on true love because a life void of love is boring and colorless. Just wait for the right time because true love is definitely worth the wait.

How to can I overcome love failure depression? 

Love failure is very painful it is similar to physical pain and can affect you in many ways. To overcome your depression you have to accept the reality, by denying the reality you’re just extending your pain and torturing yourself.

Take your own time to move on just because everyone is saying don’t rush into a relationship. Time heals everything. Spend more time on yourself pamper yourself and have some me-time. Don’t dwell in negative emotions stay positive and enjoy the single life.

what is the best solution to come out of love failure? 

Accept reality and try to move on. Don’t isolate yourself spend more time with friends and family. Start enjoying the single life. Stand before a mirror and talk positively. Take counseling or just sit and talk to your friend let out all the pent up emotion.

Anger is common but learns to forgive because by forgiving your ex you can move on faster. 


Love Failure Quotes

Sometimes giving less importance to each other ends in breakup, care more to love more
Love Failure Quotes 80
I wanna relive every moment which was with you but now the time has changed
Love Failure Quotes 79
It hurts even more when I have only you but you’ve many
Love Failure Quotes 78
I made myself strong, I never give up anymore because I learned more
Love Failure Quotes 77
Nothing is permanent, today’s your love is tomorrow someones
Love Failure Quotes 76
Love Failure hurts, create your new life because life should move on
Love Failure Quotes 75
Breakup is common, sensitive people hurts more
Love Failure Quotes 74
Love hurts, love broke but again and again it gives many ways to develop
Love Failure Quotes 73
Each and every day I miss you, love you to the moon and back
Love Failure Quotes 72
Don’t try to come again in my life because I don’t have strength to cry anymore
Love Failure Quotes 71
Once the faith is broke can’t fix it again my love for you has broke like a glass
Love Failure Quotes 70
I wanna erase all my past to start my life new and to make better Than before
Love Failure Quotes 69
Missing you everyday is a heart ache which can’t be curable
Love Failure Quotes 68
Every problems have solution but my problems solution is you
Love Failure Quotes 67
Even I suffer many times from you, this is the worst suffering
Love Failure Quotes 66
I never replace anyone in the place of you, you’re my heart beat
Love Failure Quotes 65
My life looks empty without you, you’re mine
Love Failure Quotes 64
My love for you won’t change, even you left me
Love Failure Quotes 63
I never realize how the pain is to leave the loved one before you betray me
Love Failure Quotes 62
I can’t imagine my life without you dear, come back
Love Failure Quotes 61
Today I understood why people say that people often become good poets only after heartbreak.
Love Failure Quotes 60
The fear of losing goes away as soon as the attachment ends, be it wealth, life or love.
Love Failure Quotes 59
Couldn't even show it, couldn't hide it either. Couldn't even tell the one we were in love with.
Love Failure Quotes 58
I was mad, what is their fault because, the moment which was mine, I had given it to him. The story was mine, and the words had been given to him.
Love Failure Quotes 57
Seeing you today for the first time, I understood that some people after breaking their hearts sleep as if they have spent nights in jail.
Love Failure Quotes 56
Distances have increased so much and I, the lunatic, realized it after coming closer today.
Love Failure Quotes 55
There are scars on this heart and I am washing my clothes madly
Love Failure Quotes 54