Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Love Hate Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best love hate quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend


The best way to deal with the hate  is replace it to love. Don’t hate that you love someone if they don’t love  back.

Keep love them, and never love will it’s magic and they’ll change their mind. 

I don’t have time to hate people who hate me, because too busy loving the people who love me. 

So what is the difference between love and hate? Love is means positive feelings, whereas is hate is negative one. 

In its active forms love is creative and protective form, while inits active form, hate is destructive. Most often, individuals who love tend to show it in a active way. 

What is the meaning of love hate relationship? 

A love hate relationship is interpersonal relationship involving simultaneously or alternating emotions of love and hate something particularly common when emotions are intense.

Scientists studying the physical nature of hate found that some of the nervous circuits in the brain responsible for it are the same as those that are used during the feeling of romantic love-although love and hate appear to be polar opposite.

What is the thin line between love and hate?

They are worlds apart, and yet some argue there is the thin line, meaning you can dive between the two rather fast.  If you loved someone, you have high expectations for them.

Whenever they disappoint you, you feel more let down then you would if the person was someone you didn’t love you. 

Love and hate are similar is being directed toward another person because of who he or she is.

Despite this similarity, the two seem like polar opposite. Very often when we love someone, we want to them thrive. 

When we hate someone, we are more likely to wish they would suffer or at least change who they are.

The most obvious scenario in which you hate and love a person at the same time is one in which your love is not reciprocated. 

If you think you are basically a lovable person it can be hard to comprehend that someone you love might not love you.

If you lack confidence already, this will be further blow to your self esteem. If you have some self worth you may temporarily be fooled into thinking that the lack of reciprocation of love reveals a fundamental flaw in the other person.

Loving and hating at sometime.

Yes it is  definitely possible and indeed common. 

The fact is that both love and hate are the exact same thing ... an emotional reaction to a person who you are emotionally depend on for some reason. 

Actually we don’t hate the person we just hate the situation but focus that onto as the person hatred.

Hatred are hate is a emotion. It also often associated with feeling of anger, disgust and a disposition towards the source of hostility.

Love Hate Quotes

Love and hate are like shadows which can’t be separated, in the presence of light or life
Love Hate Quotes 27
Even God has to go through the Love Hate phenomenon of devotees
Love Hate Quotes 26
Hate is the roughage of the food called love.
Love Hate Quotes 25
Love and hate are omnipresent, as it is part of life.
Love Hate Quotes 25
Learn to accept hate in the same way we accept love
Love Hate Quotes 24
Love and hate are like the up and down tides of Life Ocean
Love Hate Quotes 23
Total faith in love can never hate as they are not ready to listen to words against love
Love Hate Quotes 21
Love the person and hate the act, not the person
Love Hate Quotes 20
Lovers hate is peculiar, they can say anything but can’t hear hate words from others.
Love Hate Quotes 19
Love can be converted to hate where there is lack of understanding.
Love Hate Quotes 18
I love you right now, so I cannot give you pain nor can I see you in pain, but from the day I started hating you, I will not be sorry
love hate quotes 17
Love me or hate me I don't care I will be same as always. If you love me you will get in return with double, If you hate you will get in return with double.
love hate quotes 16
Every time i think about my past, Memories brings back you and i hate it.
love hate quotes 15
love can never return love, love only returns pain.
love hate quotes 14
Some time miss feeling comes from within. It is like once you think about love someone and at the same time you feel cheated so hate. You can't decide about this.
love hate quotes 13
The only difference between love and hate is The battle of love is won by losing. The war of hatred is won and lost.
love hate quotes 12
Look at the power of this love, friends. The haters also started loving us.
love hate quotes 11
We wanted to conquer hate with love. But time has taught us to hate love.
love hate quotes 10
We kept on treating their hatred as love. And he kept on hating us out of love.
love hate quotes 9
Often seeing sadness, people say that one is madly in love. But no one knows that behind sadness is a sea of ​​sorrows.
love hate quotes 8
Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. We hate those whom we love.
love hate quotes 7
Often silences say a lot. Knowing the truth of words, people get angry.
love hate quotes 6
You are not even worthy of my hatred. The love that you did, with your heart.
love hate quotes 5
Hate is more powerful in the battle of love and hate. But the victory is always of love.
love hate quotes 4
Just afraid to meet you. Love you even today more than yourself.
love hate quotes 3
Betrayal in love taught such a lesson of life. That now the word love has become hate.
love hate quotes 2
I can't remember you, it can't happen. You remember me; I will not let this happen.
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