Best, Unique, And Romantic Love Messages For My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best love messages for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Love messages

Love cannot define in words. It is an eternal feeling or emotion between two souls. Love is what one feels for another person.

It shows an intense feeling of deep affection.                       

We can acronym Love as Living out Various Emotions. Because when love exists, it results into various emotions.

The emotions like compassion, empathy, selflessness, generosity, charity, sacrifice and list goes on. Love has no limits. Love has no rules.

The ancient Greek used 7 words to define the different states of love.

Storge: a natural affection, the love you share with your family.

Philia: the love that you have for friends.

Eros: sexual and erotic desire kind of love.

Agape: unconditional or divine love.

Ludus: playful love, like childish love or flirting.

Pragma: the long standing love that leads to marriage.

Philautia: the love of self.

The love you feel for your partner is not as the same as the love you feel for your mother.

Even the love for your partner changes in time. You feel different emotions for different situations and people.

How do you prove you love someone over text?

Words are agreements to express ideas or feelings. The meaning of words is not absolute; it is always a personal interpretation. T

he group of feelings associated with word “love” is difficult to understand. It is even more difficult to express to other person by face to face. 

Texting, people share their thoughts by sending & receiving messages.

A person can express their feeling and thoughts for a person by texting to them.

This makes more comfortable for both of them to express their feeling and thoughts.

Texting reduces the nervousness and creates more eagerness among both of them. Texting make both of them to share their thoughts without leaving anything untold.

With the best words and framing perfect sentences will make your a message more lively.

Some special word and phrases helps them to express what they feel each other.

A word & a message create an agreement and memories to both of them. These moments we can recollect on future by seeing those messages or thinking about it.

How do you make a woman feel loved?

Woman whom we can make her feel special by showing some love & affection to them.

By showing something to her she feels like many things had done to her. 

As a woman she expects some time for her and a prioritization for her.

As a woman simple appreciation makes her feel more confident. As a women acknowledge her. As a women nurture her. As a woman help her to change. As a woman compassionate her.

As a woman be openness and honesty to her. Showing these things to a woman she will be like flying in air and feel like princess for this universe. 

What is most romantic saying?

The most romantic saying for a men or a woman is to say how much they both love for them.

Tell them how much you feel for them. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how much you are happy for them.

Tell them about their bond and fond for them. At last shower her with small notes, show some care & more affection.

These things make a woman feel more loved and blessed.

Love Messages

I choose you because you make me calm, I choose you coz we are like the combination of bread and am.
love messages 25
No words enough to express my feelings, even my soul needs you for healing.
love messages 24
I love you coz you know my hidden tears and pain that's why I fall in love with you again and again.
love messages 23
I choose you because you make me smile, I choose you to go along with billions of mile.
love messages 22
I can't explain how much important You are, It's just like breathing how important air.
love messages 21
Just hold me tight ,Just kiss me wild want to feel your love, look at my eyes.
love messages 20
Love is the sweetness of emotions.
love messages 19
Your kisses are painkillers to me.
love messages 18
Love is not just a 'RELATIONSHIP' It's a 'RESPONSIBILITY' of one's heart and feelings.
love messages 17
Love only need to be true.Honesty, trust, respect, understanding will be automatically added to it.
love messages 16
Words can't express my feelings, I love you from the deep of my heart.
love messages 15
You are the lovely person, I found true love in you.
love messages 14
I want to be yours always, I feel a wonderful pleasure in your arms.
love messages 13
I want to stay in your heart always, It's a place where I feel a lovely affinity.
love messages 12
My heart wants you to come, It forgets to beat without you.
love messages 11
The thing in which I want to be an expert is " loving you ".
love messages 10
You brighten up my life, like a lamp in darkness. I love you.
love messages 9
You are the best gift for me. It's a pleasant feeling when I am with you.
love messages 8
My life is luxurious with you, I don't wanna have any other luxury.
love messages 7
The most fabulous moments are those in which you hold my hand in your hand.
love messages 6
Love failure only the lose of her but the sweet momerious can be like a enjoy and learn some beautiful pain.
love messages 5
When you said you love me,I thought you really love me , but the truth is you were lieing and playing with my emotions. You are gone but still I love you.
love messages 4
You are the most beautiful girl in the world so I can say to you .I really love u ,your life is very happly in the world .and you can achive your goals ,wish u happy birthday.
love messages 3
happy birthday to my sweet heart you born in the world for me and get my soul onto your body for all the generation and you may have ever beauty for me and the world.
love messages 2
I hope that you finally understand that I will love you until the end of my life because you are not just my boyfriend you are my world best friend.
love messages 1