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Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

love quotes

What is the best quotes for love? 

Loving someone is the greatest joy one could ever experience.

Sending love messages to show your love might be an ancient technique to show your love but it also is a pleasing method, if not it wouldn't be in the market till date.

Use our cute little love quotes best in your texts to your partner and make them blush and happy. Sending warm quotes will strengthen your love life and help it last longer. 

How do you express your feelings to someone you love?

Expressing your love for someone is the most important yet difficult one. But it needs to be done at some point to start a relationship.

There are so many ways in which we express or want to express our love for that one special person. It's not easy,yes.

Writer's block is a common event that takes place when one tries to draft a paragraph on telling about his or her feelings for that special someone.

Try something cheesy in your draft to make that amazing person smile. Take a chance using our beautiful love quotes heart touching to express your love.

Or you can also use our amazing love quotes romantic in your texts to your loved one to let him or her about your actual feelings towards them. 

What is the cutest love quote that you have ever found?

Sending cute quotes is the cutest thing we can do to impress our partner or the person we have fallen in love with.

Use our hand-picked Cute love quotes to end all your silly fights with your lover and make them smile despite your funny arguments. 

I hope all our sweet love quotes deep help you impress your special person and let them know how much you admire them. 

Best love quotes for my love

1. I need you to be the final individual on my mind when i go to rest at night and the primary individual on my mind when I wake up in the morning.

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2. Never think simply that you have won by cheating others since the individuals who were cheated were having a solid acceptance in your words and they were having solid confidence in you.

Love Quotes-2

3. Dear, Love isn't anticipating something from others. Its a giving heart to others. Love your family and companions

Love Quotes-3

4. don't love too much & do not expect too much bcoz it isn't essential that the individual your loving ought to love you the identical way ????

Love Quotes-4

5. If life was so easy. Where all the journeys are going to follow your dreams life is great, so it's only one go to enjoy.

Love Quotes-5

6. A life companion for both girls and boys is very important. Even if we have to pick a person who understands us and loves us.  

Love Quotes-6

7. When I see you smile, I don't love you because of what you look like. I love you because of what you have inside.

Love Quotes-7

8. Love isn't only about having a good wife, it's also about being a good one I've found you God has proved you love me a lot.

Love Quotes-8

9. If some one makes you to forget your past then that some one is probably your future so don't hate the people who loves you....

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10. Reading and composing a message alone would not serve to change your life. You have to work as you've heard to reach your aim and ambitions. Make the future brighter

Love Quotes-10

11. Love is an unpredictable emotion, and in reality, love is everything. The thoughts, loving is a wonderful feeling. Fall in love, you can see a beautiful future. 

Love Quotes-11

12. Hi Dear, I'm not going to end your scolding. You know why it's unique to get scolded out of our love heart.

Love Quotes-12

13. Love is a feeling that no one can describe by words. Love can bring magic in life. Heart will beat all of the world's toughest people. In the hearts of desperate people, this will bring fresh hope. Love is one and only medication to heal all concerns.

Love Quotes-13

14. We never have what we want, we never like what we still live, love and hope that someday we will get what we love or love what we have , that's life. Everything is uncertain. Have a good day.Love Quotes-14

15. Even for all your UPs and DOWNs, an optimistic outlook about your life is always seen and a good heart leads you to accomplishment.

Love Quotes-15

16. The beautiful sense of life is LOVE. LOVE is nature's bond. LOVE connects two mates together. So do not forget about' 'LOVE'

Love Quotes-16

17. As distant as we are from each other, so far. There is a thing inside me that will always remain is ur love and feeling. Loving U Lot.

Love Quotes-17

18. I still don't understand a thing, struggle, because of memory, I love doing that

Love Quotes-18

19. I love you for being truthful that u can't take and give the moon to prove how much you love me.but instead you carry me and we lie down on the lawn and stares the moon together.Love Quotes-19

20. What's love like??? It's not love to cut off your hands for someone to write his/her name. Love is an emotion. Love is the bond between two hearts that can never be broken at all.Love Quotes-20

21.Love is like a glass when you handle it with respect, it looks so pretty when you handle it carelessly, it looks like shattered glass bits.

22. If you love anyone, then it is not important for him/her to love you as well. Love can only fall

23. Love is the term that includes sugar sweetness... it can be used for many reasons, such as water flavored sugar, milk, etc. Love has sampled the universe.

24.Love is both sides that hold, support, exchange felling, and so on. Don't be wrong to give your love to one side, the time your love is a false act with the opposite and hurts so much.

25. Love enjoys challenges. Love has some difficulty to win, however. It's going to smash the doors It's going to turn even the slippery roads into the paths of triumph.

26.You've got a place right at the bottom of my heart....I'll never make you separate....the day without hearing your voice... It's a day of my own choosing... You're already aware that you are my life.

27. Love is Life Love is a human part of life without love because human beings can not exist because we evolve and live with love if we have enemies in our lives, please start loving them and spread the meaning of love to the world.

28.When I stopped thinking about how beautiful you look and I started seeing beauty within you, I knew I was in love.

29. Love is so lovely as one person that the person is most important to all.

30.You are the most valuable part of my life, and nothing will replace my affection towards you.
You are the most beautiful thing that God has sent me.


Victor zalki

2019-03-22 13:41:45

A thing i want to tell you but dont know how to express it. Every moment i feel the grace of the memories branched with your love. My heart beats for you just like the way sun rays embraces the earth



2019-03-22 13:41:56

Love is sweet love is blind, in this round world love is hard to find, for the sky is blue and the earth keeps turning to i know to my heart you will never find some one as sweet and true.



2019-03-22 13:41:58

Love is tender love is true when ever my heart skips a beat I think about you, miles and miles may keep us apart but no distance can divide the bond of our hearts , our hearts are connected by a vast ocean , but we can be together with a emotion called devotion. As I can see from my point of view I will always love honor and cherish you.


Nandan sharma

2019-03-22 13:42:26

You are my sunshine, you are my rainbow, i love the way you make me the feel so i will love you, with all i have today and for ever


Puja Jagtap

2019-03-22 13:45:04

We both may be miles apart, But, You are always in my heart, We may have a few words to say, But, your name makes it a special day, I love you and will always do, A person like you is rare in few I remember you each day and every night, With you around, everything is so bright, My love you will always be special to me There is nothing beyond I can see I love you, I agree!


Balla Naga Susmitha

2019-03-22 13:47:21

To be rich, is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart. Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you have been together, its all about how much you love each other everyday. Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer just dream of a better life; let it be the day you act upon it. True love is choosing the many things a person did right rather than the one thing he did wrong. True love does not keep the record of wrongs. No regrets just love. I love you.


Sikesh Kumar Meher

2019-03-22 13:49:44

No limit for the things when we love, this shows that we think of every thing with certain boundaries and with limited access towards that, here it explains us very clearly there is no limit and no boundaries when you love some things, if you love to be a social persons, then we should not think about the time and day to work for that , because it happens by the need of the other members at any given point of time in this world,Give your entire love you to do some thing, some times it takes us to good path, some times it leads to negative, but we should think about it is going to affect any one here, if that not happens that we can show our endless love towards that work and only at the end is success, success with love full of endless and limitless.



2019-03-22 13:50:36

No limit for the things when we love,this shows that we think of every thing with certain boundaries and with limited access towards that, here it explains us very clearly there is no limit and no boundaries when you love some things,if you love to be a social persons, give your entire love you to do some thing,some times it takes us to good path, some times it leads to negative ,but we should think about it is going to affect any one here,if that not happens that we can show our endless love towards that work and only at the end is success , success with love full of endless and limitless.


ankur dubey

2019-03-22 13:51:02

Love is a Dream for me and You are the Angel of my DREAM.I hope this dream gives me lots of happiness which i can forward to you.


Angel Mary

2019-03-22 13:51:56

love is an wonderful relation in the world between persons. Love is that make you strong. There is no conditions for the love, Love is unconditional. Love makes two people to know each other, they will not look back to the background of other one. Persons who love each other are always comfortable around them. These are very true i am always comfortable with you. I cant continue my life without you. Love You dear.


Ranu panchal

2019-03-22 13:55:50

It is very easy to say busy when some one need you but it very painful hear busy when you need someone.someone who very important in your life if you done give a time to them they may completely disappoint with you and your love.may be your mother and any family members and friends.


Saiyed minhaz

2019-03-22 13:56:38

Love does not happen for a short time love is always done for ever . Love is not forgotten due to easy access .



2019-03-22 14:02:13

Live your life. Life is a gift of God. Appreciate this gift of God. This gift is priceless. By doing good deeds you can make your life even more beautiful.


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:02:56

Everyone has a meaning to take birth. Give a reason to it that why you took birth. Something is there to done by you only which is not possible from millions. Believe in your self. And start finding reason behind your birth.


G C Mamatha

2019-03-22 14:03:13

Life exists to those who face dareness Happiness exists to those who cares to other person Love exists to those who love heartily Friendship exists to those who having a pure wisdom.


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:06:17

Life is nothing about what we learnt and what we are going to learn. When you seen back of your life you will get to know what are the storms you have passed. Always life is about to learning. It is an never ending process. Every time will gain something from life or else will learn something from it.


shaik jameela

2019-03-22 14:08:16

My dear love Anyone can catch your eye but a few one can see your heart I am the one . you are the first and last in my life for ever and ever. Nothing last forever please be my nothing.


Bojamma P B

2019-03-22 14:09:18

His Brain told you are my Wonder, Her Brain told you are my Blunder, Meanwhile both the hearts told we surrender, Love told brain to rest like a Dreamer, And Led hearts to share and care each other.


Saiyed minhaz

2019-03-22 14:10:12

Hello sweatheart , you are my love . You are my heart and you are my life . I am very happy with you .



2019-03-22 14:16:18

every day see for you that day is most wonderful day do not see that day was not special for anythink


Nouseen banu

2019-03-22 14:18:04

Lovely thought is always dedicated to my love. I know that love is very important for me. I know that without love,life is not happy. Now a days life is very happy for me. I know that love is very important for me. My love sms is always dedicated to her. She is very cute for me.


Manju k

2019-03-22 14:18:37

When I saw you I liked you...When I liked you i was pretending to say .. When I thought to say you was far away from me...As I was not not able to tell you when you came back.....Then i started doing my own job and started learning new things about you everyday. . And when it came to my resting I starting seeing you from that position where you you don,t see. The day when you started telling something new about you ...I liked it very much....



2019-03-22 14:19:32

Open your heart and let me in; lock the door and throw the key. I want to be locked always in your heart and please do it for me. Love you forever...


Yasmin Ali

2019-03-22 14:19:56

i fall for you day by day because you made me taste all wonders n pleasure of my life...and i cant explain that you mean alot to my heart than those three magical words....n yet i need to scream loud and say this world-I LOVE YOU....


Habebulla Maraicayar

2019-03-22 14:21:02

Roses not meant for love, It meant how the one proposed to whom. The colors shows your mind. That is love!!!



2019-03-22 14:21:40

Life $ love which plays very important role. Without love their is no is like a ocean how much we Increase our love to others it will Keep on growing.



2019-03-22 14:21:52

Love is expressing your affection . Love is laughing till you cry . Love is warm and comforting . Love is kissing her back . Love is the look that says it all . Love is tough on the outside , soft on the inside.