Best, Unique, And Romantic Love Sms For My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best love sms for your boyfriend/girlfriend


Where can I find my true love?

Love actually can not be found anywhere. It isn't something which can be easily pursued just like picking up a snack from the supermarket.

As the famous saying goes, love happens at the most unexpected time with the most unexpected person.

People who desperately need love should just relax and enjoy the time.

Let love do the rest, from finding the right person at the right time till the happily ever after. 

Why does love hurt?

Like said, love is the most beautiful feeling and the strongest emotion.

Everything in this world has two sides. Likewise, it gives you happiness and a feeling of security, that's the happy phase of love and also the most unbearable pain. Love hurts,a lot.

Such pains and hurts are actually the most important factors in building the relationship and in strengthening it. Love sms sad is a section with painful quotes.

Use them to send it to your lover to show how hurt you are and that they are the reason behind it. They might try harder to convince you and tell you how much they love you.

Whatever happens, it happens for good. You can also use love sms good night to show them that you are still mad and hurt but you also love them. 

Does missing someone mean you love them? Sometimes, missing someone could mean you love them. You can miss your parents and friends,whom you love, in a certain situation or under certain circumstances.

You miss only the person you have fallen in love with. Send love sms for gf to tell your girlfriend how much you love her, value her and miss her.

Also check out love sms for wife to send to that special woman in your life to show your love and affection, also that you miss her. 

How do you know if you're in love?

Love is the most beautiful feeling among all feelings capable by a human soul and body. Love can change and purify the souls of the lovers.

A person is able to love more than one person in his or her life. For instance, a person can love his or her mother and a friend but there is always that one special person.

Apart from all the feelings we hold towards others, there is this one amazing feeling reserved for that one special someone.

That feeling is different from every other feeling you possess.

That might show that you’re in love. Use our love sms romance to express your feelings to the person you consider as special .


Love Sms

You are my every heartbeat, every breath,You are a gift from god.
Love Sms 65
I don't say that I will bring you by breaking the moon and stars, just bring a smile with you when you come.
Love Sms 66
A stranger is getting special. I feel like i'm falling in love.
Love Sms 64
Everyone understands things, the companion should be such who understands the silence.
Love Sms 63
O God, give all happiness to that person who has given me a place in his heart.
Love Sms 62
You are a beautiful dream that I want to see every night.
Love Sms 61
I have only one heart and you are the queen of that heart.
Love Sms 60
Heart makes you angry again and again, Even your anger is cute.
Love Sms 59
I have only one life and that is too careless a lot.
Love Sms 58
Even after seeing you a thousand times, I feel like seeing you once more.
Love Sms 57
The one who brings happiness on the face just thinking about it, you are a sweet feeling.
Love Sms 56
If I don't talk to you, I am satisfied just by seeing your number in my contact list.
Love Sms 55
Your smile is like flowers, My God, you are my life.
Love Sms 54
I'm not the weather that changes, I'm the evening that comes back everyday.
Love Sms 53
Now I am getting lost in these nights, slowly slowly becoming yours
Love Sms 52
Without the journey, without the destination, still I want to walk a path with you.
Love Sms 51
My heart wants to follow your footsteps, walk around the world holding your hand
Love Sms 50
That much I do not see myself in the mirror as often as I see you in your DP.
Love Sms 49
You are the ray of light in my life when all my hopes were shattered.
Love Sms 48
Love is feeling hot in winter, Love is like a fanclub in summer.
Love Sms 47
I don't want a fairy tale, I want to make a life tale
Love Sms 46
You are my love, no one else has any right on me except you.
Love Sms 45
I need you, your love and your time.
Love Sms 44
Everything is available to be seen, only your face is not available to be seen.
Love Sms 43
We don't have to be like each other, we have to be there for each other.
Love Sms 42
Both of us do not have any disease, still I am your medicine and you are my medicine
Love Sms 41
There are only two things left in me, one soul and one you.
Love Sms  40