Love Sms - Page 3

Thoughts of you surround me, the love you give defines me, my life is no longer dark. I LOVE YOU
love sms 12
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you
love sms 11
Love is sweet when its new, its even sweeter when its true, and I found that truth only in you.
love sms 10
You are my high, you make my heart skip when I see you, and you are my forever addiction. I want to love you in a million ways.
love sms 9
Hearing your voice and seeing your smile , you stole my heart and I just went wild.
love sms 8
A million stars up in the sky,one shines bright, I cant stop showering my love towards you. I love you
love sms 7
You are a beautiful angel that keeps looking me high, If I miss you I will cry, your reply can make me feel the sky. I love you my beautiful
love sms 6
The wind whispers your name, the stars blink like your eyes, the clouds spread love like your heart and when I miss you I will pour tears like rain. I love you to the moon and back
love sms 5
You are the sun shine of my day and the moon that shimmers in my night. You complete me darling. I love you
love sms 4
"Everyday I would love you a way better then yesterday" this is a promise to myself. Love you my sweetheart
love sms 3
My eyes that see you, my fingers that touch you, my ears that listen you are the most luckiest in the world. I am gifted to have you in my arms and hold you in my hands.
love sms 2
You are my everyday's coffee, the coffee that gives me energy and makes me addicted. Love you my love.
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