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Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best moving on quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Moving on quotes

When everything started to cross it's limits then keep calm and move on. Moving on is the only solution for relaxing from that sort of problem.

What is moving on?

Moving on is something which it deals with both physical and mental.

Which it keep on revolve around us. Because our mind will understand everything but it fails to prove our heart that it is a temporary one.

The only hope is moving on which it gives some relaxation for soul and mind.

"No one can understand how much I feel when you leave me and my soul is getting ready to move on".

Moving on is the easiest job but with a heavy heart means a lot. It is easy to move on to the next level but it is not easy to live with a heavy heart.

Moving on is literally escaping from a person without a state of mind .These moving on idea was influenced by some of our friends only.

Because they may be gone through a different sort of relationship but what they will pretend is showing off that relationship is always having a fight and suspicious thoughts.

By seeing this all fights and everything we people usually adopt that thing in mind and create our thoughts about it and it will decide at moving on.

Decision of moving on in a relationship

After sometime people in relationship started to hate the other without opening up about what they think.

As time goes on they start to fight for silly reasons others might think this is not that much of a problem to bother but they used react in a weird way.

This creates a space between them and after some days this space turns into a gap which at the end they decide that leaving and moving on is correct.

It is Hard to  Leave u That's why I left u And moving on.

Some say that moving on will be a good decision for both but that's the solution, that is the reason for all the worst feelings again and again.

When they were together no one notices and ask about the other person but after moving on from the relationship they used to enquire about the other, it hurts the most.

All those things and places reminds the separation of them.

Which might change their mind that moving is not the right decision.

Moving on is a good idea?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes always stands for their togetherness again, while "no" stands for moving on and separation.

Good idea won't come from people but it always comes from our own experiences. Because everyone had their own sort problems which are different from others .

For them moving on will the best due to their parents and family situations. But 

Togetherness plays a major role, we used to decide things in our hardships but all those pathetic fallacy will be vanished after the survival from the problem.

No always has a negative opinion because at times we need to answer questions no. Because life is a question paper and we have to answer it in a perfect way.

We damn sure that no comes only we don't want something. But we can't simply decide about the relationship because we used to spend time with them , exchanging gifts and all will happen .

But all these will shattered our heart into pieces and it makes our mind to move on.

When we Hate someone All Those Good deeds Will become Worst in Front of us. And Moving on Comes there. Life has To move on.


baby sirisha

2019-06-20 13:26:52

If a bad happens in your life. don't stop their learn the lesson from the bad and move on. Don't repeat the same mistake in life.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-24 11:47:35

Moving on even after great loss is very important for everyone. Day changes nights changes so everything is moving you can't stay at any one point go ahead and catch best whatever is available.



2019-12-21 13:24:18

Love makes us complete and happy, but sometimes love also brings hurt and failure, we have to move on every failure. And have to get up and fight again, fall in love again, we have to manage failures and be thankful and enjoy our whole life without any regrets. Moving on makes us more happy and suitable life.


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-09 07:37:49

Love is all about trust; If you made it, you will take rest, If you break it, life becomes worst, If you always have to beg others for justice on your side, Then a little bit harder fight with your heart to say that you are done with him/her.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-02-22 08:03:32

Think about future, Think about your life, Think about your goal, Live in the present, Accept the all the challenges in the life. Forget about all the past. Learn from past. Just move on in your life.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-04 20:36:25

If you decided to end up your love and move on, Just do it, Do not wait further or do not look the same love from another. Just move on.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-09 23:59:34

If you are decided to move on. Just move on. once decided please do not change your decision.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-17 20:38:43

The hardest decision in life is to wait for someone or to move on with their memories.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-17 20:41:43

After months of crying and dying inside every night, one day you wake up and feel nothing, it takes months and years but yes we do move on.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-18 20:32:26

You will find peace when you decide to move on from the same pain and the same person.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-19 14:59:47

Stop struggling so hard to hold on to them, instead, choose to hold on to yourself. You are far more precious to be wasted on someone who does not see your real worth. Your self respect is important than them.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-19 23:58:53

Moving on is a little word that contains most powerful pain for entire life.


Ketaki Thorat

2021-03-22 23:37:23

One day you will forget this pain. One day your heart won't hurt when you think of him. One day you will get the love you deserved. One day you will be happy again. It's not long before that happens. trust the process.


Jakshil Vekariya

2021-04-22 15:25:33

" By one mistake of someone you can't consider them character, if you love them then you should make them your strength."


Natasha Rokade

2021-05-14 12:10:45

Now I approach things like, If you want me you earn me. It is actually an HONOR to be with me in my life..!!



2021-05-17 20:51:36

If you live to love, you will love to live.


Jaya Jothi

2021-05-21 08:51:59

"The problems will be there in every one's life at thick and thin situations, Having a hope, and move on to the next step of success."


Londhe swati

2021-05-22 06:29:25

Love makes us complete and happy, but sometimes love also brings hurt and failure, we have to move on every failure. And have to get up and fight again, fall in love again, we have to manage failures and be thankful and enjoy our whole life without any regrets. Moving on makes us more happy and suitable life.


Sonia Joshi

2021-05-24 13:08:41

It's hard to move on because deep down in heart we still have hope that things will change.


Nikhita kumari

2021-05-25 21:33:57

Its very hard to move on easily, but you have to. Being stuck in a relationship where you are feeling pain more than love, its not good!


Sonia Joshi

2021-05-26 19:54:22

Accepting what happened is the first step of moving ahead.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:09:55

Delete it strictly right now. I know you would be suffocated for some days by not seeing those memories in front of you. May be you even get desperate to contact them. But believe me, they have already gone, now seeing their photos is worthless. You are burning yourself. And it's not going to help you out good in any way. Burn out those memories and create new memories. Start a new life. Eat well, sleep well. Chill-ax. Nothing is gone. I understand the pain but, prioritize yourself first. Your sleep is more important than thinking about them who may be having a good sleep without you just now.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:16:44

Let them settle for other. Give them space they need. Give them freedom. Don't think about them then. Don't care about them then. Because a forceful relationship will kill you only at the end. It's better to stay alone and happy or either select the one who is ready to give you back the same or more love, the care, the constant efforts you give them. Because the ultimate truth is nothing can be forceful in this world and if it's forceful, it's never going to be real.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:29:16

Don't be with someone who changes their mind now and then not to be with you in different situations. Relationships are not giving up all the time. The real relationships has efforts of sorting out the things from both the sides because they know value of each other. They know they need each other and some situations can't ruin the bond between them.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:31:59

There's a satisfaction in my heart that you can't hold someone or somethings forcefully. Let it go, let it free and cheer with whatever you have right now. Life means a short trip that we are living and a trip is always filled with adventures, learnings and experiences. So, that's it.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:38:07

You can't make someone realize your importance until you realize your own. Start focusing on yourself first. Straight away leave the people who don't give a damn to you. When you will stop giving them all the importance and just be in zero contact. They may realize your importance someday by missing all that love, care and attention you were pouring for them. But, they always took it for granted and may come back eventually. In case, even if they don't realize anything. Nothing would be wrong. At least you kept your self-respect over that fake person and saved yourself from more future hurts. Let me clear you there is a very thin line recognizing the difference between ego and self-respect. Always, choose wisely being sure it's your self-respect only. People always get confused about it and mess it up.


Sameera Patnaik

2021-05-29 23:42:45

Detachment doesn't happen overnight. Obviously, it takes pain and sufferings because it's getting hard to digest the bitter truth. Everything is processing in you. So, let it process. Let it go and always choose yourself over your thoughts. Our inside thoughts are the reflection of our outside state. Divert and keep changing your thoughts to welcome healing.