Best, Unique, And Romantic One Sided Love Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best one sided love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

one sided love quotes

One side love has a true emotion.

What is one sided love?

One side love is a wonderful feeling because it doesn't have any commitments and all.

No need of worrying and fighting, those things won't happen in one side love. This feeling has its own feelings and hurtings. We used to get hurt when we saw the person with someone else.

One sided love is the best feeling for a person whom we like and we love them. We no need of change ourselves for the person whom we love one sided.

One sided love is nothing but loving a person without the other person's knowledge. Going crazy for that person without their perception.

Everything that is needed in one sided love is just a few seconds of eye contact with that person.

Depressions in one sided love

One sided love has its own consequences also.

Loving someone deeply and passionately is good but when we don't have any guts to confess them makes you depressed not only this incident.Every single happening can make you depressed.

We love them with all our heart and mind but we got hurt when we see them with anyone it is not their fault. Because the other person has their own goals and thoughts.

We might have a little possessive on them. Depression plays a big deal in one sided love, we don't have any guts to tell the other person that we got hurt for their behavior and so on.

Things should not do in one sided love

The thing is that we can love them to the moon and back but we shouldn't expect the same from the other person.

We shouldn't make them feel awkward in the name of love.

We shouldn't torture them to love you back.

You have the right to express your love on the other. But it should not screw up their respect and all.

Before confessing your love you should not tell everyone. That you have feelings for that person. Because it might affect you and the other. You can take the blame for loving him/her. But the other person shouldn't get hurt and get a bad name because of you.

Collection of One Sided Love Quotes

One Sided Love Quotes

Loving someone is a deep feeling that can’t be explained, but letting it stay one sided required explanations to yourself when it’s already late.
One Sided Love Quotes 45
Don’t let your love disappear one day by keeping it one sided.
One Sided Love Quotes 44
Don’t lose yourself by waiting for whole life, rather go and confess your feelings.
One Sided Love Quotes 43
One sided love will one day break your heart so it’s better to take precautions now by expressing.
One Sided Love Quotes 42
One sided love is having half memories that could be completed only if you would have guts.
One Sided Love Quotes 41
Simple way to end one sided love is simply by making her realise how much you love her.
One Sided Love Quotes 40
It will hurt more when one day you will realise that your one sided love remained one sided while someone else got him.
One Sided Love Quotes 39
One sided love is true and pure, and it gets more pure with time.
One Sided Love Quotes 38
One sided love is full of sufferings always so don’t suffer.
One Sided Love Quotes 37
It’s easy to keep someone in your heart, be bold enough to get your love in your arms.
One Sided Love Quotes 36
One sided love is like waiting for someone eagerly for the whole life while that person doesn’t even knows it.
One Sided Love Quotes 35
True meaning of falling in one sided love is when you are scared to admit and confess.
One Sided Love Quotes 34
Looking at your crush and smiling makes your day positive, even if it’s one sided.
One Sided Love Quotes 33
One sided loves gives you a smile just by looking the person you love, no matter you get nothing in return.
One Sided Love Quotes 32
One sided love is as similar as an empty book without a story.
One Sided Love Quotes 31
Ending of one sided love always stays endless and incomplete.
One Sided Love Quotes 30
There are no commitments in one sided love that results in no worries at all.
One Sided Love Quotes 29
Heart is precious, giving it to someone and not getting back theirs will leave you heartless in one sided love.
One Sided Love Quotes 28
One sided love is full of emotions, you have your heart to someone who doesn’t even know it.
One Sided Love Quotes 27
Don’t assume whether you will get live in return or not, try to confess and don’t let it stay one sided
One Sided Love Quotes 26
Loving someone is a beautiful feeling but letting it stay one sided is being coward.
One Sided Love Quotes 25
One sided love lacks confession, have confidence within yourself and go for it.
One Sided Love Quotes 24
One sided love can become full of guilts at one point of life so it’s better to confess before it’s too late.
One Sided Love Quotes 23
Be bold enough to tell the person you love otherwise love remains one sided forever.
One Sided Love Quotes 22
Loving someone unconditionally without them loving you back can only be done by people with strong heart.
One Sided Love Quotes 21
One sided love can be amazing and dangerous at the same time.
One Sided Love Quotes 20
One sided love never ends, it stays forever within.
One Sided Love Quotes 19