Best, Unique, And Romantic Proposal Quotes For My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - Best proposal quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Proposal Quotes

"The best thing I did in these years is confessing my love to you."

What is called the proposal?

The proposal is something that we wish someone that we love him/her. Actually proposal is an offer for someone to marry you Or we can consider that we need the attention of someone whom we love.

Proposal refers to an offer for someone or something. Proposal is important if it comes to a person or anything.

When you have a guts to express your love is also known as a proposal. It doesn't need the other person's reply, it is just enough that you have proposed the other person.

"At last, I found my minded person as my love, so I am here to let you know that I need you more than anyone in this world, I want to be with you, my dear love."

How to propose?

We can express our love to the person whom we love. You can write a letter to the person whom you love. If you have enough guts you can tell them that you love him/her.

But if you don't have it then go with a letter, one main thing is that you have to prove that you love them. You have to make them feel your true love from your words.

If words are not enough then express to the person face to face. No matter how you look, your words matter a lot during the proposal. You can propose the person with some gifts which you can afford to give him/her. Words are needed because gifts can be lost but words won't.

"I don't know why my life becomes this beautiful after I see you, I need you, my dear girlfriend."

Surprises while proposing

The surprise is a need in the relationship because it gives you pleasure in your heart and mind. You can surprise him/her with ring and gifts. If she is a girl then go with flowers and teddies.

Nowadays girls don't need chocolates because they want to end their surprise by having chocolates.

So first make sure the situation which will be right for proposing. Because time and place matters a lot, be careful while you choose the location.

Then be sure that you never spoil his/her good mood. First, clearly plan everything, if it is not going by plan then get ready to hand let plan B.

Sometimes one wants to propose you but not able to do this because of refusal fear. But if you love someone than without any fear you can propose that guy.


How you propose to someone is very important. There are chances of rejection. So be ready for anything and enjoy proposing to your beloved one.


When in starting yoy like someone but yet not have proposed anyone. So it is very important to proposed someone whom you like very smartly.


I promise to love you forever and want to have you in my life forever i will keep you happy always and cherish you more than me please come in my life will you marry me.


Never ever reject a proposal, who knows may your perfect partner will be that person only.