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Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best relationship quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Relationships quotes

What is all about in a relationship?

The relationship is nothing but it is about commitments and remembering certain things. It is all about love, affection and caring for a third person as their own people. And it plays a vital role in everyone's life.

Relationships always need support and attention towards the other person. To maintain a long term relationship it should have understandings and clarifying techniques to avoid arguments. 

What is the long-distance relationship?

Nowadays being in a relationship is a common one. Some people are able to see their loved ones often but this long-distance relationship is the worst one. They used to meet their beloved once or twice a month.

Here they have a good understanding between them because they won't often meet and they won't try to impress the other by losing themselves. 

What is a cute relationship?

Cute relationship is always cool as a cucumber. They won't fight often even though they fight, it ends in a cute possessive way. Buying the same color dresses and loving all the flaws. These are some cute relationship stuff. 

Why do they call their relationship as a sad one?

Some people used to blame themselves as unlucky ones in a relationship because they won't listen to the other's opinion. They won't give space to explain what happened and why he/she is behaving weirdly. Simply they accuse the other so they used to call relationships as a sad one. 

Why some people are acting funny in their relationship? 

Some people act funny because they won't look at the problem but they look for solutions. They make fun of others, they used to behave as close friends and doing all the stuff with their beloved. These types of people are always funny about their relationship. 

Relationship Quotes

You can't imagine how much I think of you
Relationship quotes 86
Never put someone's habit in your life because when that habit is lost then it becomes difficult to live.
Relationship quotes 85
Have so much faith in your relationship that what was mine will no longer belong to anyone else.
Relationship quotes 84
Keep hope in the relationship so much that the hope breaks but the relationship remains intact
Relationship quotes 83
Stay so close that there is love in the relationship and stay so far away that you wait for it to come
Relationship quotes 82
Relationships are just a feeling for the one who loves, but for the one who loves from the heart, the relationship is peaceful.
Relationship quotes 81
It is not easy to stay away from you, I love you, only then I wait for you
Relationship quotes 80
Don't know when and where you met me, but after meeting you, I found whole world
Relationship quotes 79
Sometimes there is no hope of meeting the relations of the heart, yet there is a desire in the heart to meet them
Relationship quotes 78
Many times, I ask for forgiveness even when I am not at fault because I am afraid that my loved ones may leave me
Relationship quotes 77
It is better if some things remain incomplete, because when the things are completed, the relationship breaks down
Relationship quotes 76
It is necessary to appreciate the relationships, after separation the picture does not make up for all the shortcomings
Relationship quotes 75
Relationship should be with heart not with words, displeasure should be with words not with relations
Relationship quotes 74
Take care of those relation who come from the heart and protect yourself from those relation who come from the heart
Relationship quotes 73
Some relationships end even due to doubt, it is not always the fault of the mistakes.
Relationship quotes 72
Keep taking news, on some pretext or the other, the relationship becomes stronger by coming to you
Relationship quotes 71
If a relationship is to be maintained, then it is necessary to meet, even plants dry up if you forget to apply characters like this.
Relationship quotes 70
There is no competition between respect and love, but if you have to choose one of these in a relationship, choose only respect
Relationship quotes 69
It is a small thing but it is necessary to say, life is mine but it is necessary to be with you.
Relationship quotes 68
Being angry with someone in any relationship is only so much that he realizes his mistake and your lack, not so much that he learns to live without you
Relationship quotes 67
I know you hurt me, but I don't know why this heart still loves you
Relationship quotes 66
The person who really loves you will never leave you, he may have a thousand reasons to go away, he will find a reason to be with you
Relationship quotes 65
End those relations which give you pain, there will be pain in the beginning but respect yourself and move on
Relationship quotes 64
I am afraid of losing my loved ones, but sometimes I ask myself is there anyone who is afraid of losing me too?
Relationship quotes 63
Bend down completely for the relationship but save your self-respect before saving the relationship.
Relationship quotes 62
Come on, let me go, what will you do? You will not understand the silence after listening to the squad, and I will not be able to say anything
Relationship quotes 61
Give time to a relationship so that every moment spent with you brings a smile on their face
Relationship quotes 60