Best, Unique, And Romantic Quotes To My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - romantic quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Romantic Quotes

Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe. When we get love from the right women or men, certainly we are lucky enough to live. Being romantic is not intentional, it is an expression of love in a simple and precious way too.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride” – Pablo Neruda.

How to be romantic?

Romance is not a huge thing. A simple message, a hug, caring and giving a warm feel is called being romantic. It requires neither money nor too much time to be romantic. An act that makes your partner smile is meant to be romantic.

Romanticism is all about being kind and empathetic. Looking deep into someone’s eyes and understanding their needs is also a kind of romance only.

“I still get butterflies even though I have been with you a hundred times.”

Romantic quotes for husband

The best way to be romantic with your husband is saying yes to him when he asks you something. Romance is not holding him always near you, so let him go to the outing with his friends too. Along with his lunch or dinner, leave a romantic love notes

Make his favorite food often. Watch his choice of TV show with him even though when you don’t like it. Treat your husband like a king, because he is definitely your king!

Often send him some romantic quotes too.

“I know am in love with you because I see the world in your eyes and your eyes everywhere in the world.”

Romantic quotes for wife

The expectation of a wife is simply a caring message from her husband. Send a good morning message to make her day brighter. Never miss to give her a morning kiss and goodbye kiss.

Spend at least one day in a week with her. Go outing with her, shop her favorite color dress, cook her favorite meal and keep her away from stress. If she is the mother of your kids, never forget to tell her, only she can be the best mother ever.

Say her, you are a proud husband. Nothing more matters her than hearing such lovable words

“Ever since I've I met you, I find myself smiling for no reason when simply looking at you. Your beauty, strength, and love fill me with happiness.” 

Romantic Quotes

This divine relation of our soul, is so untouched and pure that no matter where we are the universe will bring us together eventually.
Romantic Quotes 45
I savor your glory and love you ever so tenaciously, my heart burns ablaze in this sweet pain and misery
Romantic Quotes 44
If it's true and it's real it doesn't matter if the world says it wrong, I don't want to be right.
Romantic Quotes 43
Our love is like a carefree bird filled with freedom and love, one that has the heart of gold.
Romantic Quotes 42
A promise of love brings our hearts together, trust makes it concrete, the care makes it tender and it will stay unconditional and free.
Romantic Quotes 41
The past has spoken many love stories for ages and I'd say that our love speaks a thousand more.
Romantic Quotes 40
Nothing is ever impossible when this heart sings the song of love, and the breath of life and hope makes it all the more worthy.
Romantic Quotes 39
I can walk through hell and back, just I need to have your hand in mine and walk it all.
Romantic Quotes 38
Nothing lasts forever they say, but the universe will brings us together to complete our forever for eternity.
Romantic Quotes 37
Everyone believes in love at first sight, but you were my first and I want you to be the last sight I see.
Romantic Quotes 36
You painted my world with colors so joyfully, my heart dances in love with your symphony.
Romantic Quotes 35
Nothing compares to the desire of us igniting our love, keeping it steady while the world is against us.
Romantic Quotes 34
We see the same night sky and think we're near, the earth binds us and keeps us together like a promise.
Romantic Quotes 33
You're the poem in my poetry, written for the love of it to keep the promise and forever remain in history.
Romantic Quotes 32
I can shoulder all that weighs me down, if you just take my hand and I'm all yours to keep.
Romantic Quotes 31
Distance doesn't matter when I have you beside me, even in a warzone I can fight with no weapon.
Romantic Quotes 30
You came to me like a ray of sunshine, like the hope that one needs.
Romantic Quotes 29
You're the rain that my heart craves washing away the pain it felt drenching it with care.
Romantic Quotes 28
Our love stands strong like the remnants of the past, built with emotions and a lot of courage.
Romantic Quotes 27
You're the sunset to my lilac sky, beautifully imperfect.
Romantic Quotes 26
Your love flows in me like a calm river, unconditional and true.
Romantic Quotes 25
Intoxicated with your love, I drink it like ecstasy.
Romantic Quotes 24
My body remembers your touch like a memory, sober and free.
Romantic Quotes 23
With every breath I take I'm one step closer to you, feelings have a meaning and that's all for you.
Romantic Quotes 22
It's a cruel world and you were the hand I could hold and conquer the world.
Romantic Quotes 21
In a world full of chaos you were calm and serene for me.
Romantic Quotes 20
When our hearts collided it was deeper than the ocean, a love so carefree.
Romantic Quotes 19