Romantic Quotes

Best, Unique, And Romantic Quotes To My Love

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - romantic quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Romantic Quotes

Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe. When we get love from the right women or men, certainly we are lucky enough to live. Being romantic is not intentional, it is an expression of love in a simple and precious way too.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride” – Pablo Neruda.

How to be romantic?

Romance is not a huge thing. A simple message, a hug, caring and giving a warm feel is called being romantic. It requires neither money nor too much time to be romantic. An act that makes your partner smile is meant to be romantic.

Romanticism is all about being kind and empathetic. Looking deep into someone’s eyes and understanding their needs is also a kind of romance only.

“I still get butterflies even though I have been with you a hundred times.”

Romantic quotes for husband

The best way to be romantic with your husband is saying yes to him when he asks you something. Romance is not holding him always near you, so let him go to the outing with his friends too. Along with his lunch or dinner, leave a romantic love notes

Make his favorite food often. Watch his choice of TV show with him even though when you don’t like it. Treat your husband like a king, because he is definitely your king!

Often send him some romantic quotes too.

“I know am in love with you because I see the world in your eyes and your eyes everywhere in the world.”

Romantic quotes for wife

The expectation of a wife is simply a caring message from her husband. Send a good morning message to make her day brighter. Never miss to give her a morning kiss and goodbye kiss.

Spend at least one day in a week with her. Go outing with her, shop her favorite color dress, cook her favorite meal and keep her away from stress. If she is the mother of your kids, never forget to tell her, only she can be the best mother ever.

Say her, you are a proud husband. Nothing more matters her than hearing such lovable words

“Ever since I've I met you, I find myself smiling for no reason when simply looking at you. Your beauty, strength, and love fill me with happiness.” 


Nisha Purushothaman

2019-03-22 14:18:59

Love is a warm and blissful feeling. Its Gods gift to cherish and respect. It should be treasured in our heart and I am treasuring ours. The love of my life will always you and no matter how hard our times ahead goes, I promise to stand beside you and love you the same always. Our journey has been set together for life and my love for you is also strong and powerful like our relationship.


Arushi Arun

2019-03-22 14:20:11

Your eyes twinkle like the stars in the vast sky, the wind caught in your hair, laughter like sunshine, skin as soft as the smooth rose petal. You make me feel alive each day, there is happiness and joy and every second with you seems an adventure. i never knew that a person could inspire so much of love in my heart that it feels as if my heart would explode and the whole universe would overflow with the love i have for you. You complete me.


Prashant Chavan

2019-03-22 14:33:06

I was like an unknown entity until I saw you for the first moment. I thought we have met before, we know each other, my heart intended to talk to to you, spend a time with you and I had all of those with you. I just wanna say thank you for being an precious element of my life and making my future brighter.


Prashant Guha

2019-03-22 14:37:46

If there is a Calamity that strikes the earth and all the living things are transformed into dead, there would still be an heart which would continue to beat until it is reunited with the love of its life, which is you. Sometimes I seem to get a heartburn, which is the result of my heart intensely craving for your love with the flames of passion.


Hisana P K

2019-03-22 14:38:11

Hello dear, The blossom in the coral tree of east has a wonderful red colour. It is the color of our romance. Because under it we walk and stand by holding our hands. When i walked today near to it a flower of it fall in to me it has the smell of you. Its red colour was not more beautiful than your lips. But was like our romance.



2019-03-22 14:43:34

Do u know the difference between bee and black bee. Black bee is the lover of flower but bee is the own husband of flower.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-03-22 14:43:56

I am in deep love with you and not going to forget time we spend togather and still we love each other.If we can't meet but we are missing our all the moment of life .If there is a heaven on earth it is whit you only .I am dying everyday to meet you and want to say something to you .



2019-03-22 14:45:20

Hold me like i am the last person you want in your arms, Look at me like i am the only person exist in whole world. Kiss me like its going to be the last kiss you are ever going to taste. Hug me like you want me forever but most of among all love me like i am the person whom you always dreamed off.


Ankit Kumar Verma

2019-03-22 14:46:51

dreaming or doing is a choice that will mean the difference between failure or success . very very happy and sweet good morning & have a nice day love uh always my love.



2019-03-22 14:48:54

A true love couple , are trust and understand the our love partner feeling without speak . True lover every feelings are share to each other .



2019-03-22 14:52:15

I really love for your true love feelings , I want to see your smile every time for you face , i love you my heart , my love .


Hisana P K

2019-03-22 14:53:44

When i was walking under apple trees in raws, i saw the most ripened red apple had been eaten by a little bird. That made me think with romance that, the mostly sweet and ripened fruits are always being ate by those who deserve it. That is why you allowed me to have a pinch of sugar from your lips. Is it my love?.


B Kishore

2019-03-22 14:59:10

sea is full of water, sky is full of stars,life is full of troubles,but my heart is full of you my sweet heart....


manish lodhi

2019-03-22 15:02:32

when i was small my love was chocolate but now my love is you my sweetheart because you are same as sweet like chocolate.



2019-03-22 15:05:28

A nervous bride groom replied to his wedding toast saying "I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart upto my wife's bottom."


chinchu varghese T

2019-03-22 15:09:50

My past says you met me.My future says you will always with me.My dream says you care for me.But my heart says you are born for me.Be with me sweet heart forever.



2019-03-22 15:12:16

My dear sweet heart, Please never break my heart. When I see you first time that day I fall in love and till date I love you very much,


Kritika chowdhury

2019-03-22 15:33:35

Like an addiction, I can’t live without you. Like a persistent fever, you make me shake all over. Your love I cannot live without
..please be mine forever. I love you!


Saiyed minhaz

2019-03-22 15:33:39

Hello sweatheart , you are my lovely and caring wife . I am sorry to say today i am not coming because of meeting . Love you


Rajendraprasad pedduri

2019-03-22 15:49:02

my dear wife now every day i spend with you why know can guess cant guess i know because the new best day will came for me and that's has waiting for me till i love you


abhijeet rangrao divase

2019-03-22 15:53:25

You are my last wish before i go to bed at night and my first wish when i wake up in the morning, the difference between first and last wish is that, in last wish i dont want to leave you till i wake up and in first wish i want to leave with you till i go to bed.


Raghavendra kumar G N

2019-03-22 16:03:11

No limit for the things when we love,this shows that we think of every thing with certain boundaries and with limited access towards that,here it explains us very clearly there is no limit and no boundaries when you love some things,if you love to be a social person, then we should not think about the time and day to work for that, because it happens by the need of the other members at any given point of time in this wild, every field is accepted by some one,


Dolly thakur

2019-03-22 16:06:47

You are my prized possession.Life is complete with you my sweetheart.God has given me precious gift that is you.My love for you is as deep as ocean,as vast as universe,and as pure as fire.Be by my side always.We are born to create history as other love birds.I love you to the moon.Always be smiling and happy.Your smile makes me feel elated.



2019-04-03 16:48:50

The romance is a very spontaneous and instantaneous aspect and when it start in the life is never known. The romance with the woman leads to a very serious affair and we will have lots of excitements. The romance bring back our lost artistic and imaginary attitude and we will have lots of happier moments.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-21 22:26:43

When you observe couples behavior in open place like garden or cinema hall some they are very romantic and enjoying movie like anything with wife.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-23 07:54:44

It is very important for every single person to love someone. Love is life. You love me too much and I also love you. Let's celebrate our relationship and enjoy life with warm togetherness.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-27 16:08:36

Romance is in air it is very nice to love someone and enjoy life with him or her. It is a great pleasure to have someone like you in my life.