Unique And Heart Wrenching Sad Love Quotes

Whether its breakup or its a happy relationship love is sweet - best sad love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Sad Love Quotes

In love, a person can experience many magical moments they never come across in their life. While experiencing these kinds of emotion for the first time it shakes a person with a strong bond & feeling.

That feel gives a new kind of power to a human. They feel like they have achieved something more precious in their lifetime.

Each person celebrates & cherishes their love & feel with a heartfelt of joy & happiness. 

While celebrating their love, when there come some sort of sad issues. That is the point where a person breaks down. Sad cannot define within one single reason there might be many reasons.

As a couple when the other one had expired, there comes a serious breakdown for the other one.

Reasons causing sad might be some sort of family, personal, career or settlement issue.

In love, a couple can accept & do whatever their partner needs. Both are in the position to do sacrifice for one another. But they can’t scarify their love for any reason.

If they are in the position to sacrifice their love means that is the moment a person fell.

They can’t even accept the fact that another one is going to leave them. It’s like separating their souls from their bodies.

What are some sad quotes?

When a person attains the saddest part in the love life is the most crucial thing for a human.

They can’t even accept the situation. The loss or separation of a most loved one is the most critical thing that happens in a person’s life.

Love is eternal as well as the person who we love is priceless & precious.

Missing the precious one is a heavy loss for a person.

The love, care, affection shown by them can’t regain. The position & state of our beloved one can’t be replaced by others.

Why a person feels on sad quotes?

When our beloved one is not with us or not exists anymore in this world.

There creates a vacuum in a person’s life.

Loneliness kills. Becoming engaged the vacuum can fill up with good memories & happy moments you cherish.

People should start to live and run their life with good memories.

The vacuum can’t filled by others. Rather the person alone can change the present scenario. Realizing the reality should start to live for the family’s happiness & future.

What is the saddest quote in this world?

When we realize the reality and the person we love not exist is the saddest part of life.

Thinking about them & recollecting memories console us and give hope that they are with us.

Sad Love Quotes

Dont lose the moon by counting the stars, be wise and choose the right person before falling in love.
sad love quotes 35
Breakups aren't only meant for makeups, sometimes relationships end in order for you to wake up
sad love quotes 34
Gone is gone. Happened is happened. Few people come into our life only to give lessons and not to stay forever. God will give what you deserve. Stay strong and move on
sad love quotes 33
You are my first love and of course the last love too. I have no heart to break once more.
sad love quotes 32
Its hard for the heart to accept what mind already knows. Don't waste time with past start spending time with yourself. you will love everything
sad love quotes 31
Blissful recollections of affection will continue to return It harms when the individual who gained these experiences
Sad love quotes 30
Cherishing somebody who doesn't comprehend the worth of adoration Just leave feeling hurt and protect your heart from that aggravation
Sad love quotes 29
Allow spirit to grin through my heart and My heart grin through my eyes, It might dissipate rich grins in miserable hearts
Sad love quotes 28
Be an unusual heart, miserable actual nature, Straightforwardness as variants do, For tears never brought solace
Sad love quotes 27
The reality that the heart would rather not feel, Doesn’t discredit the conviction that it once felt
Sad love quotes 26
The depression feels when I am distant from everyone Else is superior to the bitterness feel when I am with you
Sad love quotes 25
Try not to let the scars on your heart Portray the manner in which you love
Sad love quotes 24
The affection knows not its own profundity That how powerful it is until the hour of partition
Sad love quotes 23
First when you enter my life with innovation But the sense of leaving left me with sadness
Sad love quotes 22
Becoming hopelessly enamored resembles holding a light The light begins liquefying and hurt you Finally goes off and everything is more obscure
Sad love quotes 21
I will always feel you close to me and though you are far from sight, I will search for you among the stars that shine on. I miss you
sad love quotes 20
I pray god not to give this pain even to my enemy, I pray god not to fall in love again, I pray god you be blessed with good life, but not with me.
sad love quotes 19
I will always care for you even if we are not together, I will cherish our memories even if you dont like me, I will have you in my thoughts even if you have forgotten me. This is me and this is you.
sad love quotes 18
I trusted all your words to be true, I believed your love was meaningful, I dreamt of us, I had infinite love for you, I considered you as my little world, but in the end you proved everything to be wrong and throwed me away. Beyond anger I still miss you.
sad love quotes 17
Expectation and loyalty is valuable so do not expect it from cheap people. Accept the reality and move on with hope.
sad love quotes 16
Words cant express my love for you, tears cant express who much I miss you, numbers cant count memories I hold for you, Beyond words and tears my heart feels broken into pieces and nobody can understand this pain.
sad love quotes 15
I take all the good's you gave me and that's making it hard for me to move on. Whereever I go, whatever I may do, I will carry you in my heart until my last breathe
sad love quotes 14
Someday you will cry for me like I cried for you, you will miss me like I missed you, you will love me like I loved you, but that someday I will not love you.
sad love quotes 13
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with tears. All my dreams have flied in the air, all my wishes have burried in the ground, I have nothing left, only my broken heart.
sad love quotes 12
Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. Not knowing which to do is the worse feeling ever.
sad love quotes 11
I heard a song and it made me think of you, I visited a place and it made me feel your presence, I read your messages and it made me realize what truth means
sad love quotes 10
Pleasure of love lasts a moment, but pain of love lasts forever. I am getting used to live with this pain, I hope you are happy.
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