Sad And Heart Wrenching Condolence Messages Of All Time

A simple message can lift the moods of people who are in need, pamper them with this condolence messages

Condolence Message

How do you express condolences?

Condolence is an expression of sympathy, while we lost our close friend. By crying you can express your feelings on condolences, automatically you will be crying.

When you lose someone so close to you, then surely you can feel that pain in your heart. By expressing your love towards them with heartfelt will be the expression of condolences. By sharing those good moments with that person is also a way of expressing condolences.

" Actually I'm very saddened to hear that you are no more, I pray to God let out prayers can be accepted by God."

What is the best condolence message?

There is no best message for condolence but remembering those happy moments with that person. And weeping for that person is the best message for that person.

Without our knowledge, we express our deeds to that person. Because we might be able to see that person for the last time. That's why condolence message is much Important at a funeral.

Humans are still alive because of sympathy, which revolves around us and helps us to live our lives. That's why everyone is ready to become so sad when they hear something happened to someone.

"My tears are wiped before my hands could do that, but now one is here to wipe my tears because I lost you, my dear mother.

Whenever I cry your shoulders are there for me and your hands are there for me, now this day is the worst day because my mother couldn't wipe it."

How do you respond to a condolence message?

Thank you will be the responding message to those who say deep condolences to you and your family.

This will be enough for them because they don't want to build a conversation there. That's why thank you will be enough for them in reply.

We can either say it's very kind of you in reply. We can show our gratitude to them for their prayers and thoughts about us.

Because when we are in the most difficult situation they cared for us even a bit that's why it is necessary to reply to them. We can say that their prayers also cared for us, even in our worst situations.

People nowadays don't care about us but we have to thank those who cared for us and prayed for us. That's why it is necessary to thank those who conveyed their deep condolences to you and your family.

" Those eyes cannot be replaced, Those words cannot be said by those lips and those hands are no more to pat me on my shoulder, I really miss you, my father. I lost every important person in my life without your presence."

What do you say in a condolence message?

Saying that you feel for their loss and missing that person is might be easy to say. But it is hard for those who are experiencing that pain.

Though your words can't console them don't hurt them by your words which may affect them. Condolences for a funeral are so important because it was their closest person or family member's death maybe.

Make sure that your words won't wound them because at that time they need some bit of relaxation only not your hurtings.

That's why the message should be careful while it's said.

Condolence Message

You can’t change the situation, so accept the reality.
condolence message 25
Your family needs you, so be courageous.
condolence message 24
Have faith on almighty, everything will be taken care of with time
condolence message 23
I have no words to express the grief but still it’s the ultimate truth.
condolence message 22
Sorry to hear of the demise but it’s a part of life we all have to accept
condolence message 21
Thank God for relieving the bodily pain forever
condolence message 20
May his soul rest in peace. Om shanti.
condolence message 19
Thank God for the painless death
condolence message 18
We still remember the helpful nature, everyone will be at your side don’t worry.
condolence message 17
It is a part of life, you have to be strong, and else who will support the family
condolence message 16
I am just arriving, everything will be fine, take care of your family.
condolence message 15
He was too good and hence God called for his service.
condolence message 14
I know what he/she was for your family but god relieved from the pain.
condolence message 13
I am very sorry to hear about the sad demise.
condolence message 12
May God give you and your family the strength to withstand these critical situations
condolence message 11
May the Creator encourage you and your family during this most difficult time. Bid him a goodbye so that he may live in peace in heaven.
condolence message 10
I'm sorry your dad's sudden demise. No matter how far away our parents are, they are always with us.
condolence message 9
Your mother was a kind person. I'm sorry to hear about her demise. My condolences to you and your family and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.
condolence message 8
Although I have no words to express your sorrow. But I will pray for you to get over this time at the earliest.
condolence message 7
I know that at this time a mountain of sorrows has fallen on you, but take care of yourself and say goodbye to those who are not with us today. So that his soul may rest in
condolence message 6
We are so sorry for the loss of your brother. He will always live on in the memory of those who know and love him
condolence message 5
Death is such a fact of life from which no one can escape, but it is very difficult for those who are left behind, may God give you the courage to move forward in such times.
condolence message 4
When we lose someone whom we love the most, time takes a little break but it is also important for you to take care of yourself and your family and encourage them
condolence message 3
I am very sorry to hear the news of your father's death today. I want to tell you that no matter what happens, I will always be with you and your family.
condolence message 2
I know the time is difficult and so is the situation. May God give you strength to handle this loss.
condolence message 1