Sad And Heart Touching Sorry Messages Of All Time

A simple message can lift the moods of people who are in need, pamper them with this sorry messages

Sorry messages

Why would you ask someone for forgiveness?

Being forgiven is incredibly important for our inner peace and happiness. Usually, when you do wrong by someone, you seek for their forgiveness.

By hurting someone you break the relationship with them. So, to mend the broken relationship, you ask for their forgiveness.

“Humble yourself, it’s the first step towards being forgiven.”

Hence, make your way to experience forgiveness and healing by being at their mercy for forgiveness.

You also heal the other person along with you, this way.

How do you show you to someone that you are really sorry?

Admit to yourself or explain to yourself that you did something that hurt someone, and you owe them an apology.

Thereby, you come in terms with your feeling and it feels easier to let go of your ego and seek for their mercy.

Find a way to apologise to them, send them text messages, or sorry letters, or posts.

Ask for their forgiveness, tell them that you actually feel bad and want to make up for it. Don’t be defensive, give them time to get over it.

How do I apologise to a loved one through messages?

Sorry messages for wife - Tell her that you are genuinely sorry. Don’t force her to forgive you, give her time. Never try to defend yourself, let her heal in her own way.

She will eventually come around but keep doing little things that would make her smile or blush, little things mean a lot to women.

Also, check out the list of “Sorry messages for wife” below to send to your wife and make up for hurting her. 

Sorry message for a friend – Friends are a special and important part of life. Usually, we fight a lot with our friends. Although that’s how it is, sometimes, we need to apologise to our friends for hurting them badly.

Generally, they don’t expect it, but it’s important to acknowledge what you did and be sorry for it. It strengthens the bond between you and your friend.

Tell them how much they mean to you, and how much valuable their friendship is. Like always, be as genuine as you can.

Here are a few sample messages on how you can tell your friend that you are sorry.

Sorry messages for girlfriend – Similarly, be as genuine with her as you can be.

Because girls can find when you are not being completely true! Girlfriends can be very possessive and very sensitive, so reassure them that you love them, and they mean so much to you.

Tell her that you don’t want this fight to ruin what you have together, and that it is very special to you.

Check out the list of “Sorry messages for girlfriend” below to send to your girlfriend and make her happy again!

Sorry Messages

If apologizing brings happiness back, So don't give up to be first to say sorry.
Sorry messages 12
If I get angry then you have convinced me I don't like your silence at all.
Sorry messages 11
yeah I know that I let you down. Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?
Sorry messages 10
I am sorry I'm not jealous I'm just territorial, what's mine is mine...
Sorry messages 9
If I have made a mistake please forgive me. I can't stay away from you like this.
Sorry messages 8
I'm really sorry if I can't be good enough for you.
Sorry messages 7
Whatever the matter is, clear everything in your heart, apologize to some and forgive some.
Sorry messages 6
Forgive me if I have made a mistake Please don't ignore me.
Sorry messages 5
Some people ask for everything in life, But don't apologize for making a mistake.
Sorry messages4
The only person asking for forgiveness, Who never wants to lose relationships.
Sorry messages 3
I am really sorry it was happened by mistake and it was not made by intension. I cant leave with out you please talk to me and i promise that i will never repeat that again please forgive me.
sorry messages 2
We take few seconds to hurt someone.But sometimes we take years to say sorry.This msg is to every one whom i have hurted knowingly or unknowingly.I am sorry...
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