It is a common thing in human life. A person’ s inner appearance matters a lot. Age of a person is not a big deal. The following things are some of the important points about age and its importance.Age is a word which comes with every human being till their lifetime. It is a process of becoming older. It is denoted by numbers. Some proverbs in Tamil are also related to ages. For example: The age of seven donkeys. It is a biological and social content.Many jobs have age limits in both public and private sectors. The age limit for getting a teacher post in the government sector is 30- 35 years. And the retirement age is 58- 60 years. For the post of president, the person should be at least 35 years old. For the post of prime minister, the person should be at least 25 years old. In India, the ministers must not be less than 25 years. There are certain age limits for joining the post as well as retiring from the post or India, There are some restrictions for both boys and girls for getting married. Here are some of Age Quotes .

Age Quotes

Your age may lead your body to decay But the soul will remain ever
Age quotes 85
Avoid letting your years as a restriction And lead your soul towards success
Age quotes 84
Don’t fade your life because of age It’s just a digit to count the years
Age quotes 83
Cut down the factor of age when You wanna face the struggle of life and move on
Age quotes 82
Age is the only enemy that needs to be avoided To get involved with passion
Age quotes 81
No one can live within the count of age when They have a fire within you
Age quotes 80
One is not a bigger person than other Only with the count of age; it counts with character
Age quotes 79
Age of a person might not be the preserver when it comes to the ruling
Age quotes 78
A Bedtime story is the best alternative To reveal how grown you are in unique decades
Age quotes 77
Different ages may show the different wounds with concerned glory
Age quotes 76
One being with work is not counted But growing in life with age is counted
Age quotes 75
Not everyone can be healthy But age can heal the wounds
Age quotes 74
When passion leads you to the profession Don’t count your age rather interest
Age quotes 73
Age doesn’t matter when a person Living with kind and loving care
Age quotes 72
Being at a child’s age is a heaven With heartfelt butterflies
Age quotes 71
Exception of age can be counted when Success bows down for the efforts
Age quotes 70
Age become emphasized until Someone has the courage of adventure
Age quotes 69
Age can be easily defeated At the time source of learning encouraged
Age quotes 68
Age won’t be the investment of success Where creativity exists
Age quotes 67
Only the sense of losing youth Encourage the man to achieve
Age quotes 66
Not everyone faces aging when Someone faces experience of age
Age quotes 65
Birthday is not just a celebration of age But to celebrate your knowledge through age
Age quotes 64
Remember the birthdays It's just an end of a year to add your age
Age quotes 63
Being young is a dream, remember The dream may be ruined when you wake
Age quotes 62
Not the age can last your fantasy Wisdom of your age reveals reality
Age quotes 61
Not the age can tell you the right decision But the right experience can
Age quotes 60
Age might not be the ruler to declare an end But the survivor declares life
Age quotes 59