It is a common thing in human life. A person’ s inner appearance matters a lot. Age of a person is not a big deal. The following things are some of the important points about age and its importance.Age is a word which comes with every human being till their lifetime. It is a process of becoming older. It is denoted by numbers. Some proverbs in Tamil are also related to ages. For example: The age of seven donkeys. It is a biological and social content.Many jobs have age limits in both public and private sectors. The age limit for getting a teacher post in the government sector is 30- 35 years. And the retirement age is 58- 60 years. For the post of president, the person should be at least 35 years old. For the post of prime minister, the person should be at least 25 years old. In India, the ministers must not be less than 25 years. There are certain age limits for joining the post as well as retiring from the post or India, There are some restrictions for both boys and girls for getting married. Here are some of Age Quotes .

Age Quotes

Respect those elders who had gone through a hard path, one day you would be on the same path.
Age Quotes 116
Getting old isn't weird, except those wrinkles on your face
Age Quotes 115
You can't get "again" in age, so break the rules dude
Age Quotes 114
Getting older doesn't mean we have to be boring and act your age.
Age Quotes 113
You may be old in other places, but you are young at heart
Age Quotes 112
Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us.
Age Quotes 111
Age is just a limitation you put on your mind.
Age Quotes 110
You realize more when you get old. So don't worry about it too much
Age Quotes 109
At a certain age, you'll know what life. It maybe either 20 or 80
Age Quotes 108
Count your values, not your age. Your value and your age have many differences
Age Quotes 107
Show how young you are, the world will show you how pretty it is.
Age Quotes 106
Looking young is not important, a heart which stays young is more important.
Age Quotes 105
You can't skip an age, get the right happiness in the right time
Age Quotes 104
One who loves deeply will never get old, they will stay young forever.
Age Quotes 103
Age never stops anyone from starting great tasks, do hard work.
Age Quotes 102
There is no age limit on smile, you can smile anytime and anywhere
Age Quotes 101
When you're young, you think of getting old; when you are old, you think of getting young
Age Quotes 100
An old watch which costs 20 in a pawn shop may cost 20,00,000 in the museum
Age Quotes 99
Your Beauty is in the body, not in the age.
Age Quotes 98
Young or old, stick on to that smile when life gets hard
Age Quotes 97
Getting older is nature, never hesitate to tell your age to the world.
Age Quotes 96
Prove the world, your age and your IQ count inverse
Age Quotes 95
When someone asks your age, tell them your knowledge is older than your age
Age Quotes 94
The child in you is ageless, even when your wrinkles get endless.
Age Quotes 93
A person who keeps learning will stay young despite his age
Age Quotes 92
Death never counts age, it count sins. Live before death counts on you.
Age Quotes 91
Never compare age and knowledge, even eight can think right.
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