It is a common thing in human life. A person’ s inner appearance matters a lot. Age of a person is not a big deal. The following things are some of the important points about age and its importance.Age is a word which comes with every human being till their lifetime. It is a process of becoming older. It is denoted by numbers. Some proverbs in Tamil are also related to ages. For example: The age of seven donkeys. It is a biological and social content.Many jobs have age limits in both public and private sectors. The age limit for getting a teacher post in the government sector is 30- 35 years. And the retirement age is 58- 60 years. For the post of president, the person should be at least 35 years old. For the post of prime minister, the person should be at least 25 years old. In India, the ministers must not be less than 25 years. There are certain age limits for joining the post as well as retiring from the post or India, There are some restrictions for both boys and girls for getting married. Here are some of Age Quotes .

Age Quotes