Agriculture is the process of raising plants and cattle, and it is a crucial step in the evolution of stable humankind. It is a significant milestone in the development of stable human society. Agriculture dates back thousands of years, when farmers began to grow natural crops they had collected. Foods, textiles, lubricants, and raw materials are the four main categories of agricultural commodities.


The healthier the agricultural, the better the civilization will flourish. Farming is the primary source of income for the majority of people. Agriculture provides a direct source of income for over 70% of the population. Agriculture is the country's source of revenue. A robust agricultural industry ensures food supply for a country. Food security is a crucial prerequisite for every country. Agriculture not  encompasses more than just farming and gardening. The numerous branches of agriculture include dairy, poultry, forestry, beekeeping, sericulture, Horticulture, aquaculture, dairy farming, organic farming, poultry, vermiculture, and market gardening.


Sugar, tea, rice, spices, tobacco, coffee, and other agricultural products are the chief export of nations that depend on agriculture. The government's budget is largely highly dependent on the performance of the agricultural production. The agricultural industry is a significant contributor to the country's foreign commerce. Agriculture is the most peaceful and Eco-friendly form of production. Farming, then, is the practice of producing goods from the earth. Crops and their byproducts, as well as animals and their items, may be reared.


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Agriculture Quotes