Anxiety is something, which everyone experiences in their life. As time passes every individual faces some hard phases of life which make them anxious.


If the situation or things are sorted at the correct time, then it will not create trouble. But once it gets to another level such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder then it will create a problem for an individual.


There are causes from which a person suffers from depression and anxiety.


Avoidance- It becomes grows because many situations come in life. It is up to us how we deal and react to the issue. From that early stage, It starts growing and brings depression into life.


Negative Thought- There are many situations in life, which develop negativity in life. And our thought process starts working negatively. This overestimation brings bad outsource in life.


Treatment- Treatment is becoming essential for the patient. Who reaches a higher level of anxiety or depression.


It is essential to overcome anxiety, there are just simple ways to follow and lead life towards positivity, happiness, and joy. The best fundamental of life is to accept the people and situation as they are. Nothing is in our control, let the situation come and go, be calm and patient which will give mental relaxation and calmness.

Anxiety Quotes