Design is with which the universe operates. Every single thing in our Milky Way is design-specific. Flowers, clocks, buildings, atoms, solar systems and what not! Every minute detail of our existence is defined with designs. Even our destiny has its own designs! Ever since man has settled into civilisations, he has been obsessed with designing - designing clothes, designing the ways of lives, designing languages, designing their jobs, their places and of course, designing their homes. And it was high time that the art of designing and constructing buildings should be given a name - Architecture. Know a lot more interesting contents and dazzling designs about Architecture via our Architecture Design Quotes.

Even the titchy details count in Architecture, as it is rightly said, “God is in the details”. It is these minutely arranged details, carefully drawn lines, and the power of a mastermind that make a building stand strong and high, as where the building is the art, the architect is the artist. They are the ones who create and construct, they are the ones who make the buildings famous, they are the ones who make Architecture famous. Have a glance at our Architecture Famous Quotes to be amazed by the minute tales and details about Architecture.Here are some of Architecture Quotes.

Architecture Quotes

Through me you could see the world differently; My designs will give a great structure to your living space - words from an architect.
Architecture Quotes 80
If you have a passion to be an architect, come on dude let us construct the world as per our own rules.
Architecture Quotes 79
An architect should indulge his own plans with the ideas of his clients. No ego makes a great designer.
Architecture Quotes 78
I wish I have a time-lapse machine so that I could reconstruct my dad’s old home with a room all for myself.
Architecture Quotes 77
The worst kind of nightmare for an architect is letting some other engineers design his own house.
Architecture Quotes 76
I am the proud architect of my home, my neighbor's home, and almost all the homes on my street - My confidence made me do it.
Architecture Quotes 75
I love the job of an architect from all my heart and that’s why I do not need a retirement at all. If it is mandatory then let me start building my retirement home.
Architecture Quotes 74
Not all architect needs to be a graduate, real architect is the one who could create incredible designs and outstanding outcomes
Architecture Quotes 73
Architect exists in this world since the day of adam and eve, only the educational qualification is varying from time to time.
Architecture Quotes 72
Do not get convinced by existing plans, make your conscience work more and find the solution for unsolved problems.
Architecture Quotes 71
Not every project will be successful for an architect, at times the reality will be far away from the drafted plans
Architecture Quotes 70
To construct buildings as tall as a peak, the architect should first reach the height in his planning.
Architecture Quotes 69
An architect must be capable of raising buildings with materials found in his own place.
Architecture Quotes 68
Doubting the structure of your home, call an architect right away, problem solved
Architecture Quotes 67
We built your dreams as we are the designers of your dreams.
Architecture Quotes 66
Beauty of art is immortal it only exist to show physical environment where people live
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Every designers mind is colorful as their art as their work, designer way of style is great and different
architecture quotes 64
Every designers mind is colorful as their art as their work, designer way of style is great and different
architecture quotes 63
Art is best only because it can be evergreen forever it can be unchangeable and unique
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The art must be mindful, meaningful and must be motivated and should relate to present than to the past and future
architecture quotes 61
A positive mind creates a perfect artist, the ideas of artist must understand by everyone from his work itself
architecture quotes 60
Wake up with confidence, live with passion and have beautiful art with you to complete your life
architecture quotes 59
Art is valuable as diamonds it lasts even the many generations passes
architecture quotes 58
Architect live forever in their work even they passed their work speaks
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A better designer knows well to solve problems than the common man, because of their creative approach
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Time is much important for a better architect, because the more time we spent in architect the better we get the results
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Being a architect needs more confident and needs fearlessness that’s the specialty of true architect
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