Design is with which the universe operates. Every single thing in our Milky Way is design-specific. Flowers, clocks, buildings, atoms, solar systems and what not! Every minute detail of our existence is defined with designs. Even our destiny has its own designs! Ever since man has settled into civilisations, he has been obsessed with designing - designing clothes, designing the ways of lives, designing languages, designing their jobs, their places and of course, designing their homes. And it was high time that the art of designing and constructing buildings should be given a name - Architecture. Know a lot more interesting contents and dazzling designs about Architecture via our Architecture Design Quotes.

Even the titchy details count in Architecture, as it is rightly said, “God is in the details”. It is these minutely arranged details, carefully drawn lines, and the power of a mastermind that make a building stand strong and high, as where the building is the art, the architect is the artist. They are the ones who create and construct, they are the ones who make the buildings famous, they are the ones who make Architecture famous. Have a glance at our Architecture Famous Quotes to be amazed by the minute tales and details about Architecture.Here are some of Architecture Quotes.

Architecture Quotes

Architecture is very helpful in present moment.
Architecture Quotes 110
A strong structure is the identity of good architect.
Architecture Quotes 109
Where engineer don't work there architect works.
Architecture Quotes 108
An architect is known by his amazing design.
Architecture Quotes 107
Architecture is very impressive on human lives.
Architecture Quotes 106
A mother is an architect to her child
Architecture Quotes 105
Sentiments can be aroused in man by architecture
Architecture Quotes 104
The Sun doesn't know about its quality until after a building is made.
Architecture Quotes 103
A man is an architect of his own personality.
Architecture Quotes 102
Architect is an artist, who likes his designs
Architecture Quotes 101
A great architect is always a step forward of his time.
Architecture Quotes 100
You can articulate your ideas by architecture
Architecture Quotes 99
Architecture is not only about shelter, it delights us with its beauty.
Architecture Quotes 98
Architecture is very great, civilization needs this act.
Architecture Quotes 97
Architecture can be said to be a social work too.
Architecture Quotes 96
Recognizing the need is the priority for architectural design.
Architecture Quotes 95
An architect positively puts his creativity in man development.
Architecture Quotes 94
The most treasured designer to mankind is an "Architect".
Architecture Quotes 93
Buildings are deeply emotive structures which form our style.
Architecture Quotes 92
An architecture is the strength and power to a construction.
Architecture Quotes 91
The man who thinks positive can be a good architect.
Architecture Quotes 90
An architect makes every space wonderful.
Architecture Quotes 89
A platform where you can mould your dreams into construction is "Architecture"
Architecture Quotes 88
A great architecture starts with putting two bricks together.
Architecture Quotes 87
Architecture is about making the world's a little more beautiful.
Architecture Quotes 86
The beauty of any construction comes through architecture.
Architecture Quotes 85
A great building is the wonder of architecture.
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