Autism is a condition where communication and behavior is a problem. People with autism have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. They find it hard to express themselves, either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch. It occurs at first three years of a child.Autism affects information processing in the brain  Some autistic adults are unable to live independently. Autism is a lifelong condition and symptoms and signs can first appear when a child is very young. Person with autism who has a high functioning range of the spectrum will have a good grasp of language, but a person with a low functioning range of the spectrum may not speak at all.


Parents should teach how to play and interact with their children in ways that promote social interaction skills, behaviors, and teach daily living skills and communication. There is no specific diet for people with autism but proper food habits are important. Kids with autism have thinner bones so bone building foods are important.


To conclude Parents’ involvement is key to its success.There is no proper treatment for autism, it is an lifelong disability. Here are few Autism Quotes

Autism Quotes

Sometime Autism can provide you that point of view which is not achievable by a normal person.
Autism Quotes 103
If autism separates you from others, it also provide you with an ability to shine like stars.
Autism Quotes 102
If autism creates a mess, find a way to release that stress.
Autism Quotes 101
Forget that time if autism is affecting your mental health and move forward with max efforts to create best out of you.
Autism Quotes 100
Autism is not just about to think but to be proven a distinctive among many.
Autism Quotes 99
Always motivate children with autism to break the wall and find the treasure of the new world.
Autism Quotes 98
Whenever autism becomes the reason for low performance ignore everyone and show people by achieving higher goals.
Autism Quotes 97
Autism mindset cannot be understandable easily so find a way to treat them with proper care to know them.
Autism Quotes 96
Humans have different nature and personalities so accept those with autism as part of it rather distinguish them.
Autism Quotes 95
Encouraging person with autism can lead them towards better life to live with no excuses.
Autism Quotes 94
People with autism have their own world of living so let them be there and not disturb them.
Autism Quotes 93
Autism is not a crime, so fly above and rise high without any limits.
Autism Quotes 92
Autism is not the reason for your down, but it can show you a path to become best.
Autism Quotes 91
Don’t think autism as a disability, but as a new creativity.
Autism Quotes 90
People with autism are so simple that’s why they are not able to adjust with the dynamic society.
Autism Quotes 84
Never accept autism as your whole life because it is just a part of life.
Autism Quotes 83
People with autism sometimes become an example to the society for success so never underestimate anyone.
Autism Quotes 82
Autism is only a problem in your mindset and not in reality.
Autism Quotes 81
Beginning of any new work requires autism to become perfectionist in that work.
Autism Quotes 80
A small contribution towards people with autism can change their life like heaven.
Autism Quotes 79
Autism cannot define person’s personality but can define their ability.
Autism Quotes 78
Person with autism are sometime changes them so much that lead to their growth and success.
Autism Quotes 77
Never put pressure on student for scoring good marks as it is one of the main cause of autism.
Autism Quotes 76
Autism is a state of mind that can only be treated by love and affection.
Autism Quotes 75
Autism is like air, one cannot see it but can only feel.
Autism Quotes 74
Saddened with the thought of being with an autist imagine preparing for an exam and he doesn’t help you even if he could.
Autism Quotes 73
Autism doesn’t mean weakness, it means strength in a silent manner
Autism Quotes 72