Autism is a condition where communication and behavior is a problem. People with autism have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. They find it hard to express themselves, either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch. It occurs at first three years of a child.Autism affects information processing in the brain  Some autistic adults are unable to live independently. Autism is a lifelong condition and symptoms and signs can first appear when a child is very young. Person with autism who has a high functioning range of the spectrum will have a good grasp of language, but a person with a low functioning range of the spectrum may not speak at all.


Parents should teach how to play and interact with their children in ways that promote social interaction skills, behaviors, and teach daily living skills and communication. There is no specific diet for people with autism but proper food habits are important. Kids with autism have thinner bones so bone building foods are important.


To conclude Parents’ involvement is key to its success.There is no proper treatment for autism, it is an lifelong disability. Here are few Autism Quotes

Autism Quotes

Do you know why people stare at kids with autism in a different way? Because the kids are the children of God and so they look outstanding.
Autism Quotes 43
You need not treat the people with autism as angels from heaven, instead treating them as a human is enough.
Autism Quotes 42
No child feels the pain of autism as it is painless, but the way we treat the child will leave him suffering in the pain of ignorance.
Autism Quotes 41
Do not make people with autism stand out, instead, find their talent and make them stand up.
Autism Quotes 40
Do not share and feel proud about your kid with a parent who has a kid with autism, as it may affect them badly.
Autism Quotes 39
As a parent of a child with autism, we are growing every day with him by teaching him simple things and feeling excited for him when he understands the thing.
Autism Quotes 38
My son is 18 years old, but still, he is my baby as he has autism and his heart is as pure as a newborn.
Autism Quotes 37
Please do not visit our home, if you feel awkward about our child with autism, because he is the treasure of our life and you mean nothing to us in front of him.
Autism Quotes 36
I and my partner don’t want to destroy our baby in the womb as she has autism because we don’t trust the phrase a perfect baby.
Autism Quotes 34
I have many friends with autism and I love to spend time with them as their smiles are contagious and they create a positive vibe all around
Autism Quotes 33
Autism is a form of innocence and celebrates innocent people as they won’t cause anything evil to others.
Autism Quotes 32
Do not weak the mentality of a child with autism by showing sympathy towards him, just treat the child as same as you treat other children.
Autism Quotes 31
Autism is not a disease to be cured, it is a special character that just needs to be taught and utilized to be successful in life
Autism Quotes 30
Never treat someone with autism distant, as autism is not contagious, but your kindness may be contagious.
Autism Quotes 29
Disability doesn't make you any less, autism just make you exceptional and best.
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Dream high, believe high, act high, don't let your Austism feel you low
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Autism is not a disability, autism is having creativity.
autism quotes 26
Embrace the people who are different, encourage those who are different.
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Behaviour can be changed by communication, but change comes within your imagination.
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The most interesting people are who make their own small world, different from your average size mentality.
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A child with austims makes the world believe, believe in raising people's mindset.
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Being autistic is a part of humanity, fulfill your dreams by every capacity.
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Autistic children's are god's special child, who are just sent to earth from heaven above.
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Child with autism is wonderfully different, different in every way and every sense.
autism quotes 19
Persons do not suffer from autism, they suffer from your harsh treatment.
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Society says you are autistic, but god believes you to be fantastic.
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Being autistic is not a crime, make your life bright and shine
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