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What is the abbreviation of awesome?

As per the English dictionary, the word awesome means daunting and extremely impressive. In urban usage, the word awesome is used to refer to something breathtaking, amazing and stunning.

Awesome is used to comment on things, people and situations.

Use our Awesome quotes for you, to show yourself how awesome you are. It makes you feel confident and encourages you constantly through the difficulties and hardships. 

What type of word is awesome?

Awesome is a type of word which people blurt out when they encounter something really stupendous. It comes out almost involuntarily.

The word awesome is used to comment on people, pictures, places and over certain situations.

Some people wait and try way too hard to get people comment on them as awesome.

The word has such a powerful impact.

Awesome quotes on life lets us know what makes our lives happy and why. Its consists few details of life which are actually amazing but we fail to identify it. B

y identifying it, we see how certain small things make life better.

Awesome quotes about love make us realise the awesomeness of love and the beautiful things it could give us. It also helps us recognise the good in a relationship and helps support the relationship. 

How to be awesome?

Sometimes being you, showcasing your true self, makes you awesome.

You need not try hard to get such comments from people, just use our Boys awesome quotes and Girls awesome quotes on your WhatsApp status and Instagram posts to show people how awesome you are.

Certain words have the power to do things that actions can't. Awesome is one such word.

Match our amazing quotes with your best pictures and upload it, on any social media you prefer , show the world how awesome you are. It also helps in confidence-building and impression making.

Awesome Quotes

Deep relationships don't need to show their love by screaming.
Awesome Quotes 15
When there is a bad time, The coward moves backward and laboriously moves forward.
Awesome Quotes 14
Relationships are like plants, You have to water it to grow.
Awesome Quotes 13
Keep patience, there will definitely come bad days of bad times as well.
Awesome Quotes 12
The man who fears getting defeated, He cannot move forward in life.
Awesome Quotes 11
We should learn to win life, Because we will be defeated by death one day.
Awesome Quotes 10
The people who are died from inside, Often the same people teach others to live.
Awesome Quotes 9
The people who want to separate from you, blame the situation for that.
Awesome Quotes 8
Always remember one thing, Keep clean your intention in friendship and prayer.
Awesome Quotes 7
When any adversity crowded you, Then only self confidence takes you out of it.
Awesome Quotes 6
When life gives you difficult situations learn from it don't be panic , learn to live in difficulties . "Positive attitude is the only thing to lead a awesome life".
awesome quotes 5
Having easy going attitude is a great thing ,those who have this attitude will surely find peace . "Leave every problem to God he'll solve all your problems,he is great"
awesome quotes 4
Don't wait for a right moment. Just make a moment becomes perfect and right.
awesome quotes 3
Don't explain yourself to some one who even does not understand your words. They don't deserve you.
awesome quotes 2
Some times, we are hard to move on, but life cannot wait there it will move on
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