What else do we need when we are with babies? Yes!! Babies are an unblended mixture of love, pureness, kindness, and joy. The tiny fingers to a toothless baby smile, every little bit of matter about babies make us happy. Babies are blessings from god. People often say that babies are

human figures of god themselves because they are a pure form of kindness.

Welcoming a little one into this world is one of the happiest and exciting moments for parents. 

They portray life, desire, and oath of love. The unconditional affection for a newborn is the evidence of a divine bond between the baby and the parents. The love for a baby is something that may be difficult to express in words. If someone you know has recently welcomed a baby into the world, offer them your best wishes and Shower this new tiny person in affection by sending their parents a thoughtful gift.

Most mothers confess that embellishing the role of a new Mom can be the most enkindling and the most frightening adventure you’ll have in life. As you bring new life into the world, you’ll face heaps

of challenges. It consumes a lot of energy, and you can learn how much patience you have, for instance. There will be sleepless nights. Perhaps every second of sleep you have missed will be all worth it in the end. From your baby’s first smile to every single step of their life, the love you’ll have for your baby is endless.

The giggle and pure grin would soothe the heart. A baby makes love powerful, home happier, and When the baby arrives, the hearts grow fuller, and life means more.

You can read books, articles, ask your friends and family, but no one can tell what exactly is like being a new mother. No two people take the same path to motherhood, so everyone has their motherhood journeys. So enjoy the process.

Baby Quotes

A baby boy is a miracle with a pocket full of mischief.
Baby Quotes 145
Baby boys always dance their way into their mothers hearts.
Baby Quotes 144
A boy will understand the love of his parents only when he becomes a parent himself.
Baby Quotes 143
Fathers are finely tuned and become hero after their sons are born
Baby Quotes 142
Baby boys have that magic to bring out the man in their fathers.
Baby Quotes 141
Happiness knows no bounds when your baby recognises and smiles at you for the first time
Baby Quotes 140
Baby boys are always a part of mothers life and make them fall in love again and again.
Baby Quotes 139
Boys are always there mothers, life, moon, star and sunshine.
Baby Quotes 138
Boys will hold their mothers hand for a while but the heart for a lifetime.
Baby Quotes 137
Sons are always the mothers little boys though they grow into young men leaving their toys.
Baby Quotes 136
Activity is his identity, creativity is his hobby, that's a baby.
Baby Quotes 135
Wearing a cute smile, baby makes you feel fabulous.
Baby Quotes 134
A baby can make you fall in love with himself.
Baby Quotes 133
Baby is like a blank paper, you can write attractive things on it and make it meaningful.
Baby Quotes 132
Baby is like a flower that makes all fragrant with its cuteness.
Baby Quotes 131
Our world is not complete and beautiful without a baby
Baby Quotes 130
Softness of his cheeks is steal my comfort, baby is the best flower in the world
Baby Quotes 129
A baby can make you happy without having any reason.
Baby Quotes 128
The most attractive thing in the world is a smile from baby.
Baby Quotes 127
Where a baby lives, sadness can't be there.
Baby Quotes 126
Rules all the hearts, a cuteness baby can steal your heart as well.
Baby Quotes 125
Naughtiness is his identity, smile is his honour, a baby is the king of a family.
Baby Quotes 124
A baby comes to your life and gives you a shine of happiness
Baby Quotes 123
Babies shine in your life like a star and make your life beautiful.
Baby Quotes 122
Babies enjoy the present without knowing the past and future.
Baby Quotes 121
A cute smile of a baby makes you energetic about the day.
Baby Quotes 120
A mother forgets her priority after having the baby.
Baby Quotes 119