What else do we need when we are with babies? Yes!! Babies are an unblended mixture of love, pureness, kindness, and joy. The tiny fingers to a toothless baby smile, every little bit of matter about babies make us happy. Babies are blessings from god. People often say that babies are

human figures of god themselves because they are a pure form of kindness.

Welcoming a little one into this world is one of the happiest and exciting moments for parents. 

They portray life, desire, and oath of love. The unconditional affection for a newborn is the evidence of a divine bond between the baby and the parents. The love for a baby is something that may be difficult to express in words. If someone you know has recently welcomed a baby into the world, offer them your best wishes and Shower this new tiny person in affection by sending their parents a thoughtful gift.

Most mothers confess that embellishing the role of a new Mom can be the most enkindling and the most frightening adventure you’ll have in life. As you bring new life into the world, you’ll face heaps

of challenges. It consumes a lot of energy, and you can learn how much patience you have, for instance. There will be sleepless nights. Perhaps every second of sleep you have missed will be all worth it in the end. From your baby’s first smile to every single step of their life, the love you’ll have for your baby is endless.

The giggle and pure grin would soothe the heart. A baby makes love powerful, home happier, and When the baby arrives, the hearts grow fuller, and life means more.

You can read books, articles, ask your friends and family, but no one can tell what exactly is like being a new mother. No two people take the same path to motherhood, so everyone has their motherhood journeys. So enjoy the process.

Baby Quotes

A baby holding her mothers hand with her little fingers, It’s a movement that just flickers
Baby Quotes 80
After a baby came into a mother life, all her priorities changes, Her life becomes more amazing
Baby Quotes 79
Sacrifices made by a mother for her baby can never be told in words, A baby is a whole heart of a mother
Baby Quotes 78
The soul feels completed whenever a mother holds her baby, a mother can never make herself away
Baby Quotes 77
Babies little movements are are acheivments for their family, its like a butterfly coming out of cocoon
Baby Quotes 76
Baby always make their mother complete, And mother are the reason for their origin. It’s a cycle that can never be stop
Baby Quotes 75
Babies arms around their mothers are the most precious jwellery for a newly mother
Baby Quotes 74
Babies are the most beautiful creation by lord, Mothers face a lot of pain to bring then to this world
Baby Quotes 73
The life of a mother changes completely after giving birth to a baby, it’s a complete combo of happiness and bundle of joys
Baby Quotes 72
It’s a heaven on earth, when a baby sleep on her mother’s lap, its like a hole in a sky, which is a way to heaven
Baby Quotes 71
Loving a baby is a cycle of giving and taking, Love is all around, its overwhelming and not breaking
Baby Quotes 70
The most special gift a godfairy give to mothers are their babies, And a mother to the baby
Baby Quotes 69
Family and babies are brought up together, To create love and life which exist forever
Baby Quotes 68
Babies are hope to mothers life and sky, They are actually apple of mothers eye
Baby Quotes 67
Having a baby is more more satisfying and happiest of all, because even the pain your suffer don’t let you fall
Baby Quotes 66
Its like a shooting star falling, and us making a wish, Which comes true when we hold our baby in our hands
Baby Quotes 65
I see an ocean everytime my baby open the eyes, Little feet of her make my life happy and fine.
Baby Quotes 64
Children make you believe in your past, and give a pleasure to make a future which lasts
Baby Quotes 63
There can be no more joy than seeing your baby smiling at you, and giving the recognition
Baby Quotes 62
Giving birth to a child, holding your baby in your arms, is like falling in love again and again
Baby Quotes 61
Having a baby, is like being reborn again,. Enjoying the moment and forgetting all the pain
Baby Quotes 60
The best thing for a mother is to hold her baby in her hands, Because it’s a special feeling to make her stand
Baby Quotes 59
Like stars shine in the sky to give it a light, Like that babies are brought into a mothers life
Baby Quotes 58
We can give two important things to our baby, Firstly wings to fly and secondly roots to give way
Baby Quotes 57
Having your child in your hands is the bestest of all, Because your entire world changes when your child eyes are roll.
Baby Quotes 56
The more my baby boy grows tall, the more my love for him is growing
Baby quotes 55
Do not hesitate to share your life story with your babies, as it is their right.
Baby quotes 54