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Beauty never fails to fascinate us. John Keats rightly mentioned in one of his poems ,

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever; Its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness…” .

Any beautiful thing gives us a sense of euphoria and puts up a smile on our faces. And so does the beautiful quotes. 

What is the real meaning of beautiful?

As it is rightly said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” , the definition of beauty differs from one person to the other. But the general definition would be something like this:

any person or thing which catches the attention of the folk and gives them a pleasant feeling is said to be beautiful.

Beauty is all about how we perceive things. For example, any breathtaking scenery is beautiful.For some, fair skin equals beauty.

For some, the good character of a person means beauty. A peep into the beautiful quotes about life would help us understand different concepts of beauty and how to enjoy them. 

What defines the beauty of a woman?

Generally, the picture which comes to our mind when we first hear the term “ beautiful” is that of a woman.

A woman is the icon of beauty. But is her beauty associated only with her body? Never.

The beauty of a woman is not just her looks but he way in which she carries herself.

The self confidence and her attitude even when she is ugly beautifies her soul .

When she holds her spirit high , beauty automatically becomes her synonym.

A glance through beautiful quotes about women would help the people to admire not only her physical beauty but also her inner soul.

What makes life beautiful?

Life in itself is a beautiful game . Small - small happiness , great- great twists and turns add to the beauty of life.

However small the moments are, whatever be the duration of our happiness, that brief time is more than enough to add to the beautiful memories of our life.

Beautiful in the sense, such moments embrace us with a delight whenever we think of them.

The inimitable time that we spend with our beloved people, with our family and friends -makes life beautiful.

The way in which we happily accept life as it comes- makes life beautiful. And finally the desires and dreams, and finding a reasonable reason to stay alive- make life beautiful.  

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Beautiful Quotes

To form a beautiful relationship you need to start enjoying each other's flaws.
Beautiful Quotes 65
The confidence a person wears signifies how beautiful his life would be.
Beautiful Quotes 64
Only a beautiful heart can do things that no one else can do.
Beautiful Quotes 63
One should always be beautiful not by appearance but by heart.
Beautiful Quotes 62
Live your life like a beautiful ride. if you see mountains you'll get to see destructed road as well.
Beautiful Quotes 61
Start appreciating the smaller things in life.
Beautiful Quotes 60
Even after having so many spots the moon manages to look beautiful.
Beautiful Quotes 59
We disrespect the word beautiful when we try to define it by someone's appearance.
Beautiful Quotes 58
A pure heart and soul is all you need to look beautiful.
Beautiful Quotes 57
Only the person himself can decide what would be beautiful for him.
Beautiful Quotes 56
Don't try to limit the definition of beauty because beauty can even be find in a puddle of dirty water.
Beautiful Quotes 55
The true beauty of the poem will be decided by how it was able to impact your life.
Beautiful Quotes 54
Love has the power of making everything look beautiful to you.
Beautiful Quotes 53
Beauty of an art lies in the hand s of the artists.
Beautiful Quotes 52
Being able to capture the beautiful moments of your life is a blessing.
Beautiful Quotes 51
The curves of your body wont make you look beautiful but your heat and soul will.
Beautiful Quotes 50
The process of learning will bring you to such beautiful facts which you didnt realize existed.
Beautiful Quotes 49
You don´t need to pretend to be someone else to look beautiful you are naturally beautiful.
Beautiful Quotes 48
To make something look beautiful you don´t need to make changes in your work but change the way you look.
Beautiful Quotes 47
Life is a art piece try to give it more beautiful curves to it just by living into it.
Beautiful Quotes 46
If the path on which you walking right now seems beautiful, then dont worry about its destination.
Beautiful Quotes 45
Be valorous, Be powerful and yet be beautiful.
Beautiful Quotes 44
The beauty of a thing lies in the eyes of the person watching it.
Beautiful Quotes 43
When you start looking towards the brighter sight this world will find more meaning to your life.
Beautiful Quotes 42
There's beauty in everything around you , the difference lies in your thinking.
Beautiful Quotes 41
Beauty is not looks but your expression.
Beautiful Quotes 40
Once you start thinking and taking things positively everything around you will look beautiful.
Beautiful Quotes 39