Being Happy Quotes - Life is a beautiful journey meant to live the fullest. In this short time of life, you all need is happiness. Everyone chases after happiness, but you should understand the eternal verity that happiness is within yourself, and there is no sole definition for it. What is happiness? Did you ever think Why being happy is Important? Happiness is not a destination. It's a journey that you are acquainted with every single day. You cant elucidate the true definition of it because it is a choice. It shifts unpredictably. Which means it changes from person to person, and also over time. More than an emotion, It's a feeling that you relish and make the best of it. Happy people are better at reaching goals and can help others to be and do their best.


Here are a few being happy quotes that will help you to find the true meaning of happiness.

Being Happy Quotes

Happiness is the invisible thread that holds people in a relationship.
Being Happy Quotes 45
Happiness makes people one and reduces war.
Being Happy Quotes 44
Happiness is the tonic which increases one’s beauty, charm, health and span.
Being Happy Quotes 43
Happiness is the only thing which is desired by everyone irrespective of age and gender.
Being Happy Quotes 42
Quest for hunger and happiness never ends. The former one fills one’s tummy while the latter fills their heart.
Being Happy Quotes 41
A happy life is what inspires and is aspired by many.
Being Happy Quotes 40
Happy state increases one’s charm and attraction.
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Happiness is the first and foremost step in creative thinking.
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Happiness is a prism that splits life into a colorful spectrum.
Being Happy Quotes 37
A smile is motivation. It is an encouragement. And sometimes it is all you need to move on.
Being Happy Quotes 36
A genuine smile is all you need per day and a heartfelt laughter is all you need for your heart.
Being Happy Quotes 35
Smile is contagious and it passes from one person to another.
Being Happy Quotes 34
Memories are precious holders of happiness and time is it’s wonderful carrier.
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Happiness is quite distant. Some find it in food, family & friends while others find it in materialistic things.
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Happiness is the oldest priceless antique which is desired by all.
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Happiness adds color to the world while sadness turns colorful things to meaningless objects.
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If life is like a guitar, happiness is the string that rings melodious music which gives meaning to it.
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A beggar becomes a real king when he can stay happy in any situation
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Happiness can change bitter taste into sweet while sadness can make sweet things bitter.
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Changing the way of perceiving things and events in life can fill their life with happiness.
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Happiness can bring light in poverty and its absence can bring darkness in the rich.
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Happiness is like music; it takes you to euphoria. Happiness is like a drug; it makes you addicted to it.
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That positive attitude which makes you smile when you see a smiling kid/ a flower, it gives immense energy to engulf all your sadness in life
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When one learns to smile for small things it helps them to face much bigger things in life with a better attitude.
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The state of being happy at tough times can ease one’s heart, cools their brain and help them think in a rational way.
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A heartfelt smile on a hectic day can help you burn many calories.
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Being happy at hard times shows how strong you are. Being happy at anger -driving moments shows how capable you are.
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