The quote mentioned above is an best example. Because today's life portrays the same condition. Being a lovers they didn't realize about the life and the way others think about them. Being in love alone not makes us happy. We should look over to the world and explore something new.


Love is a common feeling which can be expressed to anyone. But some people are misusing it. Love is a feeling which is not connected to lust. Lust is something different from love. It cannot be compared anyway. We can love our parents, teachers, friends and relatives. Love is not for the individual person.


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Making a love


It is better to be loved by someone else, than we love others. We can easily love anyone. It won't show our humanity, characters, individuality and self respect. If someone loves us, we can easily identify those within us. So, loved by others is quite great matter.


Love is also a biological reaction in every humans life. We can love anyone after once we got breakup. It is a common thing. But we all feel shy about thinking about the society. Love is an medium for a person to keep their trust in person they have trusted. So Love is not a simple one as well as complicate one.

Being In Love Quotes

Love is something that needs no introduction, being in love is like reaching to a good conclusion.
Being in love Quotes 90
Love is something special and unique, but sometimes being in love makes you behave like a freak.
Being in love Quotes 89
I want to be in love with you untill I die, with you I am at my best and I don’t feel shy.
Being in love Quotes 88
Oh my love for you is just increasing, being in love with you is very very amazing.
Being in love Quotes 87
Love makes you do things for someone with passion, being in love makes you release your every tension.
Being in love Quotes 86
Sometimes being is love is all you want, so just enjoy every moment, Don’t spoil it, please don’t.
Being in love Quotes 85
I love you everyday, your love shows me good ways, way to live and shine like a star, being in love with you has taken me so far.
Being in love Quotes 84
I want to be in love with you, today, yesterday, tomorrow, its never enough for me, I just want more to borrow
Being in love Quotes 83
Marrying the person you are been in love your whole life, completes your every dream and makes your life shine.
Being in love Quotes 82
Love makes you a better person individually, Being in love is good but at times we have to make decisions wisely.
Being in love Quotes 81
Being in love is like a lullaby which is peaceful, Peace comes from within and makes your life tasteful.
Being in love Quotes 80
Being in love hits you in every way, emotionally, physically, mentally, and its makes you see the hope of ray.
Being in love Quotes 79
Love is something deep, and it is making you believe, being in love is like getting on peak
Being in love Quotes 78
My life is breaking me down on daily basis, but being in love makes you forget all the crisis.
Being in love Quotes 77
Being in love and falling in love are both different thing, its like saying and doing another thing.
Being in love Quotes 76
Love is very pure intention, falling in love being in love is the feeling of passion.
Being in love Quotes 75
A person who is considered as being in love, sometimes behaves like a fool, but they actually know how to excel and rule.
Being in love Quotes 74
Love takes you to the land of wonders, being in love makes you a true wanderer
Being in love Quotes 73
Love is not a mistake, being in love is living in a good place, its not any race.
Being in love Quotes 72
I cared for you, I was being in love with you only, With you I doesn’t feeel lonely.
Being in love Quotes 71
Being in love is a miracle, it helps you to solve every obstacles
Being in love Quotes 70
Love makes us happy and complete, being in love makes our happiness repeat
Being in love Quotes 69
Love is a feeling that is eternal, being in love with someone is special not normal.
Being in love Quotes 68
Being in love with a person who knows you from decades is a blessing, it’s a feeling of joy which is very amazing.
Being in love Quotes 67
Love is just like a cotton candy, soft and colourful, being in love is enjoying that candy and feeling wonderful.
Being in love Quotes 66
Being in love is like falling from a top and landing to a beautiful island, and have a positive view from where you stand.
Being in love Quotes 65
Day by day, I crave for you and I think I am in love with you, and I want to see it all in a perfect view.
Being in love Quotes 64