The quote mentioned above is an best example. Because today's life portrays the same condition. Being a lovers they didn't realize about the life and the way others think about them. Being in love alone not makes us happy. We should look over to the world and explore something new.


Love is a common feeling which can be expressed to anyone. But some people are misusing it. Love is a feeling which is not connected to lust. Lust is something different from love. It cannot be compared anyway. We can love our parents, teachers, friends and relatives. Love is not for the individual person.


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Making a love


It is better to be loved by someone else, than we love others. We can easily love anyone. It won't show our humanity, characters, individuality and self respect. If someone loves us, we can easily identify those within us. So, loved by others is quite great matter.


Love is also a biological reaction in every humans life. We can love anyone after once we got breakup. It is a common thing. But we all feel shy about thinking about the society. Love is an medium for a person to keep their trust in person they have trusted. So Love is not a simple one as well as complicate one.

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