Your integrity and core essence will help you in this journey of discovering yourself. Find courage in you to overcome any obstacles that you might be facing with zeal and devotion. Following your intuitions will never fail you. Always give enough credit to yourself for trying hard to be your own best self. Discovering yourself is an important aspect you need to allow yourself to cultivate your authentic self. So being courageous enough to overcome this is very important. It is the right time to get in touch with your authentic self and here is a small push for you towards this direction.

Here are some good ways for you to be happy with yourself with being yourself quotes

Being Yourself Quotes

Don't try to change yourself, try to change being yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 97
To create an individuality a person needs to learn to be himself.
Being Yourself quotes 96
Only a kid has the dareness to be himself without giving a damn about what other people thinks of himself
Being Yourself quotes 95
Like the people who gives you freedom to express yourself and who freely expressses themselves.
Being Yourself quotes 94
Speak to yourself as you speak to your friend and you will find a way to be better yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 93
To be yourself you need to listen to yourself and be honest to yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 92
God has created human beings uniquely so that we can be ourselves
Being Yourself quotes 91
Before being yourself you need to accept yourself and stop expecting that world would accept it easily. No it won't but it shouldn't matter to you
Being Yourself quotes 90
Don't try to impress anyone, rather try to express yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 89
When you treat this world as your friend then it becomes easy for you to express yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 88
Its difficult for this world to accept you being yourself but if you accept this world it's very easy to be yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 87
Stop comparing yourself with others and start comparing yourself with yourself to be better you
Being Yourself quotes 86
Don't try to become good by being good instead be good by being yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 85
Being yourself means being the way you want to be without thinking about others.
Being Yourself quotes 84
If every individual lives as themselves without thinking about others then this earth would turn into heaven
Being Yourself quotes 83
Each individual is born as himself and he dies as himself but only few lives as themselves you try to be one among it.
Being Yourself quotes 82
There is no bigger teacher than your mistake and there is no bigger lesson than realization and to learn all this first thing is you should be yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 81
No one in this world is perfect and there is no particular formula to achieve so be yourself learn from your mistakes and be a better man.
Being Yourself quotes 80
Being yourself is like playing single games where winning and losing is completely in your hands.
Being Yourself quotes 79
Don't be afraid to be yourself when you are right and don't hesist to change yourself when you are wrong.
Being Yourself quotes 78
Don't change yourself for the sake of others, change yourself only for your sake.
Being Yourself quotes 77
Believe in two things, one is god and the other one is yourself. Believe in God that he will show some way and believe in yourself that you can pass through that way.
Being Yourself quotes 76
No one cares more about you than you so if you are answerable to anyone then it is to you so be yourself honest.
Being Yourself quotes 75
No one can understand more about you than you so don't listen to others words just be yourself
Being Yourself quotes 74
There is a thin line and a slight margin between being yourself and being arrogant.
Being Yourself quotes 73
You can't be yourself with all sometimes you need to pretend
Being Yourself quotes 72
Choose the right ones with whom you can be yourself.
Being Yourself quotes 71