Each one of us here is fighting their own battles and this blog will inspire you to not give up and stand up for your own cause and show courage. If you are looking for some bravery quotes to find that courage in you to face any situation without losing grit, then you are at the right place. Bravery is also the ability to get up or rise up after being kicked down by life. Whenever we hear this word bravery, we start picturing people fighting wars, saving people, doing great things. But bravery is not just about this. It is critical for anybody to keep learning and be curious. But this learning takes place only by making mistakes and taking chances. It is all within you. Just be brave enough to pursue what you want and everything else will fall in place.


Here are some bravery quotes that will inspire you to be brave and face your life with grit and determination by never giving up.

Bravery Quotes

If you feel that you can’t live without a thing, then it is worth it to bet your life to get the thing.
Bravery quotes 81
I realized how brave I am at the moment I explained my dreams to the people who have no life dreams.
Bravery quotes 80
Being brave does not necessarily need to have a body with six packs, instead, bravery means using the sixth sense often
Bravery quotes 79
The fear in my heart let me choose the path that has beautiful roses, but soon I realized that the roses are fake and they have no smell at all.
Bravery quotes 78
Bravery does not come from pieces of training or classes, it comes from the people who once feared and got experienced by winning those fears
Bravery quotes 77
Bravery is the inner consciousness that let us help to try the things that are far apart from our eligibility level
Bravery quotes 76
Bravery is not the quality of getting blinded by ignoring everything, even the bravest man on earth should fear over God, Karma, goodwill, and bad will
Bravery quotes 75
The rise in your voice is the symbol of the fear in your heart, so bravery does not accompany loud voices.
Bravery quotes 74
A physically weak woman with a brave heart is like a fire that never gets settled down easily.
Bravery quotes 73
Do not get overruled by fears, as fears would shuttle your dreams and make you settle in an ordinary place
Bravery quotes 72
If you are ready to accept your enemy is stronger than you, then you are brave enough to win them.
Bravery quotes 71
Fearing over the slightest failures will end you with incurable wounds, so get up with braveness to make the wounds invisible with future successes
Bravery quotes 70
Bravery is not about talking less about other people over their backs, it is the ability to face people right in front.
Bravery quotes 69
When I start searching for a brave man to get married to, I ended up seeing myself as a brave woman, as braveness deserves braveness always.
Bravery quotes 68
Be brave to count all your failures, as those failures will make you stronger to reach your goals.
Bravery quotes 67
Unless you fall down you don’t how it feels like and you can never know your strength of rising back.
Bravery quotes 66
Man of courage is full of faith. Faith brings hope and it’s with the little hope you are able to fight for.
Bravery quotes 65
One brave man makes a majority. A man becomes brave not when he is confident but when he is afraid.
Bravery quotes 64
Don’t ignore fear, conquer fear. Because fear is too small compared to your goal.
Bravery quotes 63
The bravery not only knows what to take in life but equally knows what to spare in life.
Bravery quotes 62
You might regret for not taking risk, but never for being brave.
Bravery quotes 61
Bravery doesn’t waste time in revenge. Forgiveness is the virtue of the bravery.
Bravery quotes 60
He who believes in himself will have the courage to follow his heart. And he who follows his intuitions will end up succeeding.
Bravery quotes 59
The truth about failure is: it is an event, not a person. Be brave to take risks, nothing can replace experience.
Bravery quotes 58
Look within yourself, find the real you, understand where you stand. Learn from your flaws. Be confident to take the next step.
Bravery quotes 57
If you are brave enough to face the failure, life will reward you with success.
Bravery quotes 56
Be brave even if you aren’t. Pretend to be, no one could find the difference. Eventually you will end up being brave.
Bravery quotes 55