Each one of us here is fighting their own battles and this blog will inspire you to not give up and stand up for your own cause and show courage. If you are looking for some bravery quotes to find that courage in you to face any situation without losing grit, then you are at the right place. Bravery is also the ability to get up or rise up after being kicked down by life. Whenever we hear this word bravery, we start picturing people fighting wars, saving people, doing great things. But bravery is not just about this. It is critical for anybody to keep learning and be curious. But this learning takes place only by making mistakes and taking chances. It is all within you. Just be brave enough to pursue what you want and everything else will fall in place.


Here are some bravery quotes that will inspire you to be brave and face your life with grit and determination by never giving up.

Bravery Quotes

The words of art and heart comes out only if you are brave enough.
Bravery Quotes 121
You can see the light only when you are brave enough to burn
Bravery Quotes 120
You can't be happy always even sad always but you can be brave always.
Bravery Quotes 119
Life is like a battle you need to keep on fighting till death and to fight you must be brave.
Bravery Quotes 118
Failure is the first step of success but being brave to do it again is the next step.
Bravery Quotes 117
Bravery is the first step of any achievement along with the talent.
Bravery Quotes 116
Bravery means destruction it destroys fear but too much of it destroys other things also
Bravery Quotes 115
Bravery is the one which makes people talented and strong both physically and mentally.
Bravery Quotes 114
Many people have the talent but doesn't have the courage to exhibit it.
Bravery Quotes 113
The words of art and heart comes out only if you are brave enough.
Bravery Quotes 112
Being brave matters a lot when you succeed but when you fail leave about
Bravery Quotes 111
Always be brave with your mind and be careful with your heart.
Bravery Quotes 110
Don't dream to be brave, Be brave to reach your dream.
Bravery Quotes 109
Coward is not the one who doesn't have bravery he is the one who doesn't believes he's brave.
Bravery Quotes 108
There is a very thin line and a slight margin between being brave and being stupid.
Bravery Quotes 107
Never forget you were born because of your mother's courage even though she knew that you would give pain she had courage to withstand it.
Bravery Quotes 106
Stupid people uses bravery to tell lies while wise people uses bravery to accept the truth.
Bravery Quotes 105
Only brave rock can turn into beautiful sculpture and only brave people can turn into great people
Bravery Quotes 104
I can be brave in my life but not in front of my wife.
Bravery Quotes 103
You can't live without fear but for living you need to be brave.
Bravery Quotes 102
To be true to yourself you need to be brave.
Bravery Quotes 101
You can save tomorrow by being brave today.
Bravery Quotes 100
Only brave people exists even after being in grave.
Bravery Quotes 99
You need to be sharp to escape from the problem but to face it you need to be brave.
Bravery Quotes 98
Being brave can change you did it.
Bravery Quotes 97
As a vehicle needs fuel to move forward we need bravery to move forward.
Bravery Quotes 96
Bravery has the power to rise your blood pressure but before careful it can even stop it.
Bravery Quotes 95