A broken friendship is one of the most unbearable feelings. It hurts and breaks the heart utmost. When friendship breaks, at that time it feels, there is no one in the world for us. However, when you are having some special feeling or an intimate relationship with your friend. And suddenly it breaks it gives you pain in the heart.


If you have lost your childhood friendship, from some serious issues. Try to make it sort, because it is very important to have a special person in everyone's life.


How to cope up with the broken friendship


If we talk about romance or love life, then there are many conditions to follow with all the cautions. But when we are into friendship, there is no such word "terms and conditions apply" in this special relationship.


Friends and friendship change over a period of time


When you are best friends or childhood friends, then it a nature feeling that you might not stay away. But, friendship don't last forever, as the time passes things changes accordingly. Friend and friendship come and go throughout the life.


Although the friendship may break or over, but life must go on with happiness and positivity. You will keep making friends where ever you go.


Make life joyful and cherish!!

Broken Friendships Quotes