Have you been shattered and looking to heal yourself with the best broken heart quotes? Indeed, you will find the best of them here to mend yourself. A broken heart can teach many life lessons. We all go through this phase of life and feel shrouded in hopelessness. Nevertheless, we need to rise from this deep well as life doesn’t cease to exist with one heartbreak. Afterall one must try to rise always.


An ailment cannot always be seen, and sometimes it is not even detected by others. One such ailment is a broken heart. Love is a powerful force in the world. It is very rightly said that through love, anything is possible. Love can tame a ferocious lion, and it can melt rocks. But when love, being a force, acts out of balance, hearts can break and ruin lives.


Here are some best true love broken heart quotes-


  1. Falling in a one-sided love and being heartbroken every time is like dying several times in one lifetime.
  2. Love is never genuine if it doesn’t impale a heart or two.
  3. Heartbreak is the anthem of the world of love.
  4. Medication and meditation cannot cure a broken heart. It is broken by love and fixed by the same.
  5. It is detrimental that we are head over heels with the person who does not even call once a week.
  6. A world falls to pieces when love is not returned.
  7. Letting go is an art only a few can master, others fall prey to love and its fangs.
  8. One can never be careful in love. It demands a heart but never guarantees one in return.
  9. On the altar of love, you either fall to your death or learn to fly.
  10. Justice is never promised in the law of love, but bliss is assured.

Broken Love Quotes