Have you been shattered and looking to heal yourself with the best broken heart quotes? Indeed, you will find the best of them here to mend yourself. A broken heart can teach many life lessons. We all go through this phase of life and feel shrouded in hopelessness. Nevertheless, we need to rise from this deep well as life doesn’t cease to exist with one heartbreak. Afterall one must try to rise always.


An ailment cannot always be seen, and sometimes it is not even detected by others. One such ailment is a broken heart. Love is a powerful force in the world. It is very rightly said that through love, anything is possible. Love can tame a ferocious lion, and it can melt rocks. But when love, being a force, acts out of balance, hearts can break and ruin lives.


Here are some best true love broken heart quotes-


  1. Falling in a one-sided love and being heartbroken every time is like dying several times in one lifetime.
  2. Love is never genuine if it doesn’t impale a heart or two.
  3. Heartbreak is the anthem of the world of love.
  4. Medication and meditation cannot cure a broken heart. It is broken by love and fixed by the same.
  5. It is detrimental that we are head over heels with the person who does not even call once a week.
  6. A world falls to pieces when love is not returned.
  7. Letting go is an art only a few can master, others fall prey to love and its fangs.
  8. One can never be careful in love. It demands a heart but never guarantees one in return.
  9. On the altar of love, you either fall to your death or learn to fly.
  10. Justice is never promised in the law of love, but bliss is assured.

Broken Love Quotes

Sometimes the outcome of broken love is much worse than someone ever thought
Broken Love Quotes 54
Broken love gives you experience for mistakes not to be done in future relationships
Broken Love Quotes 52
Reason behind broken love is not only misunderstanding but also untrust
Broken Love Quotes 51
Broken love tear heart into more pieces than broken mirror.
Broken Love Quotes 50
Protecting a broken love is like holding a rose having spikes
Broken Love Quotes 49
Never think of broken love again, if you want to stay away from pain
Broken Love Quotes 48
Broking someone’s love intentionally will make you pay ruthlessly
Broken Love Quotes 47
Broken love surrounds you with negativity, but moving forward lead towards path of positivity
Broken Love Quotes 46
When love is broken, it seems like waves are getting away from the ocean
Broken Love Quotes 45
Getting true love is a bless but the pain of broken love is endless
Broken Love Quotes 44
Never do such work mistakenly which led to breaking your love permanently
Broken Love Quotes 43
Sometimes broken love can act as a booster to your success in life
Broken Love Quotes 42
Never close doors for love if you have a broken heart, who knows you will get the better start.
Broken Love Quotes 41
Sometimes broken love makes you wild animal, so stay calm and behave normal
Broken Love Quotes 40
Friends and family can act as a heal to the wound of broken love
Broken Love Quotes 39
Never blame your partner when love is broken, sometimes the situation is the cause
Broken Love Quotes 38
When someone broke love like a thread, it feels like choking the breath
Broken Love Quotes 37
Broken love makes you strong & tough, then why to waste time on sorrow & bluff
Broken Love Quotes 36
Love flows in heart like a wind but when it's broken it becomes a storm within
Broken Love Quotes 35
Broken love is just like flowers without fragrance
Broken Love Quotes 34
It took years to get love but can be broken in just a minute.
Broken Love Quotes 33
Never abuse if love is broken because it can be a new beginning
Broken Love Quotes 32
Love is not true, if its broken it fills you with hatred
Broken Love Quotes 31
Love is not like a container of glass, that one can broke with anger
Broken Love Quotes 30
Broking someone’s love is like tearing their soul into pieces.
Broken Love Quotes 29
Love is fire but broken love is volcano
Broken Love Quotes 28
Nothing matters how they care for you, if your heart is broken in love
Broken Love Quotes 27