Have you been shattered and looking to heal yourself with the best broken heart quotes? Indeed, you will find the best of them here to mend yourself. A broken heart can teach many life lessons. We all go through this phase of life and feel shrouded in hopelessness. Nevertheless, we need to rise from this deep well as life doesn’t cease to exist with one heartbreak. Afterall one must try to rise always.


An ailment cannot always be seen, and sometimes it is not even detected by others. One such ailment is a broken heart. Love is a powerful force in the world. It is very rightly said that through love, anything is possible. Love can tame a ferocious lion, and it can melt rocks. But when love, being a force, acts out of balance, hearts can break and ruin lives.

Broken Love Quotes

Perhaps the saddest ever silence is indeed the breaking of a heartbreak
Broken Love Quotes 181
Considering that I'm not your long-term prospect, I wish you the best in dealing with your current situation
Broken Love Quotes 180
Sorrow doesn't necessarily indicate suffering. It can possibly be noticed in smiles as well.
Broken Love Quotes 179
Whenever someone becomes attached to you, please don't neglect them since it kills a lot
Broken Love Quotes 178
Don’t ever think about someone’s love which you cannot withstand.
Broken Love Quotes 177
I would never think being attached to someone who tries to avoid me.
Broken Love Quotes 176
Once if you think you’re happy without me, believe me, I won't ever enter into your world again
Broken Love Quotes 175
I often believed that I wasn't your highest concern, but recently I found that I was not even his final choice
Broken Love Quotes 174
I never imagined that our relationship would end and we'd become total strangers
Broken Love Quotes 173
The most extreme form of sorrow is when the fellow you told about your suffering mistreats you
Broken Love Quotes 172
Perhaps the deepest harm comes from something neglecting you despite how much we love them
Broken Love Quotes 171
Many persons are damaged by acts, while others are with quietness.
Broken Love Quotes 170
Whenever you learn that one shouldn't value you as much as you believed they did that really kills.
Broken Love Quotes 169
I abandoned every person for him, but then he did the same by leaving myself to.
Broken Love Quotes 168
Even if I didn't really love you before, I absolutely loved your utmost
Broken Love Quotes 167
People always think tears are worthless. Moreover, that contains powerful emotions
Broken Love Quotes 166
Losing those loved ones who meant the world to your life is extremely difficult
Broken Love Quotes 165
Being alone can be more convenient to be with someone who creates a sense of sadness and depression
Broken Love Quotes 164
People will continue forgetting anyone unless you hate them," somebody once commented. Andnow I’ve experienced it.
Broken Love Quotes 163
Instead of wanting to reason to be with me, stay with me and I will never leave you
Broken Love Quotes 162
Don't ever break a loving heart; because that innocent soul will never be able to accept you anymore.
Broken Love Quotes 161
Don't ever force anybody to be in your life and moreover if you sense they are avoiding you
Broken Love Quotes 160
The very worst situation is that you won't even realize how often I want us to be together!
Broken Love Quotes 159
Previously you’ve spent a lot of time communicating with me, and now you're trying to separate me from your love.
Broken Love Quotes 158
People might not always share how they feel due to the lack of someone to help them to cure.
Broken Love Quotes 157
Stop becoming overly addicted asevery people someday disappears
Broken Love Quotes 156
There are no additional feelings. I am totally dead to the core at this moment
Broken Love Quotes 155