Candle Quotes - A candle holds a significance in several facets of individual life and chase away the darkness by escorting in brightness. It plays a vital role in every ones life and on every occasion , weather it is birth or marriage or death and represents the divine guidance.

Candle symbolize light in the darkness similarly it symbolize to remove the darkness in the life. It is a symbol of holy illumination toward the truth. In the another way, it symbolize towards hope, like candle represents hope similarly we should not loose hope in our life.

It resemble to life, as it gives brightness in the darkness similarly, when there is darkness in life we should not loose hope to live happy life.

Take a look at some candle quotes.

Candle Quotes

Candles and comics are my best friends as I love to read comics in the light of candles.
Candle quotes 62
Do not light candles in your bath and consider it romantic, instead, think about the poor people who cannot offer a single candle and live their life in the dark
Candle quotes 61
I miss you and I melt for you along with the candle inside the four walls all alone
Candle quotes 60
I love candles, it is not about the flavor or something, I simply love the light of the candles and the shadows they leave
Candle quotes 59
I think the invention of electricity is a curse and I wish like in the olden days people of a family should sit under a single roof for the light of a candle.
Candle quotes 58
With all my life's sorrows, I have turned my heart like wax, so you could either shape my soul as a candle or just melt me like nothing
Candle quotes 57
I hate it when people with poor writing skills stuff their incompetence over the dim light of a poor candle
Candle quotes 56
Do not consider me as a candle, as am not waiting here melting for you, consider me as a cracker as I will crack you dead if you mess with me.
Candle quotes 55
Consider your soul as a candle, and light it with your mind for a happy peaceful life
Candle quotes 54
I wonder why people are crazy about luxurious candlelight dinners when they have both candles and dinner all at their homes.
Candle quotes 53
The calmness that our mind receives through candlelight can never be replaced even with the costliest chandeliers.
Candle quotes 52
It is the fate of the candle to get melted by giving light to others and my fate is the same as candles.
Candle quotes 51
I hate blowing candles during my birthday as I just want to enlighten someone else’s life on that day.
Candle quotes 50
There is no pride in how far you grow until you give the same shine to others as the little candle does.
Candle quotes 49
It is okay to be like a candle in life, at least your sacrifice could enlighten the life of someone.
Candle quotes 48
Lit up the candle, make this night romantic, candles makes your moments chrismatic.
candle quotes 35
Blowing others candles will not make you shine brighter, be your own fighter.
candle quotes 47
Fire can't be blow out, but candles can be, like that hard work can't be blown, but laziness can be.
candle quotes 46
Even the small burning candles can accompany you, because the darkness of loneliness changes view.
candle quotes 45
My candles will be lit for limited time, but what matters is it gives me lovely light with a great night.
candle quotes 44
Let your knowledge be used by letting others lighting candles from your knowledge.
candle quotes 43
Candles spread the light and mirror reflects it, together they make this World brighter to live in it.
candle quotes 42
Candles make my night better when my mood is off, their essence make my mind stop.
candle quotes 41
Have faith, have hope, have patience, because even candles lit the world with their sacrifice.
candle quotes 40
Its good to use candles when it can be used, its better than to use light bulbs which gets fused.
candle quotes 39
Birthdays are incomplete without candles, because we all have some standards.
candle quotes 38
It is good to lit candles instead of blaming darkness for everything
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