Introduction about Cats Quotes -

The cat is a very adorable animal. It is a pet that is kept as a domesticated animal.

Cats like fish, meat, and milk, and it enjoy being in a warm environment. They have sharp claws and keen eyes that help it see at night. That means it has much better nighttime vision than humans.

A cat's meow, purr, or hiss is the sound it makes. Farmers use cats to keep rodents, mice, and other tiny creatures from ruining their fields.

Cats conserve energy by sleeping more than most animals, especially as they grow older and express great affection toward humans or other animals.

Cat's our feline companions are an inquisitive bunch. Pet cats, particularly kittens, are noted for their playful nature. Cats, like people, indulge in play trying to fight with one another. 

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Cats Quotes