As we all know it’s the possibility that something can happen on its own accord or achieving something without any specific intention. It talks about multiple things may be an opportunity to do anything you would have been eager about. This chance will turn out individual’s life, this is how it’s often described. No one can control this from
happening it’s almost related to the term probability in math’s. One of the most obvious reasons for every one of us taking the chance is that the outcome always remains a surprise, above all it gives a new experience.


Chance is a Connotation word finds its usage in a sentence positive, negative and neutral. From above statements we can understand that our Life is totally about taking chances. And if we are afraid of taking chances we can’t get far in life. To lead a great life, take the chance that you think it’s right for you without being scared.

Chance Quotes

If man wouldn't have taken chances then he would have still remained in stone age.
Chance Quotes 122
The word and concept of evolution arises only after taking chances repeatedly.
Chance Quotes 121
There wouldn't been any invention if man hadn't took enough chances.
Chance Quotes 120
No one notices the number of chances all that matters is the end result so don't worry take as many chances as you can till you reach that end result.
Chance Quotes 119
Each and every famous successful persons became successful by taking chances.
Chance Quotes 118
Take up the chances you get you got nothing to lose except the chance.
Chance Quotes 117
Chances are meant to be taken but not all some destroys us.
Chance Quotes 116
Life is like a gamble chances have to be taken but wisely.
Chance Quotes 115
Sometimes the chance with least effort provides best possible result.
Chance Quotes 114
I am tired of listening to sorry and providing another chance to wronged ones.
Chance Quotes 113
Never forget about that chance which made you to change.
Chance Quotes 112
Chances are not what you receive instead chances are what you get.
Chance Quotes 111
Never refuse a chance of asking sorry it may yield thanks in future.
Chance Quotes 110
By taking a chance you may fail but atleast you will have the satisfaction or memories of that attempt but not taking any chances doesn't yield anything except sorrow and regret.
Chance Quotes 109
Regretting is much more worse than taking a chance and failing.
Chance Quotes 108
Really tired of giving chances to peoples to judge me.
Chance Quotes 107
Take a chance to provide another chance to opposite person you may even get better result sometimes. 13.Just provide a chance to yourself to showcase you.
Chance Quotes 106
Never refuse the chance to provide a chance to someone.
Chance Quotes 105
Sometimes giving a chance might be more profitable than taking a chance.
Chance Quotes 104
Chances are not given chances have to be taken by ourselves.
Chance Quotes 103
Chance has the power to change so provide chance to your life you will never know how it would change. 8. Take a chance you will know it may change your world.
Chance Quotes 102
Many people fail because of the limited chances not because of limited talent.
Chance Quotes 101
Nowadays money has more power than talent because it gives you chance.
Chance Quotes 100
Just You need fortune to get a chance to showcase your talent nowadays many people have the talent but only few have chance.
Chance Quotes 99
Each and every people will get a chance but they won't realize it and utilize to their best.
Chance Quotes 98
If a door is shut then don't waste the time by knocking that same door try to find another door or atleast a window to get through.
Chance Quotes 97
Never wait for the chance to show something instead keep showing it continuously definitely one or the other day you will get a chance where everyone watches you.
Chance Quotes 96