As we all know it’s the possibility that something can happen on its own accord or achieving something without any specific intention. It talks about multiple things may be an opportunity to do anything you would have been eager about. This chance will turn out individual’s life, this is how it’s often described. No one can control this from
happening it’s almost related to the term probability in math’s. One of the most obvious reasons for every one of us taking the chance is that the outcome always remains a surprise, above all it gives a new experience.


Chance is a Connotation word finds its usage in a sentence positive, negative and neutral. From above statements we can understand that our Life is totally about taking chances. And if we are afraid of taking chances we can’t get far in life. To lead a great life, take the chance that you think it’s right for you without being scared.

Chance Quotes

Am the kind of woman who does not beg for opportunities as I create them on my own.
chance quotes 70
A man who repeats the same mistake in his second chance will repeat the same mistake for a million more chances.
chance quotes 69
I wish I could have a chance in my life so that I could go back and apologize for all the mistakes I made to you.
chance quotes 68
It is the nature of the rainbow to appear suddenly, not everyone would be lucky enough to admire it.
chance quotes 67
Chance - The one word that I no more trust, because chances make people do more evil to their loved ones.
chance quotes 66
I hate people waiting for their meals to be served at their bed, get up and go find your meal and serve it by yourself dude.
chance quotes 65
The worst nightmare of my life is that some people have never stopped changing their colors even though I gave them many chances to stay loyal.
chance quotes 64
Do not complain about the people who cheated you more than once, you made it happen by giving them a second chance.
chance quotes 63
I don’t want more chances in my life except for one thing, dear love.
chance quotes 62
Never keep an end word over a relationship. When time runs, the biggest problem now may seem so small, so always give your partner multiple chances.
chance quotes 61
Make way for the people who want to stay with you on your hard days, as once they are gone they may be always gone.
chance quotes 60
The only thing that never changes in this world is the change, so always look for a second chance.
chance quotes 59
Make sure to choose things wisely, because at times even a small decision of yours would make a greater impact.
chance quotes 58
You may not be able to find the opportunity until you take a better risk.
chance quotes 57
The sun won’t shine every day, so dry your clothes before it starts to rain.
chance quotes 56
It is not important how big the chance you got, it is how much value the chance has.
chance quotes 55
Don't be upset by your problems. Because they are the chances to make you stronger.
chance quotes 54
If you feel loved or surprised, just give a chance to the person who loves you so much.
chance quotes 53
If you need to get attention from someone, then don't find any chances. If you do, you are not the person in their favourite person list.
chance quotes 52
No one is Mr.Perfect and Ms Perfect in this world. That's why God has given them a second chance to correct their mistakes.
chance quotes 51
If you are not using the chance in the proper time , that chance is not useless ,the person is useless for missing that chance.
chance quotes 50
Do not see the size of chance. However, see the value of chance.
chance quotes 49
If your enemy wants to become your friend or healthy competitor, give him / her.
chance quotes 48
Sometimes losing a chance is also a good thing like losing fake friends in our life.
chance quotes 47
God has given a chance to our parents to make their children a good citizen.
chance quotes 46
Use the chance that you got from somebody whether it gives good results or bad results.
chance quotes 45
We met accidentally by chance but we became made for each other by our love.
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