Chess quotes makes us fall in love with the game even more and kindle the interest in us. This game is a replica of our life where we need to face many people and obstacles , in order to reach our goal. Our moves must be clear and focused one. Planning plays a vital role in this, if you don't plan your next move, obviously you'll face a checkmate!

Chess is a board game invented for two players. It is a square board consists of 64 smaller squares on each sides. Each player starts with 16 pieces, they are 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rocks, 1 king and queen. The goal of the game is to checkmate the the King of the opponent ! Eventually the game comes to an end as there is no further move.

Find few interesting chess quotes that follows

Chess Quotes

If you wish to give up an addiction, start playing chess. It can eventually replace all other addictions.
Chess Quotes 121
Chess teaches you the art of manipulation. You learn to play with your opponent's mind.
Chess Quotes 120
Playing chess is the best way to test the power of your mind.
Chess Quotes 119
Patience, perseverance, focus and innovation are the traits that make a good chess player.
Chess Quotes 118
Do not waste your creativity. Unleash it on the chess board.
Chess Quotes 117
Every piece on the chess board represents us somehow. They all have limitations but they play with their strengths.
Chess Quotes 116
Teamwork is very important for victory. Remember a single piece cannot win you a chess match.
Chess Quotes 115
People at the top are like the king of chess. They fight little but eventually wins because of the collective efforts of his people.
Chess Quotes 114
A master chess player does not give his opponent the chance to understand where he went wrong.
Chess Quotes 113
Just like exercise shapes your body, chess shapes your brain.
Chess Quotes 112
Business is like a chess game where your next move depends on the move made by your opponent.
Chess Quotes 111
Life is like a chess game. Once you make a move, it can't be retrieved.
Chess Quotes 110
Never neglect the people of lower rank. They can be more useful than you know. Remember in chess the one who saves his pawns till the end wins the game.
Chess Quotes 109
Nothing can be a more rewarding leisure game like chess.
Chess Quotes 108
A good chess player can predict the last move after the first move itself.
Chess Quotes 107
Chess players are like wine. They get better over time.
Chess Quotes 106
Rich people are the chess players and poor are their chess pieces.
Chess Quotes 105
The best preparation for a chess player is to play more chess games.
Chess Quotes 104
Chess is not an easy game. A second of inattentiveness can cost you a game.
Chess Quotes 103
Make playing chess your pastime. It will never bore you.
Chess Quotes 102
Chess is a battle in which the unpredictable wins.
Chess Quotes 101
The world would have been a better place if all the wars happened over the chess board instead of the battlefield.
Chess Quotes 100
Chess is the game for all. It has no age or gender barrier.
Chess Quotes 99
Chess is the master of all games of strategy.
Chess Quotes 98
The game of chess teaches you every kind of life lesson.
Chess Quotes 97
Anybody can be a chess player but only a few can be a good chess player.
Chess Quotes 96
Chess is the only game in the world which did not change over centuries. Only the players changed.
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