Christian Quotes - Christianity is a group of individuals that believe in Jesus Christ and the Lord. The word Christian comes from the word Christ. The objective of a Christian is to participate in God's authority on earth for God's glory. Scripture, prayer, the Church, and the sacraments are all used as means of grace.

Christianity is widely practiced in every country. The teachings of Jesus Christ are the foundation of Christianity. Christians believed that Jesus was the messiah, the "son of God," and that Christianity has three everlasting Godhead: the Father, God Himself, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is a Christian sacred book. The first chapter of the Old Testament, Genesis, describes the creation of the universe, mankind, creatures, and the entire world.The life and teachings of Jesus Christ, God's son sent to save humanity from sin, are the focus of the New Testament. 

Christianity is more than a religion; its objective is to promote peace, love, and a holy life free of errors, enmity, and belief in God. Take a look at some Christian quotes.

Christian Quotes