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Teach your children that there is no diversity in worshiping God and break the religious diversity among Hindus, Muslims, and Christians.
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I love the Christian family who lives next door, as they never go to dinner before their night prayer with the whole family together.
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A true Christian knows that the way to reach the love of Jesus is only through kindness and charity.
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God don't make promises, they give what you deserve.
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Sometimes our words neglects, but our jesus always taught us how to be perfect.
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Your potential will make you have what god has planned for you.
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I don't want to make my own sides, i want to live by god's side which is always right.
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We have a most powerful weapon that is faith, believe in your power to have faith and just wait.
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The true feelings of a christian is to explore in an extraordinary way, with faith and hope of ray.
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We wish a lot from god, but karma decides your award.
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Patience take birth from faith, and faith comes by god's blessings.
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Have power to help yourself by your own, because god is watching your actions son.
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They say good things comes with expiration date, but the truth is good things always comes late.
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Your worries only makes your today worse, have faith in Jesus and make your life amaze.
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Hope for things which you want to have, try for things which you don't have in hands.
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Our life is a story written by god, have faith and let him write the ending.
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God will be with you at your every turn, He will guide you to the path where you learn.
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Faith in god gives you confidence in every sense, you may not understand that but give it a chance.
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Christian life means living in faith everyday, trying to improve in every way.
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Having faith in yourself leads you to get what you want, don't let the circumstances makes you haunt.
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Jesus christ, teaches us how to be wise, wise in decisons, wise in emotions and revise.
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God plan things which are far far away from your expectations, god is the sole owner of this earth's creation.
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To be a christian is being forgiving, forgiving means believe in jesus.
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Some prayers are beings answered without expectations, because god gifts them for you.
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God is a true friend of human being, prayers are our communication things.
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Faith is what which eliminates every question, it takes us to the path full of equations.
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God knows all your worries, just be calm, and wait without hurries.
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