We are so busy in our day-to-day life. The busyness has consumed all our life, it becomes difficult for everyone to spend a single day without any hassle. It has become important for everyone to live stress-free life and a quiet place. In today's era it becomes for every individual to live stress free life.


But if we decide to spend one week or one month at a quiet place and a peaceful place, where there is no problem, it will surely give mental relaxation.


A quiet life resembles simplicity with any mental tension. You can easily enjoy your life, with inner silence. There are many spiritual courses are offered by the spiritual leader, where we can learn the tricks and techniques. How to control the emotional and mental stress. Once these two get controlled it becomes easy for an individual to over from other hurdles of the life.


Quiet and peaceful life gives inner pleasure and makes emotionally and mentally strong. So, in this stressful world learn how to control all the stress, start live in quiet and peaceful way.

City Quotes

He who has lived in a city can never adapt himself to live in a village.
city quotes 100
Happiness is having a cousin in a large city. It gives memories that can never be replaced.
city quotes 99
Life in a city is like magnet. It pulls you even if you are less attracted.
city quotes 98
Life in a big city is gifted. You get to swim in ocean of opportunities with people like fishes.
city quotes 97
Life is short to be boring, fly like a bee in a busy city, the lights are fireflies.
city quotes 96
A city need not be designed architectural it is aesthetic by its own way of creation.
city quotes 95
They ran to libraries for books, I ran to cities for night life.
city quotes 94
A city need not be great only if it’s popular. Just the lights and traffic jams will speak.
city quotes 93
When you fall in love with a city it is forever. No matter what changes happen, the city remains same in your heart.
city quotes 92
City is a place that comforts you with all that you need for a better lifestyle. It makes you grow along.
city quotes 91
Today’s cities are the most productive social structure developed by men.
city quotes 90
You don’t have to find reasons to love a city but you will find answers to all your questions.
city quotes 89
Cities are best reveled at night than days. They are alive with colors.
city quotes 88
I always long to be in cities where I have never been to.
city quotes 87
If you feel lost there will always be cities to feel like home away from home.
city quotes 86
Great city' provides "Warm" to person like her mother
City Quotes 85
A man found thousands ways To live happily in the city
City Quotes 84
Our great city makes our wonderful nations proud
City Quotes 83
New innovation founded, Everywhere in the society
City Quotes 82
City makes new innovative ideas To develop our wonderful nation's best
City Quotes 81
City give us wings to every individual man to fly over sky
City Quotes 80
Great city makes great citizen for our wonderful nation's
City Quotes 79
Everyday I will make myself to "Shine" Because I'm ready for cross various road's on the city
City Quotes 78
Yes I am brightest star of the city Because I am ready to cross the all the road's in the society
City Quotes 77
City's like coins it is having good vibes and bad vibes...
City Quotes 76
The darkest city's give me on brightest light To win my future
City Quotes 75
Cities not only makes choices It will make hope for living
City Quotes 74