We are so busy in our day-to-day life. The busyness has consumed all our life, it becomes difficult for everyone to spend a single day without any hassle. It has become important for everyone to live stress-free life and a quiet place. In today's era it becomes for every individual to live stress free life.


But if we decide to spend one week or one month at a quiet place and a peaceful place, where there is no problem, it will surely give mental relaxation.


A quiet life resembles simplicity with any mental tension. You can easily enjoy your life, with inner silence. There are many spiritual courses are offered by the spiritual leader, where we can learn the tricks and techniques. How to control the emotional and mental stress. Once these two get controlled it becomes easy for an individual to over from other hurdles of the life.


Quiet and peaceful life gives inner pleasure and makes emotionally and mentally strong. So, in this stressful world learn how to control all the stress, start live in quiet and peaceful way.

City Quotes

The connectivity through roads and subways affects the functionality of a city.
city quotes 25
A silent city is devoid of its life without people and their hustle
city quotes 24
A city covered in smoke and mobile radiation is bound to become a desolate land in future.
city quotes 23
The various streets and alleys spread across the city as labyrinths are the veins of the city, through which life flows.
city quotes 22
Cities bear witness to the passage of time and history.
city quotes 21
We can feel the tenacity of life from every corner of a city.
city quotes 20
The cities are grounds for the survival of the fittest in human hierarchy.
city quotes 19
The people living within the city; influence the sanctity of the place.
city quotes 18
While living in a city, practicing insularity is sentencing oneself to death
city quotes 17
The diversity of a city speaks volumes about its prosperity.
city quotes 16
Life and Taxi wait for no one in a racing city.
city quotes 15
As I walked past the commercial streets, Chinatown and grocery shops, I felt like I had trotted across the globe.
city quotes 14
Strangers meet, they greet and then they leave but what stays behind is the place they met.
city quotes 13
As I walk past the streets and pavements into the alley, I leave behind a part of me to become one with the city.
city quotes 12
There are all types of people in cities and all types of adventures.
city quotes 11
There’s a tide of people rushing out of the subways to start their day; As I walk among them I am not alone.
city quotes 10
The lights from the large shop windows escort the lost souls through the city.
city quotes 9
The grimness of fast-paced city life is not everyone's cup of tea
city quotes 8
Faced with the pity and banality of the large cities, I walk in anonymity amid crowds of strangers.
city quotes 7
The days pass by - checking the annuity and work files in hopes of a better life. That's city life.
city quotes 6
As the city lives and breathes at its own pace, I walk down the alley to a diner to find solace.
city quotes 5
“To live in a city- you need to be pretty, witty and gritty,” says a single woman living in a city.
city quotes 4
The pretty park and the towering skyscrapers fill the empty spaces in my city life.
city quotes 3
There's a kitty in a gritty corner of a dumpster- she is my soulmate in this city.
city quotes 2
I feel alive as I sing a ditty in a small room in a large city.
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