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Classy Quotes

What is the meaning of being classy?

Being classy is carrying out yourself with dignity, confidence, respect and being polite to others.

You don’t have to be stuck up and strict to be classy, just being comfortable with yourself and in appropriate clothes makes you classy.

When you are genuinely interested in people, they tend to think you’re classy.

You can find classiness in anything and anybody. There is classiness in the way you drink, in the way you talk, in the way you hug others, etc. There is even a level of classiness in how you enjoy your life.

How to stay classy?

  1. Always keep yourself clean and fresh because it would be refreshing for the person talking to you or just near you.
  2. Get your look together and make sure you look presentable before you leave the house.
  3. Dress appropriately for the place you are going to because it makes you look like a person who knows what he/she is doing.
  4. Don’t overdress or underdress because it makes you look messy and also to avoid unnecessary attention.
  5. Maintain a good body posture whenever you are outside and as a result, it shows that you are a classy and dignified person with a good personality. Body language says it all.
  6. Don’t be very loud when you are in a crowd. It is equally important as being acceptable in a group is.
  7. Never talk about how classy you are to people because it makes people think

If you follow these few steps you are set to show everyone what a classy person you are!

Why being classy is important?

The reason is very obvious, everyone wants to be classy. Being classy is the high road, and that is to say, all of us want to be respected and  loved.

In today’s society, people who are classy are expected to be “low key”. When you are classy, people think you are genuine and polite, and show respect to you.

Being classy is important because it shows that you are a balanced individual and you fit in the society’s criteria for a perfect person.

You attract good people as friends when you are classy because, who doesn’t like a happy and confident person? It is all about humanisation, and respecting the humanity in other people.

Therefore, anything that shows you are humane is classy. For example, not gossiping behind someone’s back.

In this world, most of the individuals out there expect a little humanity and genuine concern from others, and if you show it to them, you become a better person, and therefore you make a great difference in someone’s life.

Quotes on classy people

A classy man is a perfect role model. He can achieve great things in life. Being classy makes him a good leader and his confidence shows that he can actually get work done.

A classy woman is a woman of a substance. So she becomes a great role model for other women to look up to.

She carries herself so well, she knows what is appropriate for a situation, and she is a know it all person who is modest about her qualities. 

Fantastic best unique quotes

1. Being simple is the best sophistication,
Being content is the best gratification,
Being honest is the best justification,
Being classy is the best personification!

2. If I were you, I would have had let go of complexities.
If I were you, I would have held myself in a tight and strengthening hug,
If I were you, I would have held myself up,
If I were you, I would have loved myself more for surviving this.

3. Nothing can diminish the power that you contain,
If you are ready to for it, then your win is certain,
So, let go of all the procastinations that you hold,
To make your dreams come true, you have to be bold

4. Winning is tough as it requires a lot of sacrifices.
For you to win, you are ought to lose a lot of things and a lot of people during the process.
Try not to attach with anything or anyone so much that plucking them out would kill you from inside!

5. Life would be great, if you know how to view it.
Everyone's life is filled with lot of tests and difficulties,
But, if you know how to see the goodness of your life,
Then nothing can stop you from achieving everything that have ever wanted!

6. Breathing is the best form of realisation.
When you feel someone else breathing against you, you realise the sense of life, the sense of protection and you end up falling for them to protect their breath.
Well, for me, my dog's breath has taught me selfless love

7. If you are witnessing today, then you are lucky.
Lucky enough to continue with life.
Strong enough to deal with your own battles.
Wise enough to comprehend these lines.
Considerate enough to apply it your life,
Classy enough to stay grateful for winning!
Trust me, try your luck!

8. The most complicated skill is to stay classy,
For that you must know where to and how to strike a balance between overdoing things and underdoing it.
Once you have mastered this art, you are all set to unleash the best phase of your life.

9. Class is determined by the way you behave.
It is visible in each and every move of yours.
The way you walk, they walk you talk, the way you think and even in the way you breath,
Class get itself deciphered in all the unignorable ways!

10. Classy is Kind, Classy is Calm.
Classy is like beautiful morning after a terrible storm.
Classy is warm, Classy is fire.
Classy is best win after a strong, strong desire!



2020-08-26 21:52:14

Never care what others think, never hesitate to do what you think .....this can be said easily but it's not that easy to get habituated after all we are living in the world where survival is linked with others opinions only ..we can't change this for years , maybe a revolution should happen..


Sonit Harish Shetty

2021-02-26 13:31:41

Focus on today, what's coming next is not fixed.


Aarti Sharma

2021-05-20 19:00:12

I saw light inside her eyes, slowly burning like the star, one day she is going to fall down but even that day even when she become a meteor she want to make everyone dream come true.



2021-05-21 13:58:28

If someone succeeded because of you then their success is part of you.


Madhumitha S

2021-06-03 23:30:51

Never care about others' opinions, never wonder whether or not to do your opinion. This can be said effectively yet it isn't so natural to get adjusted after all we are living on the planet where endurance is connected with other's suppositions no one but. We can't change this for quite a long time, possibly unrest ought to occur.


Nikhita kumari

2021-06-20 15:49:04

I know how to operate both a gun and a guitar. You have to decide on which tune you will dance, our bullet doesn't kill the animal inside the boss, we will show the attitude when the time comes, you buy the city, we will play it..


Vajrapu Ullas

2021-06-23 21:29:46

Some people make music together. And some are music together....