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When you have everything to flaunt, But you choose not to show it.... It's Classy
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Your sense of talking makes you Classy, Because an intelligent person never talks in front of fools.
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Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication, And Sophistication is the ultimate form of Classy.
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Let the inner classiness out to make the reveal of your worth to the industrialized world
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The action of classiness bring the boundless line in goodwill and forbearance which makes you be proud
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Even every passive aggression of work Can dazzle at the state of exclusiveness in charm quest
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Like someone’s smile changes the temper The classiness makes more impact on actions of doing
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The love for dexterity is the source which build more endurance and soundness for every performance
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If you give priority to the sense of grace then the priority leads you for the success
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The dauntlessness has the power to ruin the fascination, do have the battle to win the goodness of elegance
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Even a princess needs the fortitude of classy attitude to win the charm of sparkles
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Endurance is the secret that sniggers more space of fabulousness which conveys more classiness in standards
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The spark of internal nature is always elegant in the case of beauty with more harmony
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Breathing is the best form of realisation. When you feel someone else breathing against you, you realise the sense of life, the sense of protection and you end up falling for them to protect their breath. Well, for me, my dog's breath has taught me selfless love
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If you are witnessing today, then you are lucky. Lucky enough to continue with life. Strong enough to deal with your own battles. Wise enough to comprehend these lines. Considerate enough to apply it your life, Classy enough to stay grateful for winning! Trust me, try your luck!
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The most complicated skill is to stay classy, For that you must know where to and how to strike a balance between overdoing things and underdoing it. Once you have mastered this art, you are all set to unleash the best phase of your life.
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Class is determined by the way you behave. It is visible in each and every move of yours. The way you walk, they walk you talk, the way you think and even in the way you breath, Class get itself deciphered in all the unignorable ways!
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Classy is Kind, Classy is Calm. Classy is like beautiful morning after a terrible storm. Classy is warm, Classy is fire. Classy is best win after a strong, strong desire!
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Life would be great, if you know how to view it. Everyone's life is filled with lot of tests and difficulties, But, if you know how to see the goodness of your life, Then nothing can stop you from achieving everything that have ever wanted!
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Winning is tough as it requires a lot of sacrifices. For you to win, you are ought to lose a lot of things and a lot of people during the process. Try not to attach with anything or anyone so much that plucking them out would kill you from inside!
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Nothing can diminish the power that you contain, If you are ready to for it, then your win is certain, So, let go of all the procastinations that you hold, To make your dreams come true, you have to be bold
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If I were you, I would have had let go of complexities. If I were you, I would have held myself in a tight and strengthening hug, If I were you, I would have held myself up, If I were you, I would have loved myself more for surviving this.
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Being simple is the best sophistication, Being content is the best gratification, Being honest is the best justification, Being classy is the best personification!
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