Clever Quotes - It is very important to be cleaver in today era. Being clever is very much linked with the intelligence. Cleverness is some what, how you come and meet the people, how quickly you analysis and adopt the things and situation and how you react on them. Cleverness is not to beat any one, but it is a learning process or trait, which you should learn to get success. It helps you to develop the confidence and walk along with the world. Being clever in life is a good habit. it shows you are having both the qualities- good knowledge with experience. It is very important to be clever in life, to become successful person. it starts cultivating inner strength, confidence to face the world with out any fear. When you stop learning new things, you progress stop and it develops negativity with in you. So, it is very much essential for every individual to be clever to become successful.

Here are few, quotes on being Clever

Clever Quotes

I love stealing the thoughts of clever people until I realized that some thoughts of clever people are really stupid.
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A fool always forgets where he belongs and gets lost, but a clever always know his root and grows tall in life.
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A clever teacher teaches children through love and affection as cleverness can never be assisted by arrogance.
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Set boundaries even with the people who are closest to your heart, as it is what a clever man does to avoid heartbreaks.
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A beautiful woman cannot be beautiful until the end of her life but a clever woman stays clever until and forever.
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Even the slightest mistake could ruin the happy moments of life, so be clever enough to stay out of any blunders.
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Life will be a garden of beautiful flowers when you have a clever mind, a kind heart along with a million bank balance.
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To the people who treat you with no respect, you can either be a fool and take revenge or can be cleverer by leaving them forever.
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The reason why dogs are cleverer than human is that dogs think through the heart and mingle with people without arrogance.
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It does not require any superpower to manage dumb people, just a bit of cleverness and a lot of endurance is all needed.
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I would love to have a team of clever people to be my friends as being super bored of my foolish friend circle since my kindergarten.
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I prefer arguing with a foolish man to a clever man, as a foolish man at least opens his mouth to argue and the clever man stays silent always.
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All women are clever but only a few of them would be courageous to show their cleverness to their men.
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I don’t care if you are a clever person or a foolish person, I will respect you only if you are a kind person.
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I may act like a clever person, but trust me I am a real fool who still believes that all your lies may turn true one day.
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Don’t be a dumb wasting time to impress, be a competent where people inspire from you.
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Being clever doesn’t mean finding a cunning way. Fools find short cuts, the smart creates one.
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Clever people will recognize and tolerate not everything but just the cleverness.
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In fact, being smart last longer than being beautiful.
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Level of your faith determines your strength. Depth of your strength determines your brilliance.
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Patience to listen and the courage to accept are two major tools for being clever.
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When you say one thing the clever person understands thrice the time of what you convey.
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The smart one learns from his own mistakes, the fool is the one who never accepts his mistake.
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It’s easy to handle a clever man, but it takes a very clever mind to manage a fool.
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Be clever at times and be kind all the time.
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A truly clever person will never put effort proving, person who tries to be clever keeps showing
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Cleverness is not always showing, sometimes it means nothing to say at all.
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