Clever Quotes - It is very important to be cleaver in today era. Being clever is very much linked with the intelligence. Cleverness is some what, how you come and meet the people, how quickly you analysis and adopt the things and situation and how you react on them. Cleverness is not to beat any one, but it is a learning process or trait, which you should learn to get success. It helps you to develop the confidence and walk along with the world. Being clever in life is a good habit. it shows you are having both the qualities- good knowledge with experience. It is very important to be clever in life, to become successful person. it starts cultivating inner strength, confidence to face the world with out any fear. When you stop learning new things, you progress stop and it develops negativity with in you. So, it is very much essential for every individual to be clever to become successful.

Here are few, quotes on being Clever

Clever Quotes